Good Tuesday Morning 03/29/05

  1. Today was spent at the casino and what fun...........we tried the other one here in the area and actually won, or at least came out ahead.........the nickel slot machinees are so much fun............
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  3. by   Tweety
    Good morning. Off to bed now.
  4. by   CHATSDALE
    SUSIE glad you came out a winner..i am rubbing the puter screen over your name for luck..maybe i will get some luck also
    tweety get some restful sleep and good drems..
    will catch up with all later
  5. by   suzanne4
    We were actually getting ready to leave and my friend told me that I had to try the one with the stripper called "Risque Business." I did, and one over $400 on that one, then cashed out but put more money in,,,,,so didn't win qu8ite as much but she also won and went home with over $350 more.......
    Great buffet there also for lunch..............just a fun day and the view in the area is just beautiful, mountains and hills and very green......what a site.
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  6. by   suzanne4
    duplicate post
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  7. by   NorthER,RN
    Good morning - I hope that you all have a great day ahead of you.

    Has anyone heard from Weetziebat in Saudi? I was hoping to hear that she's OK and starting to feel comfortable in her new home. Thanks.
  8. by   Thunderwolf
    Good morning fam!!
    Susie, congrats on the luck and the cash. I too am rubbing my computer screen over your name, hoping the luck comes my way also.
    Tweetums, get some good nite sleep. Rest up. Oh, by the way, Tweets, I was able to down load a pic of my new kitty cat, Paige to the photo gallery.
    Hope everyone has a great day today.

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  9. by   nursemary9
    hi all,:melody:

    hope you all will have a good tuesday!!

    congrats on the win!! sounds like a fun day. when we go down to biloxi in a couple of weeks, hopeing to win a bit!!

    northerer-- have not heard from weetzie--snail mail, e-mail or on the boards. hope she's ok & hope to hear from her soon. miss that girl.

    chatsdale & tweety--hope you both have good sleeps

    wolfy--nice to hear from you, too.

    i'm at work--of course. not too bad. have had 2 admissions all ready, tho. i don't think any one else is taking admissions but our floor!!! who knows!!
    well, i'd better go--got things to do!!

    mary ann
  10. by   jnette
    Morning All !

    Promising to be a LOVELY day here today.. finally. Sunny and hitting the 60's.. but still breeezy, but I can live with that. Gotta find SOMETHING to wash and hang out on the line.. just to watch it flap in the breeze and sunshine !

    Grass is turning a gorgeous green now as well... ahhh.. I'm beginning to feel that old giddiness sneaking up on me...

    Think I'll go out in the yard and pick up winter debris.. and maybe even start washing down the siding in the entry ways (kitchen/carport and front porch).. and by golly, it's time to trake down the winter door wreaths and hang up my spring/summer ones !

    Wooohooooooooooooo !!! Spring ! Spring ! I LOVE Spring !!!
  11. by   Tweety
    Good morning again!

    My last day of vacation! Boy does time fly. Tomorrow I start my first day shift. trauma on day shift! Can't wait, doctors, families, managers, students, social workers, physical therapy, oh yeah some patient care in there too.

    Even though I've been on a health food diet, I told the spouse to get some pizza on the way home from work today. There's a "Take & Bake", apparently the make the pizza and you take it home and bake it. He's been itching to try it but I've been resisting. Got yoga class tonight and then pizza!

    Got a chemistry chat at 9am this morning and then a little work. It's supposed to be a gorgeous sunny day in the mid-70s!
  12. by   jnette
    Enjoy your last day, Tweety.. yeh, top it off with Pizza !
    Sounds lkike a plan to me !
  13. by   presC.
    hi, good "morning" to all..
    it's 10:35pm here, can't sleep yet.
    hmmm, i guess i will check my bf's site, miss her so much.. she's in california right now with her dh. they're both missionaries from china. my bf's filipina and her dh's from texas.. ok enough of this..

    hi jnette.
  14. by   HannasMom
    Hi everyone!!!

    Tweety, have a great last day of vacation. So, tomorrow is the big day, you become a true day person. Good luck and may it be all you have wished for. You will do great!

    Guess what I had to tell my DNS about the job interview, because they plan to call her for a reference. Well, today she asked me if I would like a Day shift position. How about that!!!! I told her that I need to see what the results of my interview will be and I would need to talk with my husband. I love working at this facility, so I am thinking yes...

    We shall see.

    Have a great day!