Got contacts long to adjust?

  1. I got monovision contacts today, and I am having the hardest time. First after a tiny struggle to get the sucker in (I got R eye only) my vision was very blurry/double for about 10 minutes. The it seems like there is a smudge on it, maybe from too much handling?? It is a soft lens. Then when I look from the keyboard up to the computer screen, the words are blurry.

    Is this normal? I think he should have given me lenses for both eyes. I am near-sighted in my R eye, and with this lens in, I have no trouble seeing far at all, but my L eye is farsighted, and he didn't give me a lens for that one. He seemed more concerned that I could read with the lens in the R eye, which is what I am apparently having a problem with.

    My question is, is this normal for the adjustment time? Or do you think I have the wrong Rx? Any experienced contact wearers? I chose this b/c my eyes are very light sensitive, which I swear is from working nights for so long. And, with my trifocals on, I was having to wear my shades over them. The tinting they use for glasses is just not dark enough for me, and I can't spare another $400 for another set of tinted glasses in the trifocals. I need these mostly to drive right now, just a teensy bit of trouble starting with reading. Anyway, when I heard about monovision, I thought it would be good b/c I could wear regular very dark sunglasses. But, I also thought monovision meant a lens in each eye, just specific to correct each eye. What do you all think? Am I just nuts?
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  3. by   RNLaura
    I've had contacts for myopia for a year now. It was a least two months before I was inserting/removing my contacts with ease. At times, I'd be fighting for 5 minutes trying to insert/remove them. Practice! Practice! Practice!
  4. by   ShannonB25
    I got contacts when I was 10 years old. Sixteen years later it's like second nature for me to wear them but I remember vividly what it was like those first few days, trying to become adjusted to them. Like Laura said, just keep practicing with them and you'll get the hang of it. Also, I would give it a couple of more days to see how your eyes adjust to the contact. When I have even a small adjustment made in my lenses, I find that it will often be a bit blurry for the first day or so. If it keeps it up beyond tomorrow though, I would definitely check with your optometrist to see if perhaps it is the wrong prescription for you (as this has been the case for me as well!) Good luck! Shannon
  5. by   hoolahan
    Thanks guys. I just took the little bugger out and struggled again. My eye was all red by the time I got it out. I did GREAT in the doc's office!!

    I am relieved to know you also had the blurriness. If it continues, I'll give them a call. I only had it in half the day since they dialted my eyes and stained them to check pressures. I am on the high norm with my pressures, will probably end up with glaucoma. I am praying I will be OK. So he has me coming like every 3-4 months to check the pressures. I have to go back again next week for the contact check, if not sooner. I hope I get it together, it's so much nicer than glasses!
  6. by   leesonlpn
    Hi Hoolahan- Monovision are definitely different from regular contacts. Did you have regular contacts before? If not, you not only have to get used to inserting them, but wait until your brain adjusts as well. I have had regular contacts since I was 15, which of course is 28 years, I wear the soft. My uncorrected vision- Ha! I can't even see the big E. I am up to -7:50 in both eyes now.I think I can go one more strength, then it is coke bottle contacts.My optometrist said I would find the monovision more trouble than they're worth. I was thinking in the future of bifocal contacts. The stronger the lens, the more reading vision I lose. So far so good, but I could be looking a some lovely walmart 1:25's soon. Isn't it awful to have imperfect vision? I feel my way to the bathroom at night,.I hope someone doesn't play a trick on me one night and move the toilet. How long did your optometrist say it would take you to adjust? DO YOU WANT ME TO USE BIGGER LETTERS?? My fourteen year old daughter has had contacts for a year and is ok with them,.My 16 year old son has slightly smaller shaped eyes, and had a heck of a time getting them in. He actually never really got the hang of it. Has a pair, doesn't wear them. BYE
  7. by   MaryNP
    Hey Hoolahan aka MargaretH! It's MaryNP! Good luck with the new lenses. My only word of advice is keep rewetting drops everywhere... car, purse, lab coat etc. Ever think about laser correction? My hubby had it done last year and he LOVES his 20/15 vision! I watched the procedure and I personally rather stick with my lenses. Good luck!
  8. by   Maureen007
    I know this might sound crazy, but did you put them in backwards? I was doing this when I got mine years ago-I've switched back because they were too much of a bother, the contacts could flip backwards and cause discomfort. Also-use drops! They really help.
  9. by   CashewLPN
    I wear contacts too occasionally... but I stand by my glasses ALOT... the hospital is way too dry to wear them, and when I play ball, I use regular eye protection...(as in my flex-framed regular every day glasses that become attached to my head with a special type cord called a croakie...) When I go out, I wear my contacts, nice, bright green(actually turquoise) and perscription... they tend to react a little with blacklites, so I endure them when I go out with my wierd friends.. hehe... but, they bother the crud out of my eyes... It takes forever to put them in, my vision is blurry for about 20 mins p I put them in, then they tend to get all dried out... so, drops all the time...
    I figure that they just arent for me...
    good luck with them
  10. by   lpnandloveit1
    I tried monovision and it was awfull. my vision was blurred and my eyes wattered all of the time, and I was sick to my stomache.
    keep going back till it feels right.switch eyes etc.
  11. by   AnaJane
    You guys are all too funny! Hey Margaret! (Scarp here). I, like the other "coke bottle" poster, had -11.5 vision. YIKES. LASIK surgery fixed that real nice. Used to be 20/15 but there's a little regression during the first year so I settled in at 20/35. My fault, I told the doc if he over-corrected me and I ended up needing glasses to read I'd have his gonads. (Not really, but he got my point). Hated contacts. Tried them off & on for 20 years. Only had one good pair, extended wear, they were like 75% water. So for all the other contacts I needed to get drunk (back in the days when I did drink!) and then they felt just fine! Didn't hurt much when I was high either (might solve two probs Margaret, glaucoma & pain!) except the hard contacts would pop right out everytime I laughed when high because I'd go all squinty-eyed, and probably was dry-eyed too but who the hell knew? No, don't do that anymore either. That was another person it was sooooooo long ago. Anyway....monovision, I passed on that. Thought I'd spend more time puking than seeing. Don't know M, good luck though and happy Mother's Day to y'all!
  12. by   neonnurse2
    I love my contacts but I always give my eyes a break for one day a week by wearing my glasses. Maybe you need to switch lens. Mine are Torics, a little more expensive but my vision is great with them. Good luck.
  13. by   kennedyj
    I used to fit people with contacts when I once wanted to go to optometry school.

    Unfortunately to get the better reading vision you give up a little of the distance vision by adding + diopter prescription to the non dominant eye. This becomes your reading eye. It is great because you don't have to put on glasses but your distance vision is under corrected if you are nearsighted. If you have lots of troubly adapting you could change the prescription -0.50 diopter or make the reading one more like your distance vision. I have found this to help often. When you see your optometrist you should use the trial lenses for a while to make sure the rx works well. Some of them due to time factors do not allow people enough time to try out the various rx's. good luck.
  14. by   LaurieCRNP2002
    I remember struggling with getting contacts in the first few days I had them (I was 15). Now, even 17 years later, I still use a mirror to insert and remove them (although I could insert them without a mirror if I really had to ). My feeling is that I have invested a lot of money in my contacts, and I certainly don't want to lose them! Putting them in in front of the mirror is my assurance that I get them in, and do so comfortably.

    Good luck to you