Good Wednesday Morning 03/16/05

  1. Happy Wednesday Morning to all of you...............

    How many of you are making corned beef and cabbage for tomorrow?
    Have a corned beef in the frig but will probably save it for another day.

    Ying made her appt for NCLEX, Friday April 8th, first date that they had available here. And the center is only about two blovcks away form here, once we looked up the address. Can't get any closer than that.

    Sorry about all of the snow that amny of you are having. My friend in Portland, Maine says that the snow is more than 10 feet deep in places there. She said that she has never seen as much snow as this, and we both grew up in Michigan..............way too much for me to ever see again, at least if I have the choice. Held a snowball about 10 days ago and that was the first time in about 2 1/2 years, hopefully will be that long again. But the mountains were just beautiful.

    Please keep it safe.................
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  3. by   madwife2002
    Good Morning,

    Hi Suzanne and Ying, 4 april not too far away- tell her happy studying.

    I am working my last shift today and will be off to North of England tomorrow partying for a few days.

    I was supposed to have management day and then take some time owing back but as per usual no staff so putting on my uniform and working on ward, I only get one management day per month so it is quite nice to have a day out of uniform and actually do some paperwork at work and not at home

    So I hope you will all miss me over the next 5 days I will raise my glass to all whilst I am away

    Good luck to those who are working and travelling- safe trips ect

  4. by   suzanne4
    Have a great time, and please keep it safe over there, too.......... :Melody:
  5. by   lil' girl
    Good morning Suzanne and Kay. I am still up, took a nap and can't sleep now. Good thing I'm on vacation this week or I'd be falling asleep in class tomorrow. Will check back in later and let you all know if we get those nine inches of snow.

    Have a good day!
  6. by   Spidey's mom
    Hello everyone - got home from my daughter's softball games about 10:00 p.m. Her team won both games. Knocked the first place down a few . .

    My 3 year old made mud pies - the mud was about like clay so not too messy. I got sunburned. The fields on the way were like green carpet with white, yellow and purple flowers . .very pretty.

    I'm enjoying these days off too too much.

    Madwife have fun . . . :hatparty:

    Suzanne - I love cabbage but no one in my family is crazy about corned beef.

    Sipping on Bailey's Irish Creme though . . .

  7. by   DDRN4me
    good morning everyone,

    wow..very quiet here this morning! dds home from fla last night, tan and happy glad someone is!! younger daughters bf moving in for a while...had a huge fight with his mother, who is somewhat of a lunatic...this actually is a repeat of a problem a few years ago, same thing happened,and he was here for several , my crazy house only getting crazier!
    madwife, have fun!!
    suzanne, good luck to ying! i made lamb stew instead on sunday
    lil girl , hope you get your rest! and sunshine...ooh...miss them!!!! did have some sunshine yesterday, though!
    busy day today, teaching cpr after work....everyone have a great day/night!mary
  8. by   nursemary9
    hi everyone, :melody:

    i'm at work & grabbing 5 min. to myself here!! i'm charge tonite & what a nite it has been.
    had a pt. sign out ama :angryfire & then 30 min. later, came back to er for re-admission; of course, they took her back!! :angryfire now, mind you, to leave, she pulled her triple lumen catheter out of her groin!!:uhoh21:

    oh well, that's the kind of pat's we've been getting!!
    she wanted a cigarette!!

    i have several really sick, sick people, tho--neutropenic--so i really hate having to waste time with these guys!!:stone

    well, it's almost over--2 1/2 hrs left!!

    hello suzanne & ying!!i hope she does well in the test

    madwife-- have fun!! :beercuphe

    stevie--hi!! how is dgt's eye? face?:stone

    mary hi!! welcome back to dgt's:hatparty:

    lilgirl-- you better get some sleep so you can stay awake in class!!!:zzzzz

    i hope i got you all!!

    well, the time is counting down for weetzie, only one more day till she leaves!!
    again, good luck & best wishes. weetzie!!

    no corned beef & cabbage for us either this year--my dh doesn't care for corned beef or cabbage!! i'm not going to make it for myself!! when my mil lived with usm we always had it because she & i loved it!! well, now we'll live without it!!

    so all of you guys have a great day!!:melody:

    see you
    mary ann
  9. by   Aneroo
    Morning all! This is quick. I am going to a friends house, we're carpooling to somewhere else to carpool with others to the state psych facility so we can do our first day of psych clinical. I feel like I am forgetting something. My mind? I am SO nervous!!! We ring shopping last night. It's all real now. I was in a state of giddiness all day yesterday. I told him I wound't wear it until he's talked to my dad, and gets down on one knee!
    Mary- I would be frustrated too! Hope the rest of your shift was/is calm.
    Other mary- Glad someone is tan. I have a tanning package,but never use it. Will go to beach once it's warmer.
    Steph- Mmmm...Baileys. lol
    Lil- girl- You feeling better?
    Suzanne- Yeah for Ling's NCLEX day! At least she has some days to either study or relax/ Can you relax when studying for the NCLEX? lol
  10. by   Tweety
    Aneroo, congrats on the ring shopping. Seems like you're wanting the best of both worlds - old and new, to pick out your ring, but to make him do the traditional thing. More power to you! If he wants you bad enough he'll do it. LOL. Congrats!

    Best of luck to Ying on the NCLEX.

    Mary Ann, I can so relate to your posts and your frustrations with your job. I love reading your posts, because it's so close to what I go through. I hate wasting time on people like that, they suck the life out of you and take away from the truly sick people. The patient just probably need a fix of crack or something like that. LOL

    We're going to Miami today. My goal was to leave at 10:00 but spouse stayed up very late watching "The Incredibles" DVD that I got him for his birthday. So we'll probably leave later. It's a four-hour drive and I don't want to hit that rush hour traffic.

    Can't believe it's still actually snowing places. We're getting a bit of rain, but the windows are open and a cool breeze is coming through.

    Spouse's family is fure Irish from Massachusettes, but we don't do the corned beef and cabbage. Sounds good though.

    I'll still be around. I'm going to have to splurge on internet cafes to check with my chemistry glass, so I'll bebop in here. The hotel I think only has dialup and I do not do dialup.

  11. by   GPatty
    Mornin' everyone!
    Just wanted to pop in and say hi before I dart off to start laundry and clean house! It's a daily event around here!
    I have 3 more days of glorious spring break before hitting the ol grind again, although we do have an assessment to do here at my house tomorrow (which I'm not too happy about~ but that's another story in itself).
    I may take my puppy for a walk today and get some exercise in before it gets terribly cold...
    Hubby brought me home about 6 bundles of lovely different colored tulips....he's such a doll! :Melody: So I need to get them in vases and maybe they'll bloom before tomorrows assessment and make my house look pretty!
    Today is also fish tank day (water changes and gravel vaccuming) and I have 3 tanks now, so that's a biggie chore to do too.
    Hope you all have a fantastic day and stay warm!
    ('Cept you Tweets~that's not fair you are going to Miami! hope you have fun there! )
    Love you guys!

    PS: Ying~ Study hard for your NCLEX! We expect great results! LOL!
  12. by   lil' girl
    Well that ole weather man was wrong, wrong, wrong, and I am glad, glad, glad. Have to go later to get tires on the car, surely didn't want to have to drive in snow to do that!!

    Aneroo, yes I am feeling better, thank you for asking, and congrats to you!
    Tweety have a great vacation and send us some warm weather, pleeeeeeeease!
    Julie those flowers sound beautiful
    Mary hope you have a great day.

    Hugs all
  13. by   presC.
    hi lil'girl,suzanne,tweety
    kay,mary ann and to others i missed..:smackingf :icon_hug:

    weetziee, still busy? we still love to see you here.:kiss

    "hi" and "goodnight" everyone.
    had a date with my 2 darling sisters at the mall all day. we enjoyed every second of it.. now, just too sleepy. can't think clearly. will catch up tom..
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  14. by   CHATSDALE
    rushed today...have a wonderful day...vacationers have a safe and happy deserve a chance to unwind
    everyone else have a good day...will catch up lalter