Good Wednesday Morning 6.30.04

  1. And a grand day to all !!! Soooooooooo.... what's up? That's the QOD.
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  3. by   Tweety
    Good Morning Jnette. Was waiting for someone other than me to get started! LOL

    Had a great time at yoga, dinner, movie last night. Ate a huge bacon cheeseburger and loved every fat and carb gram. Saw Shrek 2, what a great movie that was. Been to the gym already and now spouse is awake so we're going for an early morning stroll with the pups.

    Armickie, congrats on the A's!!!! Keep up the good work!

    QOD: After the walk it's relaxation and then sleep to prepare for working the next two days.
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  4. by   suzy253
    Hiya Jnette
    Was just about to start this thread--was searching thru the active topics looking for it. Couldn't believe it wasn't started already--after all it is already 5:50 AM here on the east coast
    Nothing reallly new here. Will be studying today and hopefully partying with a group of my mates tomorrow evening after our final exams are over. I think we need a 'change in attitude' as one of my buddies puts it.
    I'd love to be able to have some xtra time to do something around the house--mostly outside. I have planted my windowboxes and they're looking a bit sad. Need some dead-heading and some flowers have died off--could it be from lack of enough watering on my part? :chuckle Hopefully I'll have some time for things after I recover from Thursday night. then my next plan of attack is to settle down with my last remaining course online--a retake of physiology. Not my favorite subject!
  5. by   HannasMom
    Hello fellow early birds!

    It's 3:21 am here in Oregon. Peaceful night. I watched Animal Planet for awhile. Now I plan to get busy, I have to answer a question in the discussion portion of my online sociology class, then finish my first assignment. I love online classes. I was watching an Algebra class for a Telecourse here at PCC, the instructors is nicccceee annnndddd slllllow, about my pace for learning. I still need Intermediate Algebra, College Algebra and Statistics for the LPN to BSN program. Sooo it will be awhile before I can enter the program.

    QOD: Study, watch my telecourse video for Sociology (it's a teleweb course, combo online and telecourse), maybe watch a soap I taped earlier, walk Hanna when it becomes daylight, eat breakfast, start the dishwasher, then to bed. Tonight is my night off, then back to work on Thursday night.

    Tweety, I loved Shrek 1, I plan to watch Shrek 2 when it comes out on DVD. I love Shrek. I guess we are just kids at heart.

    Still haven't decided if I will try for the LPN job at the ESD. I have a hard time giving up the 18.32/hr I make right now. Plus I do love my job at the LTC, also it will work out better for going to school. I blame my indecision on working the night shift. I blame everything on the night shift. Oh I did this or that because I work the night shift. It's my story and I'm sticking to it. LOL

    I found out that the University of Phoenix has a nursing track program for LPNs. You do the Online through UOP, and the clinicals through a local school. Asked for info tonight. Anyone ever hear of that? It was on the UOP website. Is it new? I really enjoy going to school online, I wish there was a good nursing school for the LPN to RN program.

    Hi Jnette, getting ready for work?

    Hi Suzy, don't study too hard. Have fun today!
  6. by   Energizer Bunny
    Morning everyone.

    J Lynn....glad your interview went well. I hope you hear back soon.

    Melissa....hopefully, after my sugery, I'll be joining you in the workouts. I miss my workouts and can't wait...... I can run though for some reason. I just get a hurting chest and all very quickly.

    Deb.....thanks for the good wishes. Now, Bry told me that we don't have the money for my books on Monday much less any birthday presents. It's just one thing after another here, but I know we will trudge through. We always do.

    Fairy...I'm so glad the shower went so well! I don't have ankles when I am NOT pregnant! LOL! I have started an electronic journal for the kids on their websites and I am in the middle of printing it all up to put in three ring binders for them when they get older, including all my digital pics. etc. It's something to keep me busy in my spare time! LOL!

    The last time I had a "me" day would have been before Bryce was born. I'm not likely to get one now that's for sure

    Leslie.....he's doing the surgery on Friday so I will be good to go back to classes on Monday. I shouldn't miss any time at all. sounds like the UOP is very much like some of the BSN to CNM programs I have looked at online. I hear (but don't know firsthand) that UOP is it? LOL!!! are always on my mind!!!! Glad you are feeling better!

    Mickie....what's going on there, chickie? Everything okay now? Talk to us!!!! Congrats on your 4.0!!! wooohooo!!!

    Netters....thanks for the good thoughts. I remembered you telling me about your daughter. It's too bad she can't find a dr. that will do the hysterectomy for her. Is the Lupron working for her?

    QOD answer: Bry is taking the oldes two to his mom's today to try to figure out a vehicle for me. I am cleaning the office and starting the kitchen. I'll do the office and kitchen floors while the kids are gone so no feet are on them. (I'll have to wait until Bryce goes to sleep though! LOL!) I probably should pay bills since we ran out of moula last week and people are expecting them to be paid.

    Tweeters....sounds like a great time last night. go party with your friends girl! You need it!

    Okay, outta here.....

    hugs all around.......
  7. by   jnette
    Bwaaaaaaaaaahahahahaha !!!

    I can't believe you guys took my QOD seriously ! I know it was profound and all that, but sheeeeesh !!!

    Hey, I was just rubbing the sleep out of my eyes (no, not going to work.. I'm OFF today.. can't ya see I SLEPT IN?) :chuckle ... and remembered we needed a QOD, and wasn't quite awake enough to think of anything... it was still pre-coffee y'know. Heh.

    Tweety, enjoy your morning walk and may your wish for a realxing day be granted. I, too, am waiting for Shrek II to come out on DVD.. loved Shrek I.
    How's that TweetyTummy feel this morning after all that no-no food last night?

    Hannasmom.. never did online classes, but I just know it would be right up my alley ! Good luck in finding what you need.

    Suzy.... go ENJOY !!! But be ready for Thursday... my crossed fingers ain't gonna do it ALL ! hee.

    Kim... bummer about the books and all. Life is hard sometimes. But we manage SOMEHOW, right? It'll work out in the end. The harder we struggle and wait for sth., the more we appreciate it. (my dad used to always tell us that as kids, and boy, did we HATE it when he always said that !)

    The Lupron did help Jessie some, but she still had breakthrough pain. She's been off it for awhile now...a good six months or more for sure. I've not heard her complaining much lately, but perhaps with everything else happening in her life.. new job, wedding, etc., she might not be giving it the attention she once was.
    I'll ask her about it next time we talk, though, ok?

    OK... gotta get busy here myself and do some bills and light cleaning. Need to get serious about my bowflex routine, too. I'm going to need the muscle to hold up that 500+ lbs. of motorcycle soon, not to mention kickstarting that baby ! Whooooooooot !
  8. by   Energizer Bunny
    Thanks Netters.....okay, all of you with your dang exercise, maybe I'll head out for a walk soon and see how I feel at least.

    I do have a couple options for childcare popping up so there is some light at the end of the tunnel today.
  9. by   HannasMom
    Yippeee!!! I got my discussion assignment posted on my online sociology class. Now I just need to finished my written assignment and I'll be ahead, it's not due until July 4th. I think I can do this! Lots of writing though, but I can do it. Feels real good.

    Jnette enjoy your day off!

    Kim, you deserve a "me day", as soon as you are in school, me days will be hard to come by.
  10. by   Energizer Bunny does feel great to get things accomplished for class, doesn't it? I am anxious to get started next week. YOU CAN DO IT!!! A "me" day.....well, i can dream........
  11. by   ARmickie
    Good morning all. I managed about four hours sleep last night, after a couple hours of naptime yesterday afternoon. I'm feeling much better now. Thought about tanning today, but alas, that would just mean bigger troubles here.

    Thanks for all your support on the A's. I'm rather proud of myself, and I seriously enjoyed it. I'm not making any rash decisions to drop my summer II registration at this point, but I'm definitely mulling it over in my mind.

    I honestly don't know what's going on here. Jason came home from work early just to fight with me on Monday, continued the fight ALL NIGHT, leaving me with a little over an hour of sleep, would continue to press the issue even when I tried to study (which the studying, of course, didn't happen), and even when I tried to go to bed, he'd WAKE ME UP to fight. I don't get it. All because he swears I did something in my sleep (of course, asserting I was really awake) that I know, by and large I did NOT do. When I stated the fact that I did NOT do that, he called me a liar and said that he could not believe anything that came out of my mouth from this point on. And, you guys would NOT believe what this stems from. Talking in my sleep, I could believe, even walking in my sleep maybe if I was REALLY tired. But, no.... this man wants to tell me that he believes that I literally masterbated in bed ALL NIGHT LONG... for hours on end.. :stone Number one, I cannot imagine how I wouldn't know this if it happened; number two, the night in question I went to bed in a pair of sweats that had a drawstring tightly tied, it was still knotted in the morning; number three, I think I would be a bit sore (if you KWIM) the next day if I actually did this; and number four, even if I DID (which I know better than), what would be the problem??? Not like I was going out screwing around.... At any rate, when I completely had no idea of what he was talking about, he presses the issue and tells me I'm in denial. Well, sorry, but I think if I had actually had the experience he described (and, boy, do I wish I had!!!) I would have been much less stressed and probably would not have had a tension headache for two days.... I know this sounds very small, but it's not.. not here. He went from just staring at me and continually fighting, to nothing when I came home from school yesterday. He didn't go to work yesterday either; he stayed home and slept all day after fighting with me all night. When he did get up, he left. When he came home, he took Nyquil and went to bed immediately and I didn't see him again, as he was gone to work when I got up this morning. I mean, he won't talk to me, he won't kiss me before he leaves the house, he won't even look at me or hardly be in the same room. And, I swear to you all.... I've done nothing wrong.. I don't know what to do. There is no talking to him about this, as he thinks I'm lying about it. I told him that if it'd make him feel better, fine, I'd admit to it, but he knows that I honestly don't believe that and he won't let it go. I just can't see any compromise on this.. I know I didn't, and he insists I did and he won't believe anything else.

    There.. that's my story... it's raining here today and I'm going to lock myself inside and clean, I suppose. A million and one things I need to do away from the house today, but I just really don't want to be around anyone, whether I know them or not. I don't know what to do. Kids spent the night away from home last night, so I imagine I'll go get them later. Thinking I'll just clean and work out today, maybe relieve some frustration.. if that don't work.... well, perhaps a stiff drink or five is in order...
  12. by   J Lynn
    I'm up, ya'll. My daughter is hounding me for the computer and is demanding breakfast.

    Everybody, have a great day.....I'm still waiting for that phone call that I got the job. I'll keep everyone posted.
  13. by   Energizer Bunny what if you were masturbating in your sleep? What's it to him anyways? Feeling a little imcompetant maybe? LOL! sorry....but that would be MY reaction to him if he were MY dh!!! Girl, don't you DARE second guess taking your classes because of THIS!!! You need to do this for YOU and hey, It'll give you a break from dh if nothing else. Sweetie, I'm here if you need anything!!!!!! (((((((((((((Mickie))))))))))))

  14. by   jnette
    Quote from J Lynn
    I'm up, ya'll. My daughter is hounding me for the computer and is demanding breakfast.

    Everybody, have a great day.....I'm still waiting for that phone call that I got the job. I'll keep everyone posted.

    Keeping fingers and toes crossed for you, JLynn !!!