Graduation Speech by Neil Gaiman:Make Mistakes, Break Rules, Make Good Art goes viral

  1. found a blurb about neil gaiman's speech in phila. inquirer "sideshow" column
    "novelist and the sandman demiurge neil gaiman's commencement address"... name did not ring a bell, asked my avid book reader son and found he has several of his books. intrigued, i found a wonderful, inspiring speech and will dig out the sandman to read.

    keynote address given at 134th commencement at university of the arts in philadelphia, pa

    may 17, 2012
    i never really expected to find myself giving advice to people graduating from an establishment of higher education. i never graduated from any such establishment. i never even started at one. i escaped from school as soon as i could, when the prospect of four more years of enforced learning before i'd become the writer i wanted to be was stifling.

    i got out into the world, i wrote, and i became a better writer the more i wrote, and i wrote some more, and nobody ever seemed to mind that i was making it up as i went along, they just read what i wrote and they paid for it, or they didn't, and often they commissioned me to write something else for them.

    which has left me with a healthy respect and fondness for higher education that those of my friends and family, who attended universities, were cured of long ago..... make up your own rules.

    someone asked me recently how to do something she thought was going to be difficult, in this case recording an audio book, and i suggested she pretend that she was someone who could do it. not pretend to do it, but pretend she was someone who could. she put up a notice to this effect on the studio wall, and she said it helped.

    so be wise, because the world needs more wisdom, and if you cannot be wise, pretend to be someone who is wise, and then just behave like they would.

    and now go, and make interesting mistakes, make amazing mistakes, make glorious and fantastic mistakes. break rules. leave the world more interesting for your being here. make good art.

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