Good Wednesday Morning! 1-12-05

  1. Good morning everyone. Hope everyone will have a great day! :hatparty:

    I'm going to walk the dogs and run off to the gym. Then maybe to the bank (I got my tuition reimbursement and get to pay off my credit card!) and to the grocery store. Then back to bed.
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  3. by   presC.
    hi tweety! 'morning you have a nice errands huh, going back to bed is such a nice idea.. change topic, remember the one i shared here about asking my agent about the status of my papers/application? well, she emailed me 2 nights ago and informed me that i'm also affected by the retrogression. so sad, in a sense that our expectations was not fulfilled according to our plans but also happy 'coz will still have plenty of time to be with friends/families and loved ones.
    anyway, i'm here right now at the internet cafe. our pc at home got problem that's why my dh's at the 'puter shop right now (for our old pc to be repaired, we have no extra budget for a new one) that's why while waiting him i get myself busy..
    about my job application, i wasn't able to pass the requirements needed because it's not yet complete. will pass this next coming monday. needed my birth/marriage certificate and other original important documents.
    i'm doing myself a favor by studying more about the possible questions/exams i may encounter during the interview portions..
    hmmm, i'm getting hungry. what's for breakfast?

    will check later, hopefully.
  4. by   nursemary9
    good morning

    well, i'm at work yet again!!
    short staffed again--8 patients apiece again. this is getting so dangerous; then they give us 3 cna's & say, oh well, we gave you extra na's--well as far as i know, we don't exactly do the same job, this is getting very frustrating!!:angryfire :angryfire
    i don't know who to complain to any more--it doesn't seem to do any good talking with manager. she keeps saying she has new people coming, where are they!!:angryfire :angryfire

    oh well, excuse the rant!! does help just a bit tho!!

    nothing much planned for today after work. dh is going golfing at the "dome". indoor facility where they hit balls to keep in shape--so when warmer weather suddenly appears, they will be ready to get out to the links & be in shape!! :d :d

    i'm so mean!!
    got to get back to work
    i'll leave some coffee, tea & milk
    that's all i can do this am

    mary ann
  5. by   jnette
    Morning Family !

    Been up for about an hour.. but was fast asleep at 8 pm last night, so I'm well rested this am.

    Seems like no one has prepared b'fast.. (dh is doing that as I type).. so here's my offering:

    leftover cold peas and taters. Hungry anyone?

    Nah... here we go.. choose what you want:

    French toast sticks, bacon, scramled eggs, hashbrowns, oatmeal, yogurt with granola, nuts'n seeds.. cantalope, grapes, and lots of freshsqueezed OJ .

    Don't like, go somewhere else.

    Well, it's trash day today, so I need to collect all the trash in the house and take it to the driveway, work on some bills, wash a few clothes, and start putting the kids' wedding pics in their albums they gave me for Christmas.

    And rest up for tomorrow.

    I hear you Mary, about the unsafe staffing.. we're experiencing the same thing, as just about every one else in nursing anymore. It's just SO not right.. to the patients, nor to us. Plus we're getting stuck with doing more and more of the technical end as well.. all these new machine safety tests, etc... so they can save $$ by not sending down the tech crews. It's getting a bit too much on top of our own workload and responsibilities.

    Well, here's hoping everyone has a good day.. whether you're working or enjoying a day off. Catch ya later !
  6. by   Tweety
    Back from the gym. I'm having a spinach salad and poached eggs for breakfast. Weird I know, but I felt I needed some more veggies.

    Mary, I hear ya loud and clear. When I used to do charge all the time, I used to refuse the extra CNA when they short-staffed me. All it did was help out the other two CNA, who weren't short staffed, and didn't help me a bit. Throw me all the CNA's you want, I'm still short staffed. At least you're established ratio is lower. It's routine for us to get 8 patients every night. I'm so over it.

    Hi Jnette!

    Hi PresC.! Sorry to hear about your computer problems and the delays. Good luck to you!

    Guess, I'm going to do a little housework since the stores and banks aren't open.
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  7. by   jnette
    Quote from 3rdShiftGuy
    Back from the gym. I'm having a spinach salad and poached eggs for breakfast. Weird I know, but I felt I needed some more veggies.

    mmmm.... LOVE spinach salad !!! You can keep the poached eggs, though. :stone Blech.

    And guess what I forgot to include on the breakfast bar !!! The COFFEE !!!! So here ya go... lots and lots of piping hot, freshbrewed coffee !
  8. by   Mkue
    CIAO everyone!

    Have a great day all
  9. by   lisamc1RN
    I don't have much time but wanted to pop in and say hi! I'm on my way to my very first clinical! Yay! Talk to you all later!
  10. by   Tweety
    jnette! Pass the coffee. Actually, I'm having microwaved eggs in my egg cooker thingie, they aren't really poached.
  11. by   Thunderwolf
    Morning folks, been up all night cruising the board. Lots to read. Lots to write. Jnette, thanks for breakfast. Sorry, Tweets. Poured a cup of Jo from your pot. You know me and coffee. Man, you made a good pot this morning. Kind of tired. Got to work today. So, I've got to get some shut eye. Nighty-night. ZZzzzzzz
  12. by   jnette
    Quote from 3rdShiftGuy
    jnette! Pass the coffee. Actually, I'm having microwaved eggs in my egg cooker thingie, they aren't really poached.

    OK.. I'm ok with those. More coffee, anyone?

  13. by   NursesRmofun
    Pass a big mug my way....

    I detest working short like everyone else. Don't miss it. Prison work is sooo different. Not too much pressure at my job, only rarely. And staffing is usually okay and you can recruit some help, if needed, from other units most of the time in my facility. It is a large medical dept. as far as prisons go. Anyway, agnecy per diem work is great. I always prefer per diem and happy when I have the luxury to do it instead of staff nursing only because I can pick the days I work. I love the added control. Not trying to brag! LOL. Just stating how different and preferrable I think per diem is...sorry if I ranted too. :imbar

    Breakfast here was an egg and a small piece of sausage and a piece of toast.

    I need more coffee. Not working today. Will have to organize myself to sort and pack some things today, readying for the move soon.

    Have a good one....
  14. by   H ynnoD
    Good Morning everyone:hatparty: The rain has finally stopped for a while.Got some tennis rackets and balls last week,so now I can finally try them out.Nice having a court where we can play.Also have a Basketball court,so will get to play that also.Got to go to school in a few miniutes.Socialogy,first time I've had a class that has couchs insted of desks.Hope I don't fall asleep.Hope Everyone has a Great Day!!!!!!