Good Wednesday Morning 03/30/05

  1. Have to work tomorrow, they were short and called to see if I could come in. Glad that I was able to get all errands done today...before even finding this out.
    60 hours this week ++..........less time for shopping.

    Still can't believe that April will already be starting this week. Time is really flying...........just waiting for all of the fruit vendors to start selling...........

    Have a great day.................
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  3. by   dianah
    Hi Suzanne. How is Ying doing? What does she think of CA? I'm sure she's studying a lot, although she did take that trip to Phoenix w/you (didn't she???), so she saw a few countryside changes. . .

    Last week was really busy @ work, and a couple of very scary moments occurred as well (isn't that how they happen, though, right in the midst of the BUSIEST busy!). This week has been better so far, although almost as busy.

    Our niece arrived safely and I picked her up at the airport on Easter Sunday. She's a plucky one, and seems to be adaptable. Her dad (bil) arrived today (he drove from back east), they're both staying the night here, and he'll probably settle tomorrow in a rental apt, provided by the medical center. He'll go in on Fri to complete paperwork, then officially start on Mon. He'll be CIO at the med ctr where dh works. Mil has been just beside herself, so excited to have all three of her "boys" living in CA (dh and I here, now bil here, and middle bil in northern CA). She's anxious to see niece, so we'll probably drive out Sat to visit her. She lives about 1 1/2 hr away, on the coast. I think niece will enjoy seeing the ocean, as well as her grandma ; hope it's a nice day.

    But that's why I haven't been here much, I've been picking up, cleaning and flinging. Only it was too little, too late, I'm afraid. If you walked in now, you'd never recognize that I've done ANYTHING. But I know, and plan to continue cleaning things out, and ESPECIALLY flinging. Am fixing four lunches every day, instead of three; poor niece has been so tired, what with travel a lot of the day Sunday, and the three-hr time difference that she's still adjusting to. . . She rested most of Monday, and started school today. My two boys are close in ages to her brothers, who stayed behind till school is out, so I think niece is comfortable w/them. They've been on their best behaviour, so far, too, for which I am grateful but I know soon the honeymoon will end, and they'll be back to the verbal sparring. They actually get along fairly well, but they have their moments (and I have my moments w/them!!).

    We gave niece our room, and we've been sleeping on the two couches. I haven't slept as well there . . . but things will be back to "normal" pretty soon. It's nice to have Bil and his dd here for "good." I'll be taking her to school w/my boys, and dh will pick them all up and be the homework whip-cracker!

    Other than that, it's life as usual: work, shop, wash, jiu-jitsu, kids' guitar lessons, jazz class . . . oh, and sleep. Which reminds me, I have some clothes to retrieve from the dryer, and I need to get ready for bed.

    I think of you all often, have followed the daily threads and your events and non-events. Have a good day! -- D
  4. by   Tweety
    Suzanne, no wonder you're able to do so much, you work a lot to finance it all! Good for you. I can only do 3 12's a week with school going on.

    Off to my first day shift in 14 years! Wish me luck. I had a tough time sleeping in the wee hours of the morning and am sure to get tired. But will hopefully be too busy for it to really sink in and I should sleep good tonight.

    Have a great day!
  5. by   madwife2002
    Hi all,

    Sorry not been here so busy working and feeling sorry for myself for working so hard lol only had time to sleep.

    Suzanne think you ma have worked more hours than me, not nice :uhoh21:

    Dinah hope you niece is ok and I hope you get your bed back soon :chuckle

    Tweety good luck for your first day shift

    See you all tomorrow
  6. by   RainDreamer
    Hi everyone!

    Suzanne, I can't believe it's almost April either, it seems like Christmas was just a few weeks ago!

    Dianah, sounds like it's been a busy time for you. And ah, your boys don't fight do they?! Reminds me of how me and my sisters fought when we were little ..... my parents would always get onto us about it, asking us why we couldn't just get along. We're like best friends now, get along great!

    Tweety, first day shift! I know you've been waiting a long time for it, just takes a bit to get used to it, but you'll be in your groove soon. Good luck today, let us know how it goes!

    I'm about to head to bed. I took a long nap earlier and now I'm finally starting to get tired.

    Took my leadership/management final yesterday, and then had my big critical care final exam this morning. I got a 94 on it!! I was soooooo happy to see that posted I can't even tell you how happy I am that I did so well, all that studying paid off. And that was my last exam!! EVER! Now I'm all done with classes, just have to do my preceptorship for the rest of the semester, can hopefully start that this weekend or next week.

    I have been so stressed out beyond belief the last few weeks, it was really getting to me. I feel so relieved right now. I think all the stress and lack of sleep was starting to make me sick. And the weather change didn't help I'm sure. I feel ok, but I just have this nasty cough, not sure what I can do for it, any ideas? I never take medicine usually, but I want to get rid of this before I start my preceptorship. It's just when I exhale I get real wheezy and then it makes me cough. Hopefully it goes away soon.

    Ok I think I'm off to bed now. I hope you all have a wondeful Wednesday!!
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  7. by   RainDreamer
    Hi Kay! Sorry to hear you're working so hard!! Get some rest
  8. by   Spidey's mom
    Tweety - good luck :flowersfo

    I'm at work - we are full. 5:1 ratio, one RN, one LVN, one CNA and me to do the LVN's assessments. Hopefully the ER will not get busy. I do have a patient down there with influenza A . . . but no room for him.

    Trying to decide what kind of fence to put around our Craftsman style house which was built in the 1920's . . . my husband thinks that vinyl chain link would be best (we live on a highway) but I think the asthetics of that will be prison-like . . might as well put some barbed wire on top. I wish "Curb Appeal" would come over to my house and help. This is a big deal and will last a long time and I want to do it right.

    Hi to everybody - hope your day turns out good.

  9. by   akcarmean
    Just wanted to stop in and say Hi and wish everyone a good day.
  10. by   CHATSDALE
    glad to see everyone this am
    rainy happy to see the good scores but i know that you worked hard for it
    tweety...first day shift and coming after a vacation you will be pooped first day or so but you will get the swing of things real quick
    steph..maybe a solid fence like wood or plastic would cut down on hiway noise and give a little privacy too
    feeling better today...i think i might live
  11. by   Tweety
    Hello! Whew! I'm tired. Betcha I sleep better tonight.

    My first day shift is going well, admitted one patient, discharged 3, sent one to the OR, currently have 4 patients plus the one in the OR. Plus an admission on the way. But all in all it wasn't too bad. I was afraid I would loose all sense of organization, and that hasn't happened yet.

    Thanks for all the support.

    Chats, I'm so happy you're going to live.

    Kay, stop working so hard, you're making me look bad.
  12. by   jnette
    Wow ! Slow here today, huh? Usually by the time I get in from work there are at least three pages ! Must be 'cuz Tweety was working days today ! :chuckle

    Glad to hear all went smoothly for you, Tweeters ! Thought of you when I got up this morning and chuckled to myself.. "Tweety only gets two more hours in the sack, and then it's UPSIE-DOODLE-DAISEY TIME !!! "
    Yeh.. you're gonna sleep sweet tonight !

    Rain.. congrats ! The worst is behind you.. just enjoy the preceptorship now, and learn all you can.. watch and learn !

    Hi Angie, Chats, Dianah... (will be going thru the "bed" stuff in June myself.. sis and her partner Roo are coming for two weeks..) woohoo ! But it will be worth it.

    Suzanne... phew ! Makes me tired just reading about it !

    Steph.. I'm with you.. not crazy about the chainlink fence either... hmmmm.... hedges maybe?

    Well.. had a really decent day again today.. and I'm greatly relieved, as I was charge.. no disasters. On top of that, our truck came today, and I had to put away everything that was brought in... so I'm beat !

    You'll never guess what I'm eating here... watermelon ! DH went to the store today and he couldn't resist. I've had better, but it's not too bad for this time of year.. a nice treat.

    okey-dokey.. gonna slip on outta here and see what I can get into. Off tomorrow, then work Fri. and Sat...blech.
  13. by   Tweety
    Yeah, slow day!

    Thanks for all the support guys! Gotta walk the dogs and take my tired but to bed.
  14. by   suzanne4
    Ying is getting more nervous, exam date is the 8th. One fo my other students is in LA and will write the exam on the 7th.

    Costco got in this wonderful low-carb chocolate, only 3 to 5 grams of carbs per bar and Belgian chocolate. Had to go back for more after work tonight.

    Still enjoying all of the fresh produce that we have here, can't wait until next month when all of the wildflowers are in bloom.

    Dianah: The route that we took to Phoenix took us right thru Victorville.
    The mountains in the area were just beautiful..................

    Tweety: Glad that you enjoyed your first day as a "normal" person......

    Off to bed for me now, only four more to go.....................