Got the dolls back from the doll hospital

  1. Oh you guys all my little pals are back and so beautiful!

    Remember a while back I told you all how a pesty squirrel chewed up two of my treasured dolls? The two larger dolls are so I will keep (the one from my dad) and the other I will give to my great neice for Christmas. I found a very cute dress for her for only $2.00 and shoes too....but she is all decked out with ruffles & lace.

    The china doll that was such a mess that had been my great aunts is the real story! She must have been my great aunt's Mother's doll as she was dated to be made in Germany in 1880! Oh she is just wonderful! I had her clothes made from a blouse and skirt that was from what my Mom had made herself left in her hope chest. She has a blue blouse with a black skirt and a cape also back with the blue lining to match the blouse. Long brown curls and to match her eyes. Now to name her...right now I call her "my little Margie" after my Mom...but I need to find out my great aunt's middle Margie ________ or Martha Evelyn (Evelyn was my Mom's middle name).

    What fun...what a treasure. I costs a bit, but for me it was worth it. Just had to share!