Good Wednesday Morning 6-9-04

  1. Good morning. I'll start off again this morning as I'm awake.

    I played hooky from work last night for the first time in a year and a half, because I just had too much to do and didn't sleep. Lame I know but coming back from a long weekend out of town and going back to work for 12 hours with no sleep wasn't a good idea. I seriously needed a day for chores, shopping and such and to kind of switch my body into night shift mode.

    The kids are calm and seem comfortable to be home and no worse for the wear of being baby sat away from home.

    I'll let someone else come up with the question of the day.

    Hope every has a good day. Hope the international posters have already had a good day.

    I'm off to the gym for a good workout. The hotel only had aerobic machines, so I haven't had a good weight lifting workout in a while.
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  3. by   UK2USA
    Good morning 3rdshiftguy,

    hope you are feeling better and more refreshed this morning.
  4. by   Silverdragon102
    good morning everyone, and looks like it is going to be a good un over here in the UK weather nice and hot. :hatparty:
  5. by   Txsizzler
    Good morning 3rdShiftGuy and everyone else. It has been raining most of the night here..... forecast calls for rain most of the day today. Don't blame you for playing hookey 3rdShiftGuy...... I work 12 hour nights also and you do need time to get your body back into night mode after that much time away from work.
  6. by   OZ88
    Morning all. Cool day up in Canadian prairies, just finishing up a quiet night shift.
    Have a good one.
  7. by   suzanne4
    Still at work, have been here since 7:30 am and still working.
    May get home in the next hour or two, at least in time for CSI.

    Have a great day..............
  8. by   NursesRmofun
    You deserved the day off, 3rdshiftguy. We have to take one of those days once in a while, I think.
    Weird to be here before work but I am here skimming messages! LOL Now I have to go get ready. I was at work 3 extra hrs. with no OT (salary) yesterday. <sigh> I am tired with a capital "T".

    Have a great day or night!
  9. by   Energizer Bunny
    tweety and everyone! i've been up for an hour but had to get my family around before i could sit down. whew! nice to be sitting here enjoying my relaxing time this morning with a nice hot cup of coffee. i've already been out on the porch with the kiddos to wave good bye to bryan and we listened to the birds chirping and got to see the sun coming up.

    yesterday was crazed: we swam in the pool for an hour and guess who enjoyed it the most? bryce! we had him in a floatie thing that has a bottom to sit in (of course you still have to hold him because it tips) and he was trying to hard to lean over to splash. he would have tipped it if i hadn't been there. it's still pretty cold but we keep adding more hot water every day to try to get it warmed up.

    we also went to the park for an hour and i got a lot done around the house, believe it or not. i cleaned the playroom and living room thoroughly, did dishes, vacuumed, mopped floors, picked up, did laundry, went and got groceries, picked up the back yard and front porch, gave bryce a bath and made bry pick up a sub because it was way too hot to make what i had planned for dinner. tonight i'll have to tackle it one way or another. i am also planning on baking some banana bread, so it's gonna get hot in here! lol!

    i will do the bathroom and my bedroom today. i tried to get them done last night so i wouldn't have much to do today but it wasn't to be by the time we got everyone settled here last night. bry and i (or maybe just bry alone) are taking the kids to the park tonight after work. they need some daddy time with him and really it would be a nice hour or so break for me so that i could relax in peace.

    i started working on our bankruptcy paperwork yesterday and have to finish that tonight. this is only for our new preliminary meeting with the lawyer tomorrow morning on the phone. we have some decisions to make about what to put on the bankruptcy but i think we are generally at the point where we are putting everything we can on there and wiping the slate clean. i am sick of being in tears every time i try to do bills. i am also sick of relying so much on other people to help us out all the time. i want to buy things for the kids myself once in a while instead of my aunt buying them for us. ... kwim?

    bryce is crawling everywhere and i can't do anything without him getting into something. he can also pull himself up to standing when using something low (like piper's potty seat! lol! ) he slept through the night in his crib again so i am doing a happy dance!

    eltrip...did you get my yard sale tips on the thread the other day? i hoep you are feeling less cranky! trust me, i know that feeling and sometimes have no idea where it comes from, too.

    fran...if you are able to read this, chickie...i'm thinking of you and praying for you and don't really know about coming out this week. i thought i might wait until you are feeling better and try next week maybe? was me asking about your driving to school and how often. you go girl! that's commitment when you stick with that. i remember now you telling us about it before, maybe on another thread.

    steph...congrats to dd on the 8th grade promotion! i actually kinda like the babyfood in jars. i used to mix it with my herbalife shakes when i was going through that kick! lol! how long ago were you in school?

    donny...txsizzler mysteriously! weird.......... bonding experience with dd over first cocktail!

    kate...i've got one of those mini food choppers...think that would work okay? i mean, he is on the third foods and working on finger foods. i found great deals and used coupons and only spent $14 this week on baby food but hopefully, by next week, we'll have him mostly on "our" food.

    alright, it's taken me so long to post this with all my distractions that half of you are probably already here! lol! have a good day ya'll!!! if no one has posted a question, i'll think of one!

    hugs all around.......
  10. by   Energizer Bunny
    Okay, no question? What is your favorite summer activity?

    I love to swim though I don't like to be seen in a swimsuit! LOL! I also love amusement parks and can't wait until Trey is big enough to ride the coasters with me!
  11. by   Energizer Bunny
    Quote from NursesRmofun
    You deserved the day off, 3rdshiftguy. We have to take one of those days once in a while, I think.
    Weird to be here before work but I am here skimming messages! LOL Now I have to go get ready. I was at work 3 extra hrs. with no OT (salary) yesterday. <sigh> I am tired with a capital "T".

    Have a great day or night!
    Salary sucks sometimes, huh? Get as much rest as you can!!!!
  12. by   phn92
    Good morning to all!! I have been going to work early because I'm taking my freshman to summer school which starts at 7:00! I don't have to be at work until 8:00. I hate getting up this early just as much as she does. Oh well, summer school ends the first week of July. Because of the gas prices, I figured it was best to stay in town and save some money!

    It's really gotten hot around here! My husband and son were baling hay yesterday, so it always seems to get hot when they do that type of work!

    I work til noon today and will get my haircut, go to Curves, and pick up my daughter, then home!! My plan is to work with the youngest on her cookies for 4-H. Judging is next week!

    Hope everyone has a great day!
  13. by   Energizer Bunny
    phn92......cookies...yummmmmm....send some on over here, would ya?

    As for gas prices, I don't blame you a bit for staying in town. Dh filled up our tank in the car yesterday and we can't afford to fill up the truck so I'm without wheels again. This is ridiculous!
  14. by   MandyInMS
    Good morning everyone
    I played hookie last night tooooooo *^5 Tweety* lol
    first time in ages..did have a headache from hell though..but mostly wanted to have this day to visit my brother..he's in town , haven't seen him for a year and a half.
    Gonna search the threads and wake up a few before I hop in the shower and go visit 'um...have a great one ya'llllllll