Got totally spooked at work tonight...

  1. So, I work in a residential unit for adults with learning disabilities. The unit is made up of 2 seperate buildings, one was purpose built when the unit opened and the other is an older building which was converted to suit. The older building used to be the local maternity unit which closed down about 15 years ago. The house I work in used to be in the newer unit but 2 weeks ago we moved into the older building.Tonight was my first late shift since the move(2pm-10pm), Im sitting in the office writing reports and I hear this quiet noise which escalates into a loud baby cry then stops. I, being reportedly quite sensible about these things went out to our comunnal area and turned off the music that was playing and went back to my notes thinking it was something on a song track. But no, about 10 mins later it happens again although this time its just a few seconds of loud crying, I was so sure it was a baby that I sent staff out to check outside incase someone had abandoned a baby on us!!Obviously there was nothing there and I spent the rest of the night convincing myself that it was a cat outside the window, even though I have cats and i think I'd know the difference.
    I was telling the night staff this when they came on shift and they say it happens all the time and you just get used to it....
    Think I'll avoid the office from now on, good excuse not to do paperwork...
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  3. by   CATHYW
    I'd say, turn the radio UP from now on!
  4. by   tattooednursie
    That is freaky!!!

    I have a peeping tom at my facility that looks like a gorilla.
  5. by   emily_mom
    The LTC facility I used to work at had two wings (A and B). B wing was closed and everything was shut down back there (water, elect, everything). Sometimes on the NOC shift the call light for a particular room would go off, even though there was no electricity. We had maintenance look at it and everything, and they said there was definitely no power there. After 2 people quit (they shut off the button at the desk and it would keep going off-they got freaked), they called in an electrician who cut all the wires to it. Guess what? It kept going off.

    The last lady that was in that room used to ride her call light 24/7. I know that some staff would just shut it off b/c she never wanted anything (which was terrible of them to do). Whenever I worked NOC, it never happened. I attribute that to the fact that I always answered her light and would talk with her for a minute. She died in that room and from what I heard, she had been riding that light all night and they kept shutting it off. I think this is her way of getting back at all the employees who neglected her. I think it's sad.