Good Wednesday Morning 5/19/04

  1. Morning everyone. How are you doing today? Some responses before I get lost in my post:

    Mickie....don't men just drive you nuts? You do what you think you need to do chickie. I think A&P in the summer is super intense, even for someone that is used to being in school, so I tend to agree with you on this one. But, is that the only reason you are going the RN route instead of LVN? Just wondering....

    Kate....Good luck today! I am sure you will do fine! it your birthday? HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I'll sing....
    Happy birthday to you
    Happy birthday to you
    Happy birthday dear tweeters
    Happy birthday to youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu................

    Okay, now I'm still reading....did I miss Fran's too? Someone fix me here and explain what's going on with birthdays would ya? put me to shame with your cooking!

    WW...glad you are feeling better.

    Diana...that patient of yours sounds very sweet. I wonder if he will end up doing something for you?

    You guys all cracked me up with the kangaroo stuff! My kids would have a fit if they knew, though!

    Well, Bryce went the entire night without a bottle and then woke up at 6 am wanting one and only drank 2 oz. He is eating a ton of baby food lately though so I'm not really worried. He does two jars each time and I generally feed him jar food twice a day. I was making my own and freezing it but it just didn't work out too well, especially with a tiny freezer like I have for five people. Piper is still sleeping and Trey is up watching TV.

    Lots of stuff going on here today....Bryan has to go swimming, we both have mega phone calls to make, I have to go to the school and have my TB test checked, drop off paperwork to financial aid, go to the grocery store, we are hanging a new screen door, fixing our shower and hmmmm....what else? Oh, I gotta get laundry caught up so I can do some more for the yard sale next weekend. It's sneaking up on me fast.

    So, for the question today....what are your thoughts on yard sales? Do you "do" them? Do you have your own? Do you go to other's? What do you generally look for? Are you a haggler or do you pay full price?

    I love yard sales! I live off of them much of the time and most of my kids' clothing comes from them. I will haggle if I have a large amount of things but if it's only a few items, I tend to pay full price or close to it. I always buy the kids' clothes for the next year at yard sales in the summer. Right now, I have enough clothes for Piper for at least a year and for Trey too. Bryce is iffy....he needs summer clothes for right now, but after that, he should be pretty set. We are also looking for some nice pieces of furniture this summer to replace some of our crap, though we refuse to get new couches until the kids are bigger!

    What's on the agenda for everyone today? How is everyone feeling?

    Hugs all around..........
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  3. by   scrubs70
    Good Morning Kim.

    Yard sales.......Absolutely love them, why pay full price if you dont have to.
    Most of the stuff I buy comes from either yard sales, salvation army stores or ebay.
    When we got married, our chief bridesmaids dress cost $12 at Salvation Army, the bridesmaid still thinks it cost me a fortune lol.

    Fran and WW, I hope you 2 are feeling better today.

    OK, the recipe for the day:

    Skin and bone required number of chicken thighs (or buy skinless thigh or breast fillets as desired)
    Rub fillets with fresh crushed garlic, place on plate and leave in fridge for about an hour to allow garlic to fully flavour chicken.
    Place flour, eggwash and breadcrumbs in 3 seperate dishes.
    Place chicken fillets on flat surface, lay slice of virginian ham on top of each fillet and then top with preferred cheese(matured cheddar works well)
    Fold fillets in half, dip in flour, eggwash then breadcrumbs so that outside fillets are completely coated. Place in a warm frying pan and gently cook until golden brown, turning once.


    Place one cup of rice into a frypan with 2 cups of warm water, a chicken stock cube and a pinch of saffron(optional), when water volume has reduced to half, add corn kernals, peas and diced carrots. Continue to cook until all liquid is absorbed. If rice needs more cooking just add a little extra water and cook till absorbed.


    Blend flesh of 2 Mangos, add 1 packet of french onion soup mix(I use finely chopped onion, garlic, and tumeric) and blend together. Place in saucepan and heat to boiling point, reduce and simmer while stirring till it reaches a thick gravy type consistency.

    Place rice onto plate, rest cordon bleu on top of rice and then drizzle mango sauce on top.

    Have a wonderful day everyone

  4. by   Energizer Bunny
    Richard...that's my favorite and you know it! LOL! Good morning! oops, evening to you!
  5. by   HannasMom
    Good morning everyone! For me it will soon be "good night" or as we say at work, "Have a good sleep". It was my night off, so I stayed up as usual. My family is sleeping. I started a seascape painting on a big canvas, have been playing on the computer and trying to get my dog to come inside. She is waiting for the paper boy so she can destroy the newspaper when he throws it into the yard. A new hobby of hers.

    I plan to go to bed around 6 or 7 am and sleep until whenever. Usually will get up around 4 or 5 pm. One more night off then back to work for 4 nights again.

    Richard, my husband just loves Cordon Blu chicken. I have to try this recipe.
  6. by   Energizer Bunny
    Night Hannas Mom! LOL!
  7. by   chris_at_lucas_RN
    But don't you have to pound the filets flat? I'm having trouble visualizing the folding part otherwise.

    And I am absolutely salivating at the whole schmear!!!

    Today is my anniversary. Somebody's going to be getting Cordon Bleu for suppah!!!!!

  8. by   scrubs70
    If you use breast fillets you will need to flatten them but no need with thigh fillets
  9. by   Energizer Bunny
    Happy Anniversary Chris!
  10. by   ARmickie
    Good morning/evening everyone! I said I wouldn't be here, but I managed to sneak online for a few minutes before I hop in the shower and then go to the school. It's hard to believe that it's already time for the kids to be out of school. It seems like just a few days ago I had tears in my eyes when I saw Dylan ready for his first day of school with his little backpack on and such. He didn't see that, though, or else he would have been in tears and really apprehensive about the whole thing. We were very blessed in that Dylan had an excellent teacher this year and he really liked school and her! I've already asked her to move up to first grade, then second, then third... just follow Dyl all thru school... He's so cute when he plays ball, too, b/c he's the catcher, and he'll walk along the fence until he gets in front of her (she comes to all his games) and keeps saying, "Hi Mrs. Barnes" until she acknowledges him.

    Regan on the other hand, has the teacher from hell. I will raise nine kinds of it if they try to put Dylan in that class next year. Get this.. we're talking about first grade.. she thought Regan needed to work on her handwriting...she sent home six pages (12 if you count front and back seperate) of writing homework for Regan. I didn't realize this until Regan was almost completely done. Well, she took it back the next day and the teacher grades it (either a or a ) well, first she puts a smiley on it. Then, she goes back thru it, circles ONE letter on ONE page, marks out the and puts a .... needless to say, I was more like :angryfire .. several times over. Jas suggested I go talk to her.. I suggested that I'd grab her by her hair so perhaps I should wait a bit.... The year could not be over fast enough for Regan.. she hated it. She didn't have any more writing homework though, as the next time she brought it home I threw it in the trash and told her to have the teacher call me if she had any questions... no call...

    As far as my debate on LPN school...that IS the major reason why I'm not so sure about it. But, I also intend to get my RN, not just LPN and there are no bridge programs for that close to me.. closest thing to it is a college offerring a BSN and after your third year you can take the RN test. So.. I just dont' know whether I'm going to be better off going straight into the Gen Ed classes and try to transfer over where I'd have a better chance of getting into that nursing program, or getting the LPN and then taking my chances on being able to get in later..

    Richard... THANK YOU!! I was so glad to see the fried rice! I've been craving it for a few days and was hoping it would go away before I drove the 40 miles to get some!

    Yard sales... they're cool. Normally, though I've ususally got something else going on when I run across one, but I'm a sucker for a flea market! And consignment shops for kids clothes every year. Dylan gets a lot of hand me downs b/c there are alot of boys in the extended family. There are always clothes in the top of his closet just waiting for him to grow into them. He's gaining on them, though, as the little fellow has shot up an inch in the last five months. Regan, she doesn't usually get alot of hand me downs, but her grandmother is really big into yard sales for her. Jeans and such aren't a problem, though, as she gets the ones that Dylan has outgrown. (She's older/he's bigger).

    Man.. I gotta add a new tagline here... "Yes, I really DO talk this much in person!!!"

  11. by   Energizer Bunny
    LOL @ Mickie! Have a great day sweetie!
  12. by   suzanne4
    Do you get any of the green mangos down your way? They have become my absolute favorite. Rambutans and mangosteens are also way up there.

    Many of my students have never had western food so it is always fun taking in little surprises. Their big favorite right now is strawberry sugar-free jell-o, which of course cannot be found here. Have to have some shipped in every so often..................

  13. by   Energizer Bunny
    Okay, disclaimer...what I have to say next is sort gross and typically a woman thing so here it goes:

    I just went to the bathroom...and I had started my period yesterday afternoon. Well, there was a rather large piece of tissue on the tampon (probably 3 inches long and an inch wide). It was very dark red, almost black. I don't know if this is maybe because I am having my period two weeks late due to starting my birth control in the middle of a cycle or what, but I am going to get off here and call my dr. eeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwww..........
  14. by   laughingfairy
    OMG kim....ewwww is right. Call your doctor.

    Do I like yard them...I don't get to as many as I like because of working weekends, but the kids still go with Grammy several times a summer. Last year at the end of the planting season the kids came home with several flats of flowers that they had gotten for 10 cents. So they planted them. All told probably kept them busy for 3 days.

    You should see the two older ones sorting through yard sale stuff to find just the right thing...

    We don't hold yard sales ourselves. For one the kids have inherited DH's pack rat gene. So it is hard to get them to part with stuff. If I do get it away its on the sly into the garbage or off to Good Will.

    When DH gets rid of stuff its usually on ebay. He has alot of table top gaming and live action gaming books, figures, etc. These things would get nothing locally but list them on ebay and he often makes money.

    Gotta love e-bay.

    On the agenda...already have figured out a summer schedule for Kara. Swimming lessons, ballet, tumbling, yoga etc at the Y with all the freebe stuff from the library thrown in. Now i have to call and register her for everything.

    Bake a b-day cake for the Baby. One tomorrow but because my sister and her SO have child birth classes tomorrow we are celebrating today. Also need to figure out what to feed these folks and cleanthe house. make another stab at catching up on laundry and go do dressing changes for a friend. Busy busy. :hatparty: talk more later.