Gotta Catheter Gotta Pee!!!!

  1. nurse: How many of you out there have had a patient begging/crying /screaming that they just HAVE to have a pan but they have a catheter in? From my expereince this ususally leads to the nurse with decreasing amounts of patience telling the patient that no they do not need a pan they have a catheter in. I have what I think may be a simple cure for this problem but cannot validate my intevention by research as I cannot find the problem even mentioned in literature let alone researched. As we all know if you can't literature search you can't research. I have taken to referring to this problem as "catheter related urgency". Can anyone help me? Oh! By the way the solution is to simply clamp the catheter for 1/2 an hour to an hour the bladder needs to reinflate to 50-100 mls and then the urgency feeling seems to subside. occasionally you need to repeat the clamping a second time if the feeling returns when you relase it but ususally once is enough!
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  3. by   shygirl
    It has been my experience that if a patient c/o frequncy while having a catheter,...1. It's either in wrong. 2. They have an infection.

    Do a dipstick on some clamped urine and find out .
  4. by   kittyw
    I had a lady that was holding it... ended up spasming around it. (much to my dismay!) She didn't understand the whole catheter thing - took some education & solved the problem.
  5. by   Ted
    Sometime the water-filled balloon rests on their bladder which seems to give the sensation that they have to go pee. I try gently adjusting the catheter for their comfort. Many times it works!


  6. by   jevans
    Many years ago I had to have a catheter pre op

    It was uncomfortable all the time. It burned and the sensation was extremely awful. it felt like you were peeing razor blades far worse that any UTI AND it is constant

    BUT it was a valuable learning curve no more loosing patience with patients

  7. by   canoehead
    I just let them get up to the commode and have their "pee" and about 50% of the time they are able to settle better afterwards. I will try your clamping solution though- anything to help those poor old ladies out.
  8. by   delirium
    I have only been catheterized once in my lengthy experience as a patient (both surgical and medical). All the times after that I had an order written to be cathed but refused. Caths suck!
    It seems to me that they rest right on those neural pathways that are constantly telling your brain you have to go. So the whole time I had this huge tube in my bladder, extremely uncomfortable, feeling like I had to pee. I'm telling you, it was all I could concentrate on.
    I insisted they take it out, and I've never had a catheter since. I have great sympathy for the patients with catheters... they are truly an unpleasant experience.