Grateful for an Awesome SO? Share!

  1. My hubby is AWESOME!!

    As many of you know, I have been pretty sick over the past few months. The family went through a bad scare thinking I had stage IV lung Ca, and then tissue samples proved that I had sarcoidosis, which is treatable.

    As soon as I was out of the OR, there was my poor stoic, "Hank-Hill-type" hubby staring at me, on a vent, chest tubes, PCA, & Foley.

    Well, I just wanted to tell you all how wonderful he's been through this whole ordeal. I remember at one point, I had a visitor who was chatting with hubby and out of my MS04=induced haze, I heard hubby saying, with tears in his eyes, "Yes, I love her so much; I'd do it all over again in a heartbeat."

    It's 6 am, and he's snoring gently in bed as I write this. I'm getting stronger because I don't hafta stress about what I can't get done while I'm recovering.

    I am so grateful for this love we share---even I can't quite say what I really feel. I'm just so totally in love with this man, it's not funny.

    Years ago, I was the cynic, the touch-me-not, the feminist who didn't believe there was such a thing as a "good" man. pinching my own cheek==== my how i've grown
    I never in my wildest dreams thought that I could have what I have today. This relationship is AWESOME! There really is nothing like being in love like this.

    So tell us about YOUR awesome SO! What's the most memorably loving thing your SO has done for you?
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  3. by   nakitamoon
    Oh,,, sleepyeyes,,, this is a great thread,,,,,,

    My husband is awesome as well,,,, I did it right the second time!!!

    He is my best friend ~~ my lover~~

    I ruptured the discs between C5 and C7,,, during the second year of our relationship,,, He was there every second of the day,,, and through out the six months of recovery,,,
    He cried with me in frustration over the stupid brace,,, he washed me,,, fed me,,,,

    Three years ago,,, never left my side,,, during and after a miscarriage at 18 weeks,,,, I think I would of understood if he would of stepped out of the room,,, upon my examination,, as it wasn't a pretty sight,,, but no he stayed right there,,,,

    The first year of our marriage,,,, I said,,, Babe I am quitting my job going back to school,,,, Supported me thru nursing school,,, emotionally finacially

    I could go on and on,,, bottom line is I love him so much the words don't seem to encompass it,,,,,

    and I didn't mention ,,,,, just the little things,,, a rose because,, a special trip to work for just a hug,,,,

    mmmmm think I should go crawl back in bed with him,,,, ~~kita
  4. by   Freebird55
    I agree with you 100%, Sleepyeyes

    My husband is the best! Oh, yea, sometimes we have our little spats, but what marraige doesn't? Overall, he is awesome, he has many hobbies, and we have a farm (lots of work), but he ALWAYS makes sure I have what I need, really he spoils me, I will be starting LPN classes in October, but for the past two years I have been in school taking preq. and other, and he has stood with we 100%, he pushes me and encourages me to go all the way. I just hope that through it all I have been and will always treat him as good as he does me.
  5. by   aimeee
    My hayfever has been overwhelming my antihistamine a bit for the last couple days so the other day while I was at work hubby got the air filter machine out and vacuumed out the filter and set it up in the one air conditioned room we have so I would have a "clean room" to escape into. Not a big thing, but just one example of those daily thoughtful things that make the difference.
  6. by   cmggriff
    I am about to fail abysmally but here goes anyway. My wife and I were in the same MASH unit during Desert Storm. Besides the shared experiences there, there is no way to explain the comfort I get from realizing that we also share the same PTSD sx's. So when one of us is inclined to go "postal" the other is there to keep it real. And on those rare days when we are both a little edgy, I know she is a crack shot and hand to hand expert.

    We usually stay in on those days

    I think life without her would be pointless drudgery and virtually impossible. Gary
  7. by   indeed
    Arh, what can I say about boyo? He's....well, he's boyo. He knows me better than most anyone in existence. He's my buddy. We laugh together and we work together (not for pay, mind you). From day one, we have just sort of intuitively known each other. He has my back, whether he agrees with what my front is doing or not. And it's all that little stuff...once, I got an ear infection (it's a yearly thing for me) and called me doc for scrips, but was in so much pain that I couldn't do much more than curl up in a fetal boyo puts on his shoes, walks to the pharmacy (about a mile or so away) and gets me scrip, then comes home and calls my mom so they could both lament on how difficult it was to see me in that kind of pain (ear infections being pretty much the only things that make me weep like a moron). (Much later, when I was in a Tylenol #3 haze, I whooped his arse in Scrabble as a token of me appreciation.) He sets the alarm clock and does the laundry and he makes me laugh so hard I blow Mountain Dew out of me nose. I could probably go on all morning but I won't. He's not perfect (far from it, and some days, even FURTHER!!!) but he's boyo and that's fine by me.

  8. by   Robin61970
    My Hubby and I have known one another for 16 years and dated for about 4 months in high school and then remained friends for the next 11 years or so. We have been together 3 years and 5 months this time. We started dating in April of 99 and at my daughter's birthday party in July I severely pulled a couple of muscles in my back(It was very bad and he was not living with me at the time or so we pretended because he went home once a week,lol) and I was incapable of doing anything whatsoever for over a week. He took a week off of work to take care of me. It was so severe I could not sit on the toilet alone....he had to help me down and help me up. I could not take a bath or shower because I could not lift my arms to wash my hair so he did that for me as well. He cooked, cleaned, and took care of me and my children. We got a house a month later.
    He has supported my decision to go to school in every possible way. I had a job at the Whirlpool Company here in town for 2 years, but I HATED it. I mean really hated it. No A/C and doing the same jobs over and over.....mindless really.......boring........couldn't get off second shift so I never got to see my children. I decided it was time to go to school and filled out all my paperwork to start. Got up one day and almost cried because I dreaded going to work that badly and he told me if you hate it that much I did. I've been in school for 15 months now and will finish pre-reqs in December. When I get out of school though he is gonna take some classes(he is over half way through his paralegal degree). He would make an awesome lawyer....he loves to argue,lol.
    He loves me and would do anything for me....I would do the same for him. We have had many problems in our short time. He has a meddling ex and mother as well as 2 children who did not take kindly to a step mom and my mom hasn't been exactly easy, but a cakewalk compared to his.....we have made it so far and I'll be damned if I am going anywhere. We have been through quite alot in a short amount of time and it has made us stronger.
    He and I have both been married twice and this is our third time, but when we discussed this we came to the conclusion that we both had to go through all of the bad things we have in order to truely appreciate one another......
  9. by   JonRN
    My wife's name is Gracie. We have been married for 34 years, seen good times and bad times. She has been with me 100% through it all, and has backed me in everything I have ever wanted to do. She is so special I can't begin to describe how she makes me feel. I am not very demonstrative when it comes to showing her love, but she understands. She knows me better than anyone else could ever know me, as I am a very private person.

    We are going through a tough time right now as I have been diagnosed with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia for about a year and a half. I thought it was just going to be a minor inconvenience, but recently it has converted to a more aggressive type. I go back to the Hematologist tomorrow for a CBC, and if my WBC has continued to climb, I am looking at starting chemo. She has stuck by me through all this and goes with me each time I see the Dr., and keeps encouraging me even though at times I feel like just giving up. She is my whole life.

  10. by   Robin61970
    Pappy....Sending (((((HUGS)))))) and healing thoughts to you and your Gracie...hope all goes well.....keep strong!
  11. by   semstr
    Remember the beautiful song, sang by Billie Holiday: "My man".
    Can't remember every single word of it, but this one line says it all for me:
    "but where ever my man is,
    I am his, fo ever more"
  12. by   SmilingBluEyes
    (((Pappy))) I pray for you and your wife in your medical ordeal. How awful for you both.

    I married to a one-of-a kind-man too. Our marriage has been challenged like so many here. Not all that unique... Being military is not easy on marriages and I have read places the divorce rate is 60%. The big challenge for us was the Gulf War when he left on NO NOTICE for MONTHS....we grew CLOSER while he was gone and I began to fear my life w/o him....His homecoming was a truimph that June...anyhow... For 14 years, we have beaten those divorce odds. Lots of give and take.

    He supported me thru my dream of becoming a nurse....helping w/childcare when I needed to lock myself in our room to study for first job when I would come home crying every day cause they were so mean to me miscarriage even tho he was 2000 miles away...his presence in spirit saved me...I cannot even begin to verbalize all he does for me here. He is truly that old proverbial "other half" or "yin to my yang" and my life w/o him would be so empty. We sure dont' have much money and I ignored my parents' advice to marry for money; I married for love and am so damn glad I did so. He enriches my SOUL in countless ways that money cannot touch. I love this man so much, I even sent his parents long letters thanking them for raising such a wonderful and caring man for me.....they raised a man that I could depend on and I could not thank them enough for all they did to make this happen.

    Anyhow wonderful thread. I am always glad to be reminded to be grateful for something/someone in my life!
  13. by   Love-A-Nurse
    what a wonderful thread. i am enjoying reading it!
  14. by   Love-A-Nurse
    originally posted by jonrn
    my wife's name is gracie. we have been married for 34 years, seen good times and bad times. she has been with me 100% through it all, and has backed me in everything i have ever wanted to do. she is so special i can't begin to describe how she makes me feel. i am not very demonstrative when it comes to showing her love, but she understands. she knows me better than anyone else could ever know me, as i am a very private person.

    we are going through a tough time right now as i have been diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic leukemia for about a year and a half. i thought it was just going to be a minor inconvenience, but recently it has converted to a more aggressive type. i go back to the hematologist tomorrow for a cbc, and if my wbc has continued to climb, i am looking at starting chemo. she has stuck by me through all this and goes with me each time i see the dr., and keeps encouraging me even though at times i feel like just giving up. she is my whole life.

    (((((pappy and gracie))))). i will say a prayer for you, pappy and as always, keep the faith. what a wonderful wife you have.

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