Good Wednesday Morning 1-26-05

  1. I'll get this up and see if anyone else is going to post it. I see a few "regulars" about.

    Here's some hot coffee, regular or decaf for you while I wait.
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  3. by   H ynnoD
    Good Morning Tweety!You would'nt happen to have any Cappachino,would you?I brought myself a Cappachino maker for Christmas and have been using it quite abit.Just got home from work and stopped in to see whats new?Are you going to the Gym this morning?I've went a few times in the last couple of weeks,but have'nt figured out how to work it into my schedule yet,so I can do it more often.

    Good Morning Everyone:hatparty: Hope You all have a Good Day!
  4. by   presC.
    hi tweety & donny, "morning"
    i'm hungry~ i'm enjoying now my double dutch ice cream yummy!
    will check later!
  5. by   nursemary9
    Good Morning To All;

    Hope everyone is well.
    I'm at work AGAIN!! I wonder why it would be so HARD to get the same ptients two days in a row!! You know this is really my PET PEEVE around here.:angryfire

    Then you get here & no one ever knows what;s going on!! Maybe I'm just in a bad mood, but GEEZ!@!!:angryfire

    I know, there's Mary Ann again--the old GROUCH!! Yikes, but I'm in a bad
    But really--why would a nurse who is OCN certified NOT get the Radiation treatment pat. & the Chemo patient????? Why would these two patients be assigned to two nurses who have absolutely no oncology background??:angryfire
    OH WEll, calm down, right???

    Not the best of nites!!

    But, bad mood or not, you guys need breakfast

    Eggs, bacon, sausage, ham, canadian bacon
    french toast, pancakes,crepes
    Fresh fruit; juice
    bagels & cream cheese with or without lox.
    hot or cold season

    Thanks Tweety for the coffee
    Hi Donny!!
    You know, I bought that machine a few years ago & SWORE I would use---I;ve used it TWICE!!!

    Have a Great Day--Don't be Grumpy like me

    Mary Ann
  6. by   weetziebat
    good morning everybody,

    i just got back from work. had to go in cause someone's peg tube came out. dang! no way was that sucker gonna go back where it belonged. now have to wait till morning to call the surgeon. already have two other m.d. appts. so its gonna be a busy wednesday.

    tweety, thanks for the decaf. better wait till later to have some of the regular stuff.

    donny, come on, now! don't you start going to the gym. it's bad enough tweety goes but not two of you. then i'll really feel like a lazy good-for-nothing!

    presc, wa! just realized that today is your 'real' birthday. i know its late, but happy birthday, sweetie. :hatparty: hope you had a great day!
    :melody: :melody:

    o.k. - i'm gonna go read for awhile till i get sleepy. hope we all have a truly wonderful wednesday. hugs to y'all, always!!
  7. by   presC.
    thanks weetziee.:1luvu: :kiss
  8. by   lisamc1RN
    PresC, Happy Birthday!

    Ok, I'll take a nice strong cup of coffee and a bagel with cream cheese and lox.

    Today is my third day of clinicals. We will be doing neuro and skin assessments. I have no idea who my patient is yet. That makes me so nervous. Last time, I had a MRSA patient and didn't know it and walked right by the STOP sign outside his door. :blush I need time to prepare!

    I have some good news about Ben's first day of school. The class was given a quiz over the Harry Potter books! Of course, my son has read all of them...some of them twice! :lol He told his teacher he'd like to take the quiz, and he got the highest score! He was allowed to take his quiz on the computer, which I'm sure made a huge difference. I am so proud of him!

    Ok, I need to go now. Have a wonderful day everyone!
  9. by   DDRN4me
    :melody: good morning all!!:melody: another snow day!!! i suppose i should be complaining about the fact that i've already had 2 , and will now be in school till the last week in june...and the fact that i already have showered, done my workout, had breakfast and taken the puppy out x3 before i saw the notice on tv!!! oh well, have papers to work on for both of my classes, so i can get some research done online. will be a fairly quiet day as both dds will have class..just me and the pup!
    pres c, happy birthday :hatparty:
    everyone else, have a great day...dont sleep or work too hard!
  10. by   GPatty
    good morning!
    i wanted to pop in and say hi before i have to get ready and head off to a&p this morning....
    :melody: happy birthday presc!!! :melody:
    and wishing you many more! :hatparty: :smiley_aa

    school is going well. a few glitches here and there, but i went head on and am covered now, so that's good. 2nd week and in full swing! :chuckle
    the princess amanda is graduating ait the 27th and will be heading off that day to fort carson, colorado and to iraq either in march or june. that says she is like me. i don't remember ever being that much of a go-getter! i am soooo proud! she makes it easy to be a mom.
    the other children are doing fine. even jacob, the 16 year old "i hate school." is coming around. doing homework nightly and doing much better!
    amelia wanted to quit tap dance, so i let her, now she's trying to get out of practicing her violin, which i won't let her, and abby is still just abby....she's enjoying her ballet and tap classes.
    logan has gotten into trouble a few times last week, but we have to work on his behaviors more. wish i had more of an insight as to what to do sometimes...but we're muddling through. he's a good kid, and tries, but i believe his impulses outweigh his desire to do the right thing!
    the puppy is growing daily and now weighs 8.5 lbs... she eats everything in sight, and now it is time to get ready for school myself, so i will go...
    thanks for the coffee and breakfast....and i am headed off to the shower!
    love you all and "see" you later!
    hugs to everyone! :icon_hug:
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  11. by   presC.
    mgallant~ thanks, enjoy your day too!

    Julielpn~ hi there, sounds your so happy today, :Melody: have safe day.:kiss

    hi lisamc1, good for your Ben, for sure he's enjoying..
    ~ mary ann dear, thank you for the BF, you too, have a great day.:flowersfo

    ~need to sleep now. see you 'morrow
  12. by   akcarmean
    Quote from weetziebat

    donny, come on, now! don't you start going to the gym. it's bad enough tweety goes but not two of you. then i'll really feel like a lazy good-for-nothing!

    presc, wa! just realized that today is your 'real' birthday. i know its late, but happy birthday, sweetie. :hatparty: hope you had a great day!
    :melody: :melody:
    weetzie == have to agree with you about the gym. and pres same to u happy b=day.

  13. by   phn92
    Good morning all!!

    Happy Birthday PresC!!! Hope you have a great day!!

    I was so busy yesterday, I didn't much much time to surf AllNurses!! I manage to catch up on yesterday's thread.

    Last night, I took the oldest dd to a ballgame so she could socialize. Actually, I wanted to watch a friend's son play and catch up with her. I did get started sorting records for our farm taxes. Now I just have to put it all in the computer, fun! fun! We finally got the furnace started in the upstairs addition, so now I can go up there and start getting it ready to paint. There is so much drywall dust to remove first!!! The fun begins!!

    I only work a half a day today and have two different people coming this afternoon to measure for flooring. I want to compare prices before I decide which one to use. Trying to save money where I can!!

    This bug is spreading thru the house!!! Now my son has fever and coughing, dh seems to be better. Wonder who will be next??

    I'd better get going!! I hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday!!
  14. by   akcarmean
    tweety == good morning hope you have a good day.

    donny == have a good day, hope schools going ok.

    pres == good morning happy b-day.

    mary ann == thanks for bf sounds like you are really need that trip to fl. when are you suppose to go? take care hon and don't work to hard and try to have a good night. i wish things would get better for you at work you've had your share of bad nights now need so good ones.

    lisa ==so glad that ben had a fantastic first day. good luck at clinicals, have a good day.

    mgallant == snow days are always nice, but hate to make them up. good luck with getting some studying done.

    julie == have a good day @ school. sounds like you are really busy. glad the kids are doing better. i know what you mean by working on behaviors; i have 2 that need to work on that. not to mention that i got their report cards yesterday and they have both dropped their grades. oiy. sometimes i wonder how i am doing what i am doing. i should be spending more time with them; but yet dh has more time than i do and he can do the same but isnt. oh well mommy guilt.

    phn == good luck with the house. hope son starts to feel better soon.

    well i need to go for now. and get the kids moving i will check back later.