GRE exam

  1. Anyone ever written it? What's it like?
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  3. by   RNforLongTime
    Nope! It's one of the reasons that I refuse to go to Grad school for an MSN or MBA. The other reason being that I hate writing papers and the thought of having to write a Thesis paper makes me physically ill.
  4. by   SandyB
    Haven't take it...yet...still working on BSN. But have noticed some books on it at barnes & noble....
  5. by   Q.
    It's hard.
  6. by   Bonnie Blue
    The GRE is a computerized test that is similar in scope to the SAT. It has 3 sections, math, verbal and analytical. The math is everything up to calculus. The verbal is analogies, reading comprehension and the analytical are these logic puzzles. You can use a prep book to prepare or take a review course from Kaplan or Princeton review. It can be difficult but not impossible. I have noticed however, that people who are not readers seem to have the most trouble with the verbal section.

    Nurse-lou, not all MSN programs require you to do a thesis. I'm in one now and we don't have to do a thesis.
  7. by   RNforLongTime
    The other reason for my not wanting to take the GRE is the fact that I suck at math. Only went up to Geometry in high school and only took stats in college
  8. by   Granted Fal
    you can buy review books with practice tests, makes it much easier. Becareful because on the computer test it's a "final answer," i.e. you can't go back and change your answer. I prefer the paper based test any day.
  9. by   Mattigan
    It wasn't bad except that section that had the Agnes, Betty, Carol Debbie, Edna... etc. are all at a dinner. If Sandra can't do dishes on Friday and Jenny only on Wednesday's and and Mary and Agnes can't work together and Trudy and Flo can't work together and Gretta and Martha can't and Karen and Velma only can do alternating Saturday's what 2 people are going to wash the dishes this month and you can only wash once except if you name starts with the letter "R" kinda questions.

    oh and the math sucks, too.
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