Good Wednesday Morning!

  1. Whew, I'm at work and what a zoo it has been. Mainly because of admits. Came into six admits all happily arriving at the same time. Super on the phone trying to admit to the last bed and me fussing and fighting that we can't handle it. It's so frustrating that just because you have an empty bed doesn't mean you can admit to it. What part of "unstaffed bed" is so hard to understand. And no I could care less that the ER is about to close. If you don't have staff, then close the freakin' ER. Oh sorry, that would mean lost revenue and we all know that's what's important.

    O.K. Vent over. Just got a wicked headache. We're fine now, I just admitted to that bed, after making them wait four hours until it was safe to admit and I was sure my 11-7 staffing was adequate.

    O.K. Vent really over this time. LOL

    I'm having a nice dinner of baked salmon and veggies. What did you guys have for dinner.

    Have a great day y'all!!!!
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  3. by   warrior woman
    Going for a job interview today. I'm in between agency jobs right now, and have decided that agency pretty much blows. We'll see what happens. I'm just keeping my options open at this point. Also getting some great writing on a new book that I've started. It's called Family Issues. Hope y'all have a great day!!
  4. by   RuthieRN
    Hope your interview goes well....

    It's still night here, but morning isn't to far off. dinner tonight is Shepard's Pie and leftover crab stuffed mushrooms (kinda weird mix, but its leftovers....)

    Here is hoping that everyone has a great day and my house guests let me sleep for my next shift.

  5. by   warrior woman
    Hey Ruthie!! My mom shares your name. Too cool!! Send me some of those leftovers!!! They sound scrummy to me!! Gonna bed down for the night, feel a headache coming on. RATS!! Se y'all later.
  6. by   suzanne4
    I guess it is Good Morning and Good Night depending on where you are in the world. Tonight for dinner will be some type of chicken, and chicken soup with home made wontons.

    Tweety, Sorry that you keep getting such "yuch" nights. Definitely do not miss them at all. Like being in my own bed at night, snuggled with my kids.

    Back to work for me, talk to you later..............
  7. by   H ynnoD
    Had Goulosh(guess thats how you spell it)for dinner.Thanks everyone for the yard compliments.Thats just the side of the house we planted our garden in.Our back yard is 6 times bigger then that.Stevie nice front yard.You have an older home like ours?Hope everyone has a great day.Bed time for me.Good Morning and Good Night.
  8. by   jnette
    Downing the last few drops of morning coffee, and off to work I go.

    Sorry for the bummer shift, Tweetie. Hope it's better next time around.

    Catch y'all later !
  9. by   karenG
    Good morning! nearly 9am here and its tipping down- hey it is wimbledon fortnight and its traditional that it rains!! got a day off today so going for a walk in the woods if it ever stops raining!!

    tweets...... I hope your night calms down! I am so glad I dont work in a hospital, I think you are brilliant keeping calm- I would be hiding the bodies!!!

    suzanne.. how do you make wontons? sounds good!!

    oh and donny- sleep well!

  10. by   suzanne4
    You can purchase wonton wrappers at any Asian market in your area. They are usually in the refrigerated section. Usually will come in several sizes also.

    For the insides, you can use just about anything. Crabmeat, groun pork, chicken, shrimp, vegetables, whatever you have in the house. Brown it first with garlic, chilis if you like things with a kick, place a small mound on the wrapper and use either an egg wash or water to place around two edges then just fold over and seal tightly. You can then cook them right in hot soup on the stove, or fry them. Just make sure that you get them to seal tightly so that the inside doesn't fall out. You can make all different types of shapes, little beggars bags, pinwheel shape, etc. or just simple triangles.

    Have fun making, they are also fun to make with a group of friends who are over for a casual night................
  11. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    Going for IV therapy orientation this morning, rest of the day i'll scrub in and observe some surgeries. I'm finally to the point where i don't feel like i'm in a fog, and can function a little better.

    The b/f is coming over this evening after work. He's proven his worth in a short period of time, washing my dishes, cleaning my house, encouraging me when i got depressed. For example, we went on a trip to WVA this weekend, and left at around 5 am on Saturday morning. It was pretty much supposed to be a get-up-and-go thing, but he got up earlier than i did, took pillows and blankets out in the car, and fix it so i could sleep while he drives.

    Having a heck of a time switching from night shift to day shift. He's been calling me for a week at 5:50 am to make sure i'm up (eventually i'll have to be at work at 6). I though he had to be at work at 7am, so i thought he was just getting up anyway, but turns out he doesn't have to be there till 8:30am, so he's been setting his alarm, gets up, calls me, we talk for a few, then he goes back to bed.

    So far we have cod thawing for dinner, which will be on rice, with a side of yellow squash (zucchini's been rare up here, i'll go to the farmer's market this afternoon and see what they have).
  12. by   NursesRmofun
    Morning all,

    3rdshiftguy, sounds like life as usual in the hospital. argh. You eat dinner at 12 a.m. I use to eat at 5-6 and then again a snack at 12 a.m. when I worked 3-11.
    Dinner last night was canned soup. Sorry but that's the truth! Sad, eh?

    LPN2Be2004, enjoy the OR. It always seemed to be an interesting place to work as long as the surgeons were okay!

    Warrior woman, good luck on that interview!

    Suzanne, wonton with fresh ingredients sounds soooo good!

    jnetter, have a great day at work..don't forget your walker! (Kidding!)

    Oh, DonnyH..nice garden!

    Feeling better here...the Zithromax is working. But I took another sick day.

    Talk to ya later!
  13. by   Energizer Bunny
    Morning everyone! What a great speaker last night, but Iam going to post that in another post on here. I want to share with you some of what he said and about the whole night. Firstly, I have to tell you that my school has a 92% NCLEX first time pass rate for new grads!!! I was amazed and now I know that this is going to be the challenge of my life (though I pretty much knew that before). I am very proud to be going to this little CC now. Our state average is 85% so we are above the average by quite a bit.

    That's it about my night until another post when I can share more about it. I have to wade through my studen loan application and get it in to the school. They wanted it in by the 15th but I didn't get the info. from them until yesterday. DUH! So, I'm banging it out today (gives me a headache!) That's my #1 priority today and then #2 is getting furniture sanded since Bry is home today. We were thinking of tagging along with Steph and her kiddos to go to the beach on Lake Erie and then doing the sanding tomorrow, but I don't know what we are going to end up doing! LOL! We can't ever make up our minds. So, Steph if you are here.....maybe we'll join you if you are still going!

    Donny....was the pic the side yard of your house or the back? Looks like you don't have much yard but you have made really good use of what you do have. It's like a private little garden. Nice! Okay, forget all I asked...I just read the rest of today's thread! LOL! you have a pic of your house? What style is it? It's fun to actually see the age difference in your kiddos!!! Was the last a "surprise"?

    Netters.....nice avi..Knew it wouldn't be too long and you'd be showing her off! LOL! She's great!

    ((((((((Tweeters)))))))))) Hope your night got better and you are home relaxing now.

    WW...good luck on the interview! you go with the food again......are the wontons something Bry could have? He loves traditional wontons.

    Marie....*big sigh* how nice the new bf sounds!!! Lucky you!

    Okay, gonna go catch up and share about last was really fascinating!

    Hugs all around........
  14. by   Energizer Bunny
    Liza....liza......liza.......I'm gonna come kick that cold outta you!!!! LOL!