Good Wed morning! Dec. 19

  1. Good Wednesday everyone! I've not been able to start a good morning thread for a while.

    I was reading the music thread, brought back a ton of memories, especially the YouTube links to the Sesame street songs. How sweet.

    I hope everyone has a good day.

    I'm still up doing some work because I goofed off a good part of the day, playing on line scrabble and stuff.

    I received a nice Christmas/holiday card from a new client. I really like her and I think that this could be a good relationship in both directions. I have already completed two assignments for her and have two more in the works.

    The card wished me good wishes, etc, and then said that in the spirit of the holiday, a donation has been made in my name to the Salvation Army.

    I know that donations in someone's name can be tricky because of opinions and ideas, but I as this was done in the spirit of the holiday, I accept it in the spirit. I'm very pleased that the SA will have a few extra dollars because of my new relationship with this client. Who knows, that few dollars may make an incredible difference in someone's life.

    over and out...
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  3. by   NurseyBaby'05
    Hi Clemm-

    I was up doing housework and finally had to call it a night. We have to drive dh into work @ 05:00. Blech! We picked him up from work on the way to ds' doctor's appointment and forgot we left the car at work. We realized it about an hour after we put ds down for bed. Same story as last night. Must . . . get . . . . .off . . . .Youtube and go to bed. I found a lot of live John Dnever. Getting my usual goosebumps everytime I hear "Annie's Song."
  4. by   dianah
    clemmm, you get to work, now!! lol!
    No more goofing off!!! (Dee, make sure she works!)

    That WAS a nice card, indicating the gift, in your name, to the SA.
    I hope you two have a long and prosperous professional relationship.

    Tonight was get-food-ready night.
    Ds and I made salsa for his potluck at school tomorrow (Spanish class).
    I made three dips and prepared plastic bags full of clean veggies for dept potluck on Thurs (will bring chips as well).
    And I experimented with a new salad, that turned out yummy!
    Will bring that to tomorrow night's potluck-before-the-jam that dh REALLY wants me to go to, in Hemet.
    It's a long drive on a work night.
    I guess I'll survive.
    Thursday we have a potluck at work, and Thurs night the donut shop gang is invited for dinner and then to provide music for a group's Christmas party.
    Fri night we have a rehearsal.
    Sat after church we go to Oceanside, to visit mil.
    Sat nite I COLLAPSE!!!!

    It'll be nice to have some time off.
    I still have gifts to wrap and three cards with $$ to prepare.
    Very low-key this year.
    Colleagues are getting Starbucks gift cards. (I'm SO original!!!)

    Time to get ready for bed.

    Y'all have a good day!
  5. by   zuzi
    Quote from clemmm78
    I was reading the music thread, brought back a ton of memories, especially the YouTube links to the Sesame street songs. How sweet..
    Hi Clem, nice that you had a good day! A good "expensive" day here, pretty Zuzi in her pretty dress...looool
    Christamas coming and my anxiety level grows up...looool, why, why, why???

    So let's try a song from old times may be help....
  6. by   NurseyBaby'05
    Clemm-I hope you get caught-up with your work. I would think ortho would be pretty dry. But you're also talking to the person who said it was the happiest day of her life when we finished the bones in A&P.

    Check out ds' piccy's from yesterday:

    Happy Wednesday Everyone!
  7. by   NurseyBaby'05
    Di-enjoy your food. It sounds like you need to collapse today, not Saturday.

    zuzi-Glad you had fun shopping. Thanks for the song!
  8. by   agent66
    Good morning all,

    Quiet night at work, have done req'd reading for the new year, ie fire manual, pacer/defib reviews, hazardous materials review so have a free minute. Decided am going to stay up tomorrow as kids have their school christmas play at 1pm and no point in laying down for only 3hours, unfortunately leads to extreme exhaustion by about 4pm, but hopefully can convince the children to go to bed at 7pm? not likely!!! On a happy note, I AM DONE MY SHOPPING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Does that mean i will not venture down to the mall again? Nope, will probably go back tomorrow night to get a few more little things that likely will not make a difference in a 7 and 10year olds lives, however....personal shopper was my second choice for profession so must keep up the skills while still doing the nursing thing, haha. Hope everyone has a great day. By the way, I am still shovelling the snow out of my carport, will it never end? Huge snowbanks, great for the kids, not so great for me to see over while backing out, particularily when a crazy school bus driver tends to whip around the corner , then has the nerve to give me the horn. If only I had the nerve to give him something else....

  9. by   bethin
    Quote from dianah
    Sat after church we go to Oceanside, to visit mil.
    Can I go with? Just drop me at the beach. I don't care if it is only 50 degrees out.

    I need to get off youtube! It's addicting. Everything you've ever wanted to know or have been curious about is on there. This is my favorite and one I watch almost daily:


    I'd chew off my right arm to do that.
  10. by   FranEMTnurse
    Aargh!! I lost my words.

    So now I'm too tired to do it again.

    In that light, I'm glad I beat Zoe here,

    Hope you can sleep through the night

    Sounds like you're busy

    Sounds like you are too

    Hope you had a good shopping day

    Be careful about shoveling snow. I had a heart arrhythmia because I overdid it once.

  11. by   agent66
    thanks fran, sure wouldn't want that to happen, I would end up on my own unit, yikes!!

  12. by   Alois Wolf

    I hope everyone is doing well this morning. I'm not at work, I'm at home.... but I'm just up for no apparent reason at all.

    Hope everyone has a nice day.

  13. by   suzy253
    Morning all!

    Had oral surgery under general anesthesia yesterday so I was pretty doped up and drowsy to post. Boy, is my mouth sore today! Happy to report that I'm off today but still have many Christmas-related chores to do.

    Will check back after my much-needed Starbucks!!!!:spin:
  14. by   Sabby_NC
    Good Morning to you all.

    Hope your day is full of surprises and fun stuff even if you are at work.

    Busy day for me with yet another admission yesterday. Heck I am not sure how many patients I have right now

    Brrr bit brisk here this morning but alas still no steenkin' snow Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhwaaaaaaaaaaaawaaaaaaaaaaawaaaaaaaa aaaaaaa

    Take care one and all.

    Off to get bootiful for my day of traveling to see my lot.