Grenade Attack on triangle.

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    Feds: Grenade attack on Marine was 'love triangle' crime
    Friday, June 6, 2003 Posted: 12:20 AM EDT (0420 GMT)

    PHOENIX, Arizona (Reuters) -- Authorities say an Arizona woman and her U.S. Marine Corps lover tried to kill the woman's husband, also a Marine, with a grenade in Kuwait and hoped the attack would be blamed on terrorists.

    The woman and her lover are both in custody on murder conspiracy charges. The husband has recovered from shrapnel wounds.

    Wendy Glass, 33, was arrested in Yuma, Arizona, after being indicted by a federal grand jury along with Chief Warrant Officer Larry Framness, 36, for a grenade attack on husband James "Houston" Glass at an air base where the two Marines were stationed.

    James Glass, 37, suffered shrapnel wounds when Framness allegedly lured him into a guard shack on May 14 and detonated the explosive device, according to the indictment unsealed in U.S. District Court in Phoenix Thursday.

    Authorities allege the two hoped the plot would be seen as terrorism in the aftermath of the Iraq war.

    Wendy Glass was expected to be taken to Phoenix to be held on the charges. Framness is being held at the Marine Corps Air Station in Miramar, California.

    According to the indictment, Framness and Wendy Glass met when the two were married and socialized as couples with their spouses before they began a sexual relationship in November 2001. Framness divorced in May 2002.

    By September, authorities allege, the two began plotting to kill James Glass so they could "become more openly involved in a long-term, romantic relationship." They also sought to "collect substantial life insurance and other financial benefits."

    The two lovers allegedly first hatched a plan to get James Glass drunk and have him drive off the side of a cliff in California, but were unsuccessful after two aborted attempts.

    An opening for the murder came in January 2003 when the two Marines were dispatched to Camp Snake Pit at Ali Al Salem Air Base in Kuwait as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom, the indictment states.

    The plan was to kill him "in a way that would appear to be through the course of his official duties or through the actions of a terrorist," the indictment states.

    Wendy Glass reportedly told Framness that "she didn't want to know how he would do it, but that she didn't want 'Houston' to suffer."

    On May 14, authorities say, Wendy Glass first called Framness and awakened him. Then she called her husband to do the same. Framness then went with James Glass to a guard station where they sat for awhile before he left and asked Glass to remain.

    Once outside, Framness tossed a live grenade into the shack.

    James Glass was hospitalized and had to have several surgeries to remove shrapnel to his neck, legs and back. He has since recovered from his wounds.
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    That is really bizarre.
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    People are freaks. Why not get a divorce ?
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    Originally posted by nursenoelle
    People are freaks. Why not get a divorce ?
    I hear ya nursenoelle. Why not just get a divorce...but, I guess this pair were greedy & wanted $$$...idiots!