Gooooooooood Morning

  1. Now if I am missing the Good Morning thread please move me LOL

    Happy Friday yippee doo daaa day to you all.

    What a week of running around for this little lady but a good one none the less.

    Have a great day, have fun, sleep well if you have done the ND run.

    Join me in a cuppa.. Oh we know who wants this eh? LOL

    Stay safe one and all.
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  3. by   ElvishDNP
    G'day Sabby!!!! Thanks for thinking of me & pourin' me a cuppa Dew.

    How go things up in your neck of the woods?? (which I don't think is too far from MY current neck of the woods!)

    Am staying at my mum/grandparents' house. Was less than thrilled when my grandparents' alarm went off at 0600 (they are not home at the moment).

    Today is the day DS gets to meet Thomas!!!! He & my dad hung out all day yesterday. It's so nice to see that, as my dad and I had a falling out that lasted until DS was almost 2. So it's nice that he & grandpa are so tight. And he loves grandma (my stepmother) too. We played outside (grandma runs a home daycare), ate persimmons right off the tree, listened to some good music (Jimi, Johnny, & Elvis), and went to grandpa's softball game. Good times. And more of them today...

    I hope you all have a wonderful, safe, blessed day.
  4. by   jmgrn65
    Good Morning Sabby and all yet to come.
    Where is everyone?
  5. by   compassion1
    Good morning all. Gotta get ready for work. Hope you all have a wonderful God blessed day.
  6. by   kwagner_51
    I'm here! Have a half day today due to all the o/t r/t health screenings and general craziness.

  7. by   clemmm78
    Good morning all!

    It's a great day. My youngest comes home from a Kairos retreat this evening (and heads straight off to his first floor hockey of the season), it's the Friday before Thanksgiving weekend, and 22 years ago today, my DH and I got married.

    It's supposed to be yet another gorgeous day today. We've barely raked any leaves yet. Want to bet we're going to wake up one morning and all the leaves on our 40+ year old trees all fall off at the same time?

    Have a great day everyone!
  8. by   Joe NightingMale
    Morning everyone!

    More studying for me today... Got Pharm down pretty well, now gotta get Nursing Theory nailed down.

    And unpack more, so my apartment looks like a home and not a storage locker.

    Sounds like you're having a great time Arwen!
  9. by   sirI

    pals today.

  10. by   jnette
    A lovely good morning to all!

    Sabby..thanx for starting us off!

    Having a hard time getting out of bed this morning.. it's cloudy and drizzly here, and so tempting to just wallow around in the bed some more.

    Minnie went absolutely CRAZY when I came home the other noc. She ran up to me, jumped into my lap and literally sobbed and cried and wriggled and nuzzled my neck for about 20 minutes nonstop! I mean, she audibly CRIED with joy, (loud, too!) and carried on like nothing I've ever seen before.
    awwww, my baby missed me, eh?

    Here's a cute pic of Mutti and me right before we left our house for Az.

    Well, guess I better go brush my toofers and start my day. Feels good knowing I don't have to go to work a few more days yet. Going to just piddle around today and take my time getting a few things done here. Guess I'll start by making the beds.... catch you all later!
  11. by   jnette
    Wanna see my grandson????

  12. by   tnbutterfly

    good morning!!!!!!!

    i don't believe i've posted in the gm thread since i returned from nyc tuesday night. been too busy playing catch-up at work. but today is not a work day. yay!!! so i'll be trying to catch up with all the "stuff" here at home.

    netters......sure good to see you!! thanks for the pic of your grandson. he looks just like you. hahahaha

  13. by   Grace Oz
    G'day and goodnight from me!

    It's late and I'm plum worn out. It's been an emotionally draining day. We found out today that my only sister has parathyroid cancer.
    I've been reading up all about it. Hopefully things will be ok. She has to have surgery. I'm in a bind as she needs me, (she's single and lives interstate). DH has his colonoscopy on the 15th and then see's the spinal surgeon on the 26th. Until we know the results of both those investigations, we have no idea which way things will go for him. Sooo.... I'm needed in TWO places, at once!
    For now, I'll just have to wait and see how things unfold in the coming couple of weeks. *sigh*

    Hope everyone enjoys their friday! Stay safe and well.
  14. by   Grace Oz
    PS: Handsome baby boy there, Netters!