Good Tuesday Morning 02/15/05

  1. Thought that I would start this a few minutes early. Will be in the chat room with the International clan in about 20 minutes..............

    Hope that you all a wonderful Valentine's Day..........My wish has come true, and not saying anything more............
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  3. by   Tweety
    Good morning all. I forgot to get a Valentine's day card and it was slim pickins' at Walmart, so I just got an Anniversary card instead. Next week if my 8th anniversary.

    Took some time out for fun and went bowling. I had to skip it last week because I had too much to do.

    Gotta take a nap, then back to the books.
  4. by   Roy Fokker
    Hope y'all had a great VDay!

    This is what I looked like before I went out on the date(s). Hope I have some mroe pictures to post soon...

    For some inane reason, my camera has been resolving pretty crappy pictures of late... Maybe it just can't handle my face
  5. by   Spidey's mom
    Roy, you look like the guys at the party last night in their sunglasses singing Beatles songs.

    Ok, I tried the chat room . .. this seems more fun here.

    I just spent an hour with AT&T aka Cingular . . . :angryfire What a mess with my bill . . . .

    Off to bed, my brain is fried.

    See you all tomorrow.


    P.S. My husband personally brought me flowers today at work and I got some flowers from my secret pal. Busy day at work - shipped a patient in respiratory distress down the mountain. Came home to hubby making dinner.

  6. by   presC.
    "morning" just finished my 1st set of practice test and had some nap..

    roy, is that you? great pic!
    "morning" suzanne4,steph and tweety. have a nice/safe day.

    will do more practice test. will check back later.

    "morning" weetziee, mary ann, angie, lil'girl, leslie, jnette, dale, ben,raindreamer and to other regulars and newbies.
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  7. by   presC.
    ooops, "morning" to fran too! :melody:
  8. by   weetziebat
    good morning

    suzanne, glad that your wish has come true

    tweety, an early :hatparty: happy anniversary day :hatparty: to you and spouse.

    roy, wa! wa! nice photo glad you survived your date with all those gals. did you have fun??

    steph, hope you got the phone problems straightened out!

    i too got flowers from dh yesterday. was completely unexpected. gave him a gift certificate for a massage. went out to dinner. tried the olive garden but lines practically around the building. same with a seafood place. finally found a mexican restaurant - food was really good.

    hope we all have a great tuesday. hugs to all -

  9. by   weetziebat
    hi presc,

    must have been posting at the same time. isn't your brain worn out from all that studying? go have some chocolate chips, why don't ya?
  10. by   presC.
    Quote from weetziebat
    hi presc,

    must have been posting at the same time. isn't your brain worn out from all that studying? go have some chocolate chips, why don't ya?

    thanks weetz,
    about studying, well can't do anything about it but to study,study everyday.:uhoh21: but tom's going to be a different day for me coz it's my first day as school nurse. kind of excited :d
    and here's for you, :kiss . thanks for the choc.chips.

    ohh, flowers from dh weetz/steph, sounds romantic. :melody:

    happy anniversary tweety! :hatparty:
  11. by   CHATSDALE
    susie congrats on the wish but now you have me in a tizzy..share when you can

    tweety bowling is good for the brain...established fact
    congrats on upcoming anniversary

    roy u r 1 handsome fellow..wish i was 6 months younger...........

    steph thank your husband for the flowers...wink wink

    prec you are putting your brain on the right track

    jnette.i was reading your post yesterday evening when i realized i was late in turning on the westminister dog show...i ran and turned on the tv and they were showing the great dane and saying how it was a fine apartment dog WOW

    have a good day...i am going to try to get some sleep...i have been laying in bed since 11pm and haven't had any sleep yet...thank goodness i don't have to work
  12. by   Tweety
    Roy, looking good. Hope you had fun on that date(s).

    I lost my internet for a while in the middle of research. There doesn't seem to be anything they can do, so I guess I'll have to switch to DSL. I've been so happy with road runner for several years, but lucky me it starts acting up when I start school. Isn't life ironic?
  13. by   nursemary9
    i have to make this a quick post as i'm at work & let me tell you the place is jumping.
    i have a really bad pt. with a poss. ischemic bowel & they keep playing around--he'll go to surgery now--no wait; we'll wait--no, let's go--
    now again--we're waiting to see how he's doing!!

    i think my hospice pt. that i wrote about last nite went home as she was. she's not here & no one seems to know. i don't think she passed as she didn't seem that "ready" when i left.

    i do have a radiation pt also tonie--iodine-131. young man with thyroid ca.

    we're full now after 2 admissions---at least we can;t get any more.

    early happy anniversary to you & spouse, tweety:smiley_aa
    i sure could use you here, but at least we do have the number of nurses we're supposed to have,

    suzanne--happy your wishes came true---as the rest have said i'm wondering to.

    roy--my how handsome!! :wink2:

    dale--hope you get some sleep

    stevie--sounds like a busy day; flowers are always appreciated:flowersfo

    weetzie; hi; i got flowers too--mine were more or less expected. we're going for mexican food thurs. lunch!! i just love mexican food--we're takingmom there for her 88th birthday lunch!! we also got her a new phone system--one with two handsts & an answering machine that works!! her's is only iffy!! what do you get an 88 yr. old. we gave her estee lauder perfume--beyond paradise --for valentine's day.

    presc-- more studying???? take a break!! when do you start the job??

    so, i had a nice break, now back to work, i guess; i have cpr renewal this am--4 hrs. 0730--1130---i'll probably be falling asleep!!

    see you all
    have a great day
    to all who are yet to come, good morning!!

    mary ann
  14. by   FranEMTnurse
    good morning, all. if i don't get in here early, i get too tired to post, so decided to do it this way.

    i'm happy for you, suzanne. you have made us all curious, though:icon_hug:

    happy anniversary, tweety:smiley_aa

    roy, your face matches your personality. very kind, and nice looking.

    pres c try not to get brain drain. it sneaks up on ya, ya know. and then it makes you look like

    mary, i'm tired already. you are going to have one long day, girl. i wish you an extra spurt of energy. you're going to need it.:heartbeat

    and to all to come later, in case i don't make it back today, thank you for all your remarks concerning my posts. i enjoy doing it for you. it sort of gives more info, laughs, and all the rest. so do have a good day, all.

    leslie, i'm extremely happy about your news concerning lisa. congratulations. that must have been such a relief for you.:icon_hug:

    peace to all,