Good Tuesday Morning!

  1. Good morning folks! Where are the night owl and overseas folks???? Guess I'll start the thread yet again, sigh.

    Went bowling last night and just sucked royally. I bowled my worst game in ten years. Oh well, had a great time as the team we played was fun.

    Off to the gym here in a minute. Tonight it's yoga and dinner and a movie.

    What did you do on your birthday Smilingblueyes?

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  3. by   karenG
    hey you only beat me here by minutes!!!!

    good morning Tweety!!! its 8am and my day is beginning. nice sunny day in London town. We have travel chaos expected later- the tube is going on strike!! and Henman is through to the next round at wimbeldon but he made us suffer-again!!!

    ok- question of the day.............. what would you do differently if you could go back to being 18?? I would have finished my nurse training and not got married! I would have travelled the world and maybe not got married at all. Instead I got married at 24 and had 2 sons. I dont regret my sons but sometimes I regret getting married and wish I'd seen some of the world!

  4. by   suzy253
    Hello Tweety. Hello Karen
    Well, I 'slept in' today getting up at 5:00 a.m. arrrrggghhh

    Answer to question: I certainly would not have gotten married at age 19 and given up my dream at the time of becoming a nurse. Thought no one else would want me but this guy who asked me to marry him.
    But then again, I wouldn't be where I am now, enjoying life and such wonderful friends here and those I've met in school.

    I'm really nervous this a.m. with my micro lab practical. I think I've got everything embedded in my brain but who knows if I'll be able to retrieve the info when I need it. Historically, I don't do well in practicals and we have only 45 minutes to complete it. I'll be so glad when this class is over this week. I just want to get a C...certainly not looking for A's or B's but have to pass Micro in order to move on to my junior year. The pressure is on. I'm more worried about the final written exam on Thursday. Oh well, I'll just do the very best I can. I've been studying like mad.

    Where's Jnette??? yoo hoo...come out and play!!!
  5. by   Tweety
    jnette must be off of work today and sleeping in, which to her is about this time. LOL

    Good luck today Suzy.

    Karen, must be awful when public transportation in a big city like that is disrupted. Yuk.

    I would definately have stayed in college the first time around fresh out of high school and pursued my nursing degree then instead of waiting 15 years. I blew a major opportunity back then, but I wasn't ready and didn't know what I wanted to be when I grew up. Didn't get "married" for the first time until age 38 so I did that right I guess. LOL
  6. by   nurseunderwater

    ::running through:: on my way to study - whew!

    suzy - sending you major remembering vibes for your exam...good luck today

    tweety - I love bowling - and I su**. I was reading this book last night and one of the characters said that bowling - for most of us - is the great leveler. for me it's so non-competetive and silly - since I su**, (did I say that??). Plus, the shoes are cool.

    Karen - ACK! the tube is down...hope you get where you need to be today with no worries.

    I am off to study for my exam thurs. My eyes are crunchy.

    love - love
  7. by   Energizer Bunny
    morning everyone! i finally got a little sleep because i made bry get up with bryce last night. i didn't even hear them come back to bed but they are both sleeping soundly. geez, it's a shame that i have to wake him up in a half hour so i can go to the dr........not! lol! i did also get an hour nap before cpr last night.

    netters......i'm gonna go through cleaning withdrawal once school starts! lol! really, that's why i am doing all this now because i know a quick dusting is the best i will be able to hope for. now, you know if i had been here yesterday, i would've talked to ya before you had to go to bed, but i was sitting in cpr class!

    liza....i can sense trepidation in you with the new job. i hope it turns out the way you want it. bryce only used the sippy cup a little but it was great! they have these new ones with soft spouts to make it an easier transition and boy do they work. it took a lot longer for piper and trey to get switched over. i'm just sick of boiling nipples and how icky they get inside! lol!'s always something, isn't it? i know it is here, too. there are bright times ahead sister! there have to be! lol!

    kate.....good luck with your studying for your exams! she is again for you girl! you can do it!!!

    karen.....qod: i wouldn't change a thing. my reason is because i wouldn't be the person i am today and i probably wouldn't have my kids etc. the one thing i am thinking i might have changed would have affected my whole life and i probably never would have met dh and had his children. i'll keep everything the way it was even though it stunk at the time! lol!

    tweety.....i love bowling, but can't tell you the last time i did it. it might be fun to take trey!

    deb.......nah, no plans for my bithday. no money. and i'm picking out my own present. i think we are compromising. it was going to be a recliner for fun or books for extra reading for school. i think i am going shopping for some clothes (wal mart and sally ann's here i come! lol!) for school. everything i have is old, old, old and looks out of date. i would like to look somewhat nice when i go to school. what did you do yesterday? get any good presents?

    okay, guys.......whew! i have to run in a few minutes to go to the dr's. i am seeing my ob/gyn so that we can make a decision about what to do about my pain that i am thinking is endometriosis (and i am sure that is what he is going to diagnose me with). my appointment is for 8:30 and it's a good half hour away so i'll probably listen to some praise and worship music on the way. i don't get a lot of time to do that lately, so i'll stick it in in the car and enjoy it then.

    cpr class was a cinch for me last night. even though our instructor was still confusing, i have decided to follow the book (which also follows fran!) and not worry about his "extras". i am sure the book is up to par. i passed the test and he wouldn't even let me see which ones i missed telling me that "i did very well" so i don't think i missed any! lol! and here i was all worried. the thing about those tests is that they are so common sense and of course he gave us most of the answers (which i don't agree with).

    just trying to fit in a couple cups of coffee before i have to leave. i'm going to order the kids' birthday cake today after the appointment and then when i come home, i have to make a decision about which room to do today. i have the kitchen (2 day job), our bedroom and closet and the office left. i was planning on the office but you should see the pile of crap on bryan's desk! oiy! it's nuts.

    guess i'd better get my hiney moving around here.

    hugs all around..........
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  8. by   suzanne4
    Ran out of time on my internet card last night, and too tired to go and get a refill. Over here, we don't pay by the month but buy a card for whatever amount that we want that is could for a specified number of hours. Marie is here right now, so the time just went by quite fast................

    Marie leaves on Saturday morning, and then I have a new student arriving from Korea on Sunday night who will be staying with me for a few days until we get her settled.

    Shopping with Marie all morning, and able to get the desk-top at the office repaired. Turned out that is was just the VGA card, and under $50. My students will be quite happy to see it back up and running tomorrow, me too.

    Major cooking tonight as soon as groceries arrive.........Chicken soup is top on the list, followed by some quiches for Austin........

    Tired just thinking about it................have a great day everyone
  9. by   casperbjs
    Good morning all,
    Just got home at 1:00 this morning from my first job and getting ready to go to the second job. Now, I'm off to work at the dr.'s office until about 12:30 pm.

    Sounds like most everyone has a busy day. Good luck to all of you that has dr. appt's, and micro lab practical, and whatever else you do today.

    I would do things the same way that I did when I was 18. Went right into nursing school. Should have went to school longer tho. Didn't get married until I was 22.

    I use to bowl all the time, but quit when it started to be more work than enjoyment. Kills my back! Not worth the pain!
  10. by   laughingfairy
    Good Morning,

    So I went into work yet again...this time not for an inservice. This time it was for a Supervisor's meeting. HOORAY!!! The DON is really getting on the ball. She asked for any requests of days and times to hold the future meetings. They are going to start as once weekly and then move to twice a week. I said "Fridays are a lot better for me" and she said "Fridays it is."

    She is really kicking butt and taking names. The changes in morale and attitude are really starting to change. I am so happy. I talked to the M-F supervisor and we have a standing Monday phone call now to review what went on over the weekend.

    So today I am going to get gass for the mower and do yard work. Try to finish the laundry, sweep and mop the house, clean both bathrooms. Got my list and am sticking to it.

    Tonight is DHs guy night. He isn't going to go out until late though. He got permission from his boss to work on an old motorcycle after work and take any parts from any of the other bikes there. If he gets it running the boss is going to give him a discount on the bike and its his. (apparently hasn't sold in as is condition.) So then he is going to teach me how to ride. Something else I'm all excited about.

    Don't know what project MIL and I are going to work on today. It's our sewing night tonight. I am so tickled with the dance bags I made the kids last weekend. Designed and made 2 in 2 1/2 hours last week. Out of scraps no less. I'm really starting to learn this sewing thing.

    Well much to do today so i'll see everyone later.
  11. by   southern_rn_brat
    good tuesday morning yall!!

    i've missed saying good morning to you all for a few days. not that i have been doing anything important, lol. i have just been lax in my message boarding here due to some "soap opera drama" on another message board i belong to that has kept me so entertained lately i haven't done anything else but read there and laff the whole time. if you have never visited courttv's message boards....let me give you some advice...don't. lol those people are evil to each other!!! lol but it sure does make good reading.

    qod....i would have listened to my parents more, never moved out of their house at 18 and not dropped out of college then. but then again....if i had...i wouldn't have met my soul mate and the love of my no regrets here!

    sunday night we went to bible study at a preacher friend's house that we haven't been to in some time. it was great! i heard the story of esther. wow! what a story!!! it is amazing to see how god is always working in your life, even when he doesn't make it obvious. he puts the people in your life around you that you need around you. i really enjoyed that story! even matt, my 6yr old step son, sat and listened to it and asked questions. it was sooo cute.

    on the work front.... . i started my new job in march and so did the don. he is awesome!!! well....he is leaving . he was offered his dream job and is taking it. i am very happy for him but at the same time am so sad. he was taking our facility in a direction that i had never seen in ltc. the whole facility feels like the wind has been knocked out of our sails. also, our weekend rn quit last week. there is now only me and the day shift rn, who works three days a week. now, between the two of us, we have to provide 7 days a week coverage . with the hiring policy of our company, even if we hired an rn would be about 6 wks before she started. the other supervisor and i are working on a schedule that works for both of us but dang!!!..... we are going to split the upcoming holiday weekend so we both can be with our families. this weekend if my first get together with my family since getting clean!!! i can honestly say i am very excited to be with them all!! i am even in charge of the cake for my neices birthday!! one saving grace in our schedule is that, being a small facility, we only are required to provide 8 hrs rn coverage/24 hours...and we get to work our own hours on the weekends, as long as it is 8 straight hours. i'm going in around 6am sunday so i can have the afternoon to be with my fiancee and stepsons and hit the pool! and i will be off 2 fridays in a row!! yeah!!! (fridays are admissions day straight from the pits of hell) usually no less than 6 admits on fridays.

    well now that i have written a book, lol, i will stop. i just started typing and couldn't stop!! lol

    have a great tuesday my friends!!!
  12. by   suzy253
    I PASSED Micro practical! Yippee. Just had to let everyone here know and thanks for the good vibes and cheerleading sent my way I could use special vibes and more cheers for Thursday when I take my final written in Micro. But this practical is a big relief off my shoulders. whew. I'm going to sit down and relax for a little while and play on the 'puter and read a little more of my book (no, not Micro book).....a pleasure-reading book. I have to unwind here a bit!!!
  13. by   warrior woman
    Way to go Suzy!! I am going to write a little on the second book I'm working on. Hope all is well with everyone.
  14. by   jnette
    Heloooooooooooooo !!!

    Nope, wasn't sleeping in this morning. Was charge today, so I wanted to get in a few minutes earlier to get all my quacks in a row, so I didn't have time to dawdle. If I come online before I go to work, I find myself having to rush, or leave the house later than I wish... and I REFUSE to get up any EARLIER !!!

    Sounds like everyone's having a good day so far. Good. I'm going to have a good one, too. Off all this afternoon, and tomorrow,AND Thursday. Don't go back 'til Friday. Whooooot ! Have to work Sat., though, but that's ok. I like having a few days off in a row during the week. Sun is actually still out, so I thing I'll mosey out to the garden and see how many peas are ready to eat. :chuckle

    Chelsie's just FINE.. thanx for asking.

    OK.. before I get too silly, I'm going to get outside and enjoy some sunshine !

    Catch ya later !