Gratuities 4 mailman, trashman..etc?

  1. I just finished a conversation with my wife, she says we should give the service people in our life a little something for christmas. She is referring to the mailman, garbage collector, and possibly the UPS guy.

    I said NO WAY, these people are earning a wage at a profession they chose. I do not consider it necessary to give these people anything extra. If that were the case, I would be expecting a constant line of people giving nurses something for their service to them throughout the year.

    I was just wondering how others felt about this subject.

    If anything, I would give a card and leave it at that. But, then again I prefer to give cards to people I know, not to a someone who I don't know and have little to no contact with throughout the year.

    So, as it stands now, they will not get any pumpkin bread, no cards and surely not a monetary gift!

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  3. by   nursegoodguy
    If I had the money I give something to everyone!
    You have to let your heart tell you what is right for you though...
    I know that the postman probably makes more than I do but, it's not really how much they make vs how much I make, it's more of remembering their kindness and just sort of showing how much you appreciate them at this time of year.
    (Of course we shouldn't wait just for christmas to show our gratitude but... this is just when most people think about it)
    I also make more than the little lady who visits her husband but that didn't stop me from taking one of the cookies she baked...
  4. by   2ndCareerRN

    You hit the nail on the head. Why wait till the holidays to show kindness to someone. If you really want to practice the "christmas spirit", don't let the time of year stop you.

    You can show kindness in so many ways throughout the year, there is no need to feel obligated to do it at this time of year. I spend time tutoring adults who can't read all year long. If they need something, that is the time to help them get it. It is also permissable to show kindness to strangers throughout the year.

    I just do not believe people deserve a gratuity for doing their job, just because it is christmas.

  5. by   Mkue
    I don't feel anyone should feel obligated to give to service ppl at X-mas time. We give b/c we are in a rural area for newspaper and mail and sometimes these ppl go out of their way for us.

    We spent less than 5.00 a piece on Godiva chocolates, something they can share with their family. We also give something to the school bus driver, even tho he gets paid, he will wait an extra minute or two if the kids are running late, something he doesn't have to do and he says "good morning" to the kids. That means a lot to me
  6. by   LasVegasRN
    It's just not like it used to be. When I was growing up, I knew our mailman by name. Now I never see him/her/whoever.

    The garbagemen are always different.

    I could see giving gratuities to people we KNOW and are familiar with. But it's not that way anymore.
  7. by   BadBird

    You are so right we should remember people year round. I do tip the mailman and garbage man, I know the mailman by name and the garbage men have such a horrible job I feel sorry for them. I don't think you should if you aren't comfortable but I have always done that.
  8. by   Rustyhammer
    I don't have a garbageman or mailman or paperboy and the UPS man wont deliver because we don't have a physical address.
    So I guess I don't have to worry about tipping anyone.
  9. by   emily_mom
    We don't have garbage service here either, so I don't feel the need to tip my husband...he gets MORE than a garbageman would from me!

    I would tip the mailman if he would bring the right mail at least once a week. I should turn in the miles I've put on my car redelivering it for reimbursement. You could say I'm a part time employee.. I've tried putting it back in the mailbox or just putting it in the right person's mailbox, yet it always ends up back there a few days later....

    We don't get the paper. UPS comes here like once a month (more in my Ebay addiction days), but I don't plan on giving him anything.

  10. by   jacolaur
    I give to different charities at this time of the year...Hospice, the homeless shelter in our area, and of course the Humane Society. I feel outside of my immediate family and close friends I would rather support the charities and forgo all the service people. It always amazes me that I have trouble finding my paper in the mornings except for the month of Dec. when it lands perfectly by my door....if it was there all year I might consider a little token of my appreciation but come Dec. 26th I'm out there looking for it obvious ......
  11. by   Heather333
    My dad was a Mailman for 32 years. The last 5 years he carried the same route so he got to know the people. Every year he would come home with cards, gift certificates, tickets to theme parks, etc. He took the extra time to get to know everyone. I guess that's why he got gifts at Christmas.

    I always leave something for the mailman/woman.

  12. by   emily_mom
    We sponsor a family and then three different children every year, so I feel I give enough to others. Do we get things for doing our job? Does anyone give me candy or money b/c I drive 110 miles round trip to work in a snowstorm? No, it's my job....

    I had alot of neat little gifts and trinkets in my mailbox today at work. Apparently being a person's regular cake maker is just like being their mailman!

    No cash though, just nice tokens of appreciation!

  14. by   nurs4kids
    I'd LOVE to give my garbage man a tip.."Hey buddy!! When you empty the container, how about placing it back on the curb..NOT in the road!!"

    And, my mailman.."ummmmm, excuse me Mr Illiterate Mailman, but I've lived here for three years now...there STILL isn't a John Doe living here..and my street number is NOT the one on this letter.."

    bah humbug