Got drunk @ Christmas...sooo embarrassed!

  1. Oh, I am just so mortified beyond belief:imbar ! What the hell was I thinking?!? I never even drink with my family! Highlights from the evening (as I recall them) include:

    -blubbering to my aunt about how much I love her & what a great godmother she's been to me
    -flashing my cousin (no, my family is not that way...I'll explain)
    -driving home, which I am so so so angry at myself for doing :angryfire

    I know I didn't even start drinking until most of my family had gone home (Thank God). I started with a couple Captain Diets. And I'd been meaning to talk to my aunt about some family issues & it just seemed like perfect timing when the rest of the family left & just her I could sit & talk. So her & I had an alcohol-filled heart to heart:biere: , then I remember she eventually went to bed, leaving me & my cousins (who are all in our early to late 20s) downstairs to keep partying.

    Now, as for the flashing...I had been wearing a suede vest that zipped up with a shirt underneath it that my mom had given to me for Christmas the night before, but must have eventually decided to change into the sweatsuit that my aunt had given to me that day. The top of the sweatsuit also zipped up the front, but I was not wearing anything underneath it. I remember talking to my (male) cousin in the kitchen, thinking I was still wearing the suede vest with the shirt underneath it, being uncomfortable & unzipping the vest. But it wasn't the vest, it was the sweatshirt, & I wasn't wearing anything underneath it. My cousin just laughed & quickly turned away. An innocent drunken mistake, but I'm sure he thought I intentionally unzipped, to be funny, or something .

    I eventually switched from my Captain Diets to Screwdrivers, which I think contributed to how drunk I got. Following Captain Morgan with Vodka?!? Stupid, stupid, stupid! Eventually, I just decided to leave...don't really know what contributed to that decision. I know I could have spent the night. Perhaps I'd just been embarrassed by the aforementioned flashing. So I just walked out of the house, leaving behind the vest I'd worn over, with my cell phone in the pocket, my shoes (?!?), the lasagna pan my aunt had given to me as a gift & my dignity:smackingf . I remember getting "lost" after I'd left, realizing that I was waaay to drunk to drive & going back to my aunt's to spend the night, but the door had locked behind me & I didn't want to risk waking anyone up by knocking on the door.

    The next morning, I walked into my mom's kitchen just as the phone was ringing. She has this caller id that actually speaks the name of the person calling. I heard my aunt's name just before my mom picked up the phone & blurted out, "I left a bunch of stuff over there!" My aunt totally busted me. My mom hung up the phone & said my aunt told her I never should have driven home. Which, obviously, I shouldn't have. I lied & told my mom I'd only had a couple. I'm not denying the problem, nor that what I did was wrong, wrong,'s just that if I'd told my mom (who's a cop:redlight: , by the way) exactly what had happened, she probably would have put me in in-patient tx, or something. I realize that I made many mistakes that night, & I know this is something that will not happen again.

    I spent the whole next day thanking God for getting me home safe. Do you know what would have happened if I'd gotten pulled over? Rumor has it that you have to wait 3 years to take your NCLEX after you've had a DUI. I still can't believe I risked that:selfbonk:. And I've been trying to figure out why I got so drunk that night...part of it was peer pressure. My cousin & his girlfriend asked me several times if I'd started drinking yet, if I was just drinking plain coffee, etc. Part of it was kind of a bonding thing with my aunt. She is the most successful person I know (owns an upscale restaurant) & is always smashed @ family gatherings.

    I sincerely hope this is one of those drunken incidents that seems worse to me than it actually was. And I hope my family isn't calling eachother to talk about my "problem" now that I'm at home. Please tell me (with the exception of driving home) that this is a funny thing:chuckle & that people probably won't even remember it come Easter :behindpc:
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  3. by   Tweety
    Been there and done that and the family/friends still sometimes tell the story. LOL

    Don't ever drink and drive again. Nevermind about NCLEX you could kill someone and yourself. End of lecture.
  4. by   llg
    Nope, sorry. It wasn't funny ... and most people will remember. You will have to earn their respect by showing them over a period of time that you do not have a drinking problem.

    But you CAN do that over time and rehab your reputation. You CAN show them that you can handle adult privileges (such as alcohol consumption and driving) in a responsible adult way. It will just take a little time -- and good behavior based on what you learned from this recent mistake.
  5. by   smk1
    Well, I must confess to having one to many last Saturday. Had a group of friends get together and go out dancing, club hopping etc... and I got a little toasted off (a variety of things). No driving though, hubby had to be the DD! Was a fun night, but I really don't drink much and I kept thinking that I was overloading my poor liver with an unusual amount of alcohol! lol (the student nurse brain never sleeps). In any case this thread is a good reminder for all of us to have a "get home safe" plan when out drinking.
  6. by   clemmm78
    Hi, many of us have done stupid things in our lives, this is something to learn from. However, and this concerns me, this statement jumped out at me:

    I spent the whole next day thanking God for getting me home safe. Do you know what would have happened if I'd gotten pulled over? Rumor has it that you have to wait 3 years to take your NCLEX after you've had a DUI. I still can't believe I risked that

    I'd be way more concerned about killing someone than not being able to write an exam.

    You know what you did was wrong, but what you need to do is decide how this won't happen again. Surrender your keys at the door to someone, vow not to drink or something, but when you're drunk is NOT the time to decide if you can drive or not. It's before you start drinking that you do that.
  7. by   JaxiaKiley
    Waking someone up is small when the alternative risks killing someone, ya know?

    But, I've done my share of stupid things, so no throwing stones from here!
  8. by   SouthernLPN2RN
    I tied one on to celebrate passing the NCLEX. I did not drive however. Time will make this situation a little less embarassing for you, but you really should never drink and drive.
  9. by   RNfromMN
    If you're going to read this post, please read it in its entirety - Thank you

    Thanks to everybody that replied. I'm not gonna lie - I was a little offended when I first read through the responses....I was like, "Pssh ...I know it was wrong to drive that night - I thought I made that perfectly clear in the original post!" And to those who pointed out the importance of causing an accident versus the effects of a DUI on my nursing career, I just wanted to let you know that I definitely had thought about that. I guess I thought it was kind of a given that I felt terrible about that aspect of what I'd done. I wrote about the NCLEX because this is a nursing forum. You know what I mean? When I talk to my non-nursing friends about this, I won't bother mentioning the NCLEX...I'll emphasize the ramifications of causing an accident that night.

    So, like I said, I was a little miffed when I read through the responses. But listen to this: The very next thing I did once I got off the computer was open up my local paper...2 stories about alcohol-related fatal accidents over Christmas & 2 obituaries of young individuals who died in automobile accidents over Christmas & I don't think I'm jumping to conclusions here when I assume they were also related to drunk driving. I couldn't even read the articles @ first, I was so disgusted with myself, but I made myself do it. Then just now, I combed through some of the threads on this forum (search word drunk) & there are just some heart-breaking stories on here related to drunk driving.

    I'm a big believer in God (& I hope I'm not offending anyone that isn't) & I think this is Him @ work. What's that saying? God tries to whisper something in your ear first...then if you don't listen, he throws a little pebble your way...if you're still not getting it, he throws a brick into your window. I think He was with me the other night, got me home safe & protected all the other drivers I passed along the way & I think He's here now throwing those pebbles @ my window!

    I understand now why everyone who responded addressed the driving issue, as opposed to the embarrassing family part: You absolutely cannot underestimate the seriousness of driving while intoxicated.

    I cannot state this strongly enough: My eyes are open!
  10. by   gr8rnpjt
    Enough has been said about the driving part, I will not pile on.

    You wanted to know about the embarrassing part of doing stupid things in front of family. If your family is anything like mine, you will have left a lasting impression. It will be discussed ad nauseum for many months... until you or someone else tops your story.

    But trust me, there are many young 20 somethings saying and thinking about the same thing right about now. Get this, my 25 yr old daughter called me crying on tuesday, told me that she and her fiance both drank too much on christmas day. She said, "I don't remember what happened, but he is really mad at me today and won't discuss what I did." This went on all day long, she trying to converse with him, he ignoring her and going back to bed to get some more sleep all day long. Finally, yesterday morning she asked him to please tell her what she did. He said he didn't remember! I told her to tell him listen whatever happened, neither one of us remembers, so why not just forget about it! So, I think that he is over it, but he is an idiot, so who knows.

    I quit drinking 6 years ago. I realized that there was nothing I enjoyed about it anymore, so I just quit. No AA, no rehab, but enough embarrassing moments to last for the rest of my life. I wear it as a badge of honor now. I am proud when I see my family and tell them I have been sober for that long.

    Keep your chin up, and remember how this feels, so that at the next big event you will be less likely to have a repeat performance.
  11. by   llg
    To Jessica 392: Good for you! I'm glad to read that you have developed a positive attitude about using this experience as a true learning experience. We all make mistakes as we are growing up -- but too often, once people reach a certain age (16? 20? 25?), they stop admitting that they still have a few things to learn.

    I've certainly made a few mistakes, and I expect to make a few more before I die. Like you, I am just grateful there was no permanent damage.

    Take care,
  12. by   clemmm78
    Hey, like I said, I've made mistakes too. That's how we get to be the people we are, through learning.

    I'm really glad you posted again. Thank you for that.
  13. by   adrienurse
    I do think that family is often better dealt with after a few drinks (at least my extended family is). Glad you came out okay though. At least if you're going to do that next time, nominate yourself a "handler" to watch you don't do anything stupid.
  14. by   minnielynn
    Quote from jessica 392
    oh, i am just so mortified beyond belief:imbar ! :biere:
    well.......let me start by saying that i truly understand what you have gone through, and i have done worse, and from the sound of it, you probably won't do it again, as bad. this year i haven't pulled any stunts, but last christmas........

    i went to my aunts house with my mom, and two kids ( age 16 & 11 yrs) ..... i started by drinking tequilla shots, until i drank the entire bottle as if it was water and then i started playing bingo with my mom and aunt and company..... to make a long story short i couldn't walk and my son had to call my husband !!!!! my daughter was nervous and my son was extremely pissed off and embrassed. my husband finally showed up and took my kids & mom home !!!!!! i stood behind because it was a walk up and my husband was concerned that i would fall down the stairs, therefore, i stood at my aunts throwing up all over the place!!!! i woke up christmas day in my cousins bed with out my husband & kids and 2 buckets in front of me. i took a cab home very early in the morning 6am and i was probably the only one out that early, i felt horrible ......and spent the entire christmas day throwing up :angryfire

    that was a horror story and my 11year old daughter still reminds me of that day, and lets not forget my mom , who constantly watches every move i make !!!!!

    this christmas i went to my moms and came straight home with my husband and kids...... i had a glass of wine and had lots of fun.

    there are some of us who learn from our mistakes and family members will (probably) talk about it, but in a joking matter (my experience anyway).

    the point is that you acknowledged what you did and you didn't dismiss it as a trivial thing. we live and learn through our experiences.......and its obvious that you have learned from yours. don't dwell on this, day after day, but keep in mind, that a few too many will cause you to do and act out of character, and of course do not drink & drive ..........

    take care !!!