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  1. You just can't ever really tell what a person will do in a given situation. I have had a neighbor for 25 years with whom I just have a nodding aquaintence. One of my other neighbors once described him as the meanest man on earth. I sort of semi avoided him because I though he was nasty. Between 15 and 20 years ago his wife left him. There youngest child left home and just like that she was out of there.(no one was suprised by that) OK, here is the supising thing. He never divorced her and never dated the whole time she was gone. She lived and worked in Florida and was self sufficient for years. Unfortunately she became very ill and could not support herself or even care for herself. He heard about her condition and went down and brought her home. I saw her six months ago when she first got back and it did not look like she had long to live. He has nursed her back to health. I mean according to local tale tellers he physical did all her nursing care at home himself. I saw them today together and she looks a 1000% better and he looks quite happy also. I don't think I have ever encountered a situation that left me so amazed.
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    Well, I guess people can surprise you.

    Was he nice before his wife left? Maybe he'll be nice again.

  4. by   oramar
    NO, he was very mean. That is why she left him. At some point in his life he turned over new leaf and I guess I never realized it.
  5. by   shannonRN
    some people don't realize how good they had it...until it's gone. many of us take a lot of things for granted. it's sad that it takes losing something to appreciate their value! but at the same time, is nice to see that people can change!
  6. by   Kayzee
    This man must have some good in him, to take care of his wife as he did. I think sometimes when the circumstances change it can cause you to look at things in a different perspective. Apparently this has happened to him. I wish them the best.
  7. by   DebsZoo
    How very special, for him, to have a second chance.........to grasp it and make lives change. Happy to hear it, and thanks so much for sharing, oramar
  8. by   live4today
    My maternal grandfather left my maternal grandmother when my mother was one years of age. He moved to another city about an hour and a half away.....started another family with his mistress.....had four children with her. (He was still married to my grandmother, mind you.) When my mother was fifteen years of age, my grandfather returned to live with them because he was dying of cancer, and his "mistress" didn't want an "invalid" to take care of, soooooo......being the wonderful woman that my maternal grandmother was, she allowed him (STILL her lawfully wedded husband) to return home, and SHE nursed him until he died. My mother never knew her father, and that affected her life terribly. My maternal grandmother would have never turned any family away...no matter what they had done. It may seem ironic to believe that people with hearts like this exist, but I...for one...am very blessed to have had one as the best grandmother of all times. May she rest in peace! She lived to be almost 95. :kiss
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