Goodbye for a while...

  1. I have decided to leave this website for awhile. Refrain from being thrilled about it as you were when prn nurse got the boot. I feel for her...she did not receive love here, but hate....just as I am beginning to feel.

    For those who MIGHT care....and want to email me may do so at the following email address:

    Goodbye to all of you, and may your Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year 2003 be all that you want it to be. You all will forever remain in my prayers. For those of you on my CWU site, we can still correspond from there.

    Always in His Powerful Grip,
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  3. by   Vsummer1

    I cannot say I am "thrilled". You may think I would be, but no. I hope you find what you are looking for, and wish you peace.
  4. by   kristi915
    EDIT: Actually, I'm a bit disappointed in you. The way you have posted lately. And the banning of someone from your other board...well, maybe that was for the best. I dunno, sorry to hear that you are leaving, but I guess that is for the best also.

    I don't really have the words to say anything good right now, I usually don't when it comes to something like this. If I come off as rude, then I kinda am. I hate how things are becoming on this BB. I've just been sitting back and watching all this crap happening and it's really annoying. I'm glad a lot of it is over. I hope it dosn't happen again.
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  5. by   CATHYW
    Renee-I've Pm'd you. Hope you've had time to read it.
    Wishing you the best,
  6. by   night owl
    You've got to look at it from Brian's standpoint. It's his website and there are rules one must follow. If you can't follow the rules even after you were warned then it's time to go. It's just that simple. prn nurse got the boot, Why? b/c she didn't FOLLOW THE RULES. Now why are you runing off? No one "hates" you here. I can't and won't beg you to stay...It's your choice, but I and many others happen to enjoy your very insiteful posts. I'm sorry that your friend was booted off, but bashing others isn't what I call amiable reception and she wasn't received well at know that and so do many others. It is in the best interest of this website that she was given the boot. She couldn't tone it down and now the consequences follow. "If you're going to act irresponsible, you must be ready to accept the consequences..."
  7. by   SmilingBluEyes
    I simply do NOT understand this, Renee! Ireally do not. I am sorry to see you leave. Pls keep in touch. I will PM you my private addy.
  8. by   BadBird

    I do not understand your decision to leave the BB. I enjoy reading your posts. I think that you have a interesting insight and humor that I have enjoyed reading. If you feel that you must leave then I will respect your decision I just hope that you change your mind, I for one will miss you.
  9. by   kelligrl
    Forgive me, but with the dramatics?!? I respect your right to make the decision to no longer post, but was this necessary? After the week this board has had, I'd think not.....Sorry, just an observation....I don't think anyone showed you hate, just a differing opinion...
  10. by   donmurray
  11. by   kristi915
    Short and sweet eh don?
  12. by   adrienurse
    Adults are responsible for their own actions. You have made your own choice in this matter.
  13. by   kristi915
    I don't think it matters anymore. I don't think she's commin' back........
  14. by   kristi915
    I cared at first, but now it's just "whatever" for me. I'm 17 and I'm more mature than that! (majority of renee's posts lately), and I'm done saying something behind her back, I'd tell her myself anyhow.