Good Tuesday Morning 5/18/04

  1. Good morning everyone!! Much more so than yesterday anyways. How is everyone doing out there? are you feeling today?

    And you, Fran? How are you doing today?

    Mickie...congrats to Dylan on winning!!! How are you doing with the not smoking?

    Andrea...congrats on passing your exams and going on to be a senior!

    Dianah...two teenage boys! whew! I don't envy you though I'll be there in 12 years!

    Leslie and did the interviews go? and Leslie...were you by any chance referring to me when you said you knew some people on here that can talk and talk and talk??? LOL (look, I'm almost at 2000 posts! LOL!)

    I'm letting Bry take the kids to MIL's today, leaving Bryce here with me. I hesitate to tdo this because my BIL has some "issues" but dang, I have had them here with me every day since Thanksgiving because I wouldn't let them go there. I'll give it a try and we'll see, but I don't like to flip flop back and forth. It's not fair to the kiddos.

    So, I am seriously having a lazy day today. I am not sure what exactly I am planning, but it's not going to be any work. I even did the dishes before bed last night (a feat) so that I wouldn't have a kitchen to clean up this morning. Though, dh is threatening to go mess it up by making eggs for Piper.

    I am hoping that social services calls me back today. If they don't, I will call them tomorrow morning first thing, but I'll give them today to get back to me.

    I weighed myself this morning and I am down 2 more pounds. My shorts that I normally wear to bed were literally falling off me. Since the kiddos won't be here, I am definately doing some sort of exercise today, but I don't know what. It's supposed to rain and storm here today which is just fine. I kinda like days like that as long as the storms aren't near me!!!

    Question today: Do you have any siblings? Ages? etc? I have a step brother that is 36. I never see him and really have no contact with him at all. I also have an older half brother that I have only met once and we lost contact. I have a younger half sister I have never met, only talked to on the phone once and a younger half brother that I have never met. I would love to meet and have relationships with all of my sibs. and think that once I have some cash, I'll hire a PI to help me find them. They couldn't have gone too awful far!

    Hugs all around...
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  3. by   Tweety
    There you are. I was posting a few minutes behind you. See my post "WAKE UP".

    Congrats on the weight loss.

    I'm a middle child. Mom favored my older brother when we were young kids, very obviously. Then later on my baby sister was favored. Part of the reason I grew up so messed up. LOL!
  4. by   Energizer Bunny
    Tweeters...oooh, middle child. They have the roughest time don't they? Luckily, mine is our only girl, so I don't think she'll have as much of a problem. (you're not messed up BTW...I think you are one of the few here that have all their ducks in a row! LOL!!!! and I'm not one of them either!)

    I'll go see how loud you screamed at me! LOL! The problem is in the morning, I have three kiddos needing things...Bryce and Piper need diaper changes, Trey needs medicine, they all need breakfast, yada yada, I'm usually typing in the midst of chaos and sometimes it takes an hour to spit it all out!
  5. by   Tweety
    Was just teasing, you don't have to entertain me. I just usually see you this time of day and was going to make a post to your daily thread before leaving. I'm going to take a book to bed and read a while, and then probably fall asleep.

    You guys have a great day!!!
  6. by   scrubs70
    Good Morning Kim, Hugs my friend.
    Hiya Tweety, read your other post, sorry to hear about your friend, thoughts are with you.
    Siblings.....2 older sisters. Have some contact with my eldest sister from time to time, but don't see much of her and her family.
    Second sister and I have no contact since she walked out on her hubby and kids to be with someone she met online.
    Rained all day here, so I got plenty of housework done. Missed my morning walk though, so I did an extra gym workout.
    Had roast lamb with all the trimmings for supper tonight and unlike Kim, I have not done the dishes yet. Only 9.20pm though, so I still have time to get them done before bedtime.
    Hope you all have a wonderful day
  7. by   Energizer Bunny
    I know you were tweets...have a good one!
  8. by   ARmickie
    Good morning all! Kim, I hope you get that lazy day that you so very much need, emotionally if not physically! I know how it is with little ones, as Regan and Dylan are only 14 months apart. I had some very trying moments myself. And Lord knows I'm not a patient person, so it's probably best that I am going to school this summer. Regan has developed one very smart mouth that pushes all my buttons in about 0.02 seconds flat!!! How do you guys deal with and put an end to a seven year old who thinks they are 17?
    I am right with you on hoping that Fran and Warrior Woman are both feeling much better today.
    Sun is peeking behind a few clouds this morning, but the temp is up to about 70 already. I have to go to the college and take my fin aid letter for the summer term down there today. I'm going to register to take the entrance test again and try to get that one pt so I'll have a scholarship that pays all my tuition for the next two years.
    In response to the question of the day - I have only one sister, and she's a few years older than me. She will be 37 in November. We have had many ups and downs, and have even gone for years w/o speaking. Before my mom died, she made sure that sis and I had made peace and she told us that eventually she and dad would be gone and all we'd have was each other, so we'd better get out sh*t straight!! We did! Now we're pretty close and leave the past in the past - we never talk about it.
    Smoking... donig about the same. I still feel that need for nicotine, but it only takes about two puffs and I'm done! So, I think I'm still lighting up as much as I did before, but instead of actually smoking it, I'm taking two puffs, put it out. I don't go over three a day, regardless.
  9. by   Energizer Bunny
    Mickie!!!! you are doing GREAT!!!!! I finally finished that pack last night and boy am I longing for one this morning....oiy! With Bry and the kids gone, it would be all too easy to go and get some, but I think I'll head to Wal mart and try to find some shorts that fit! LOL!
  10. by   ARmickie
    Good luck Kim... those early morning urges are the worst for me. Well, that and for some reason, I want to smoke when I study?!? That is definintely going to be a problem unless I try to stay on campus for a few extra hours a day and study where I know I won't be allowed to smoke!
  11. by   Energizer Bunny
    Thanks Mickie...we can help each other through it.......
  12. by   nurseunderwater
    hi friends......

    ...sitting here with nursling jasper in lap....fighting for control of the keyboard..LOL

    oooh kim, you're day sounds divine. enjoy yourself deserve a break. the

    micki-i know what you are saying about your 7 y/ 6y/o ds has developed a whine and really likes to go back and forth w/ me....he'll make a great attny when hes grown up. but for know it is super hard to stay patient. YNWIM? Sometimes i feel like i am getting a preview of what's to come in the "teen" years, with a little toddler tantruming thrown in for good measure.
    Keep it up with the smokes,,,,that med sounds like the magic bullet.

    sweet dreams Tweety

    Today I have the fun job of trying to scrounge up (ask a friend) enough $ for scrubs....I start at the hospital tomorrow. cath lab. This is one thing i will not miss about being a single income family....that 3 days before payday when we are so broke. It will also be nice to not be late on our rent everymonth....

    keirnan is still coughing....he's gone to school though. i feel so bad for the little guy. Jasper is still coughing too but he seems to handle it better even though he is still so small. of 5. ages: s-50,s-48, b-45, ME 37, b-31 so i am kinda of the middle, oldest, youngest, only child... maybe that's why i am so screwed up :uhoh21

    fran and ww - are you guys OK? (((((((((hugs)))))))))))))))

    leslie and liza - what are you thinking about the jobs?

    jnette - we all know you having too much fun

    love to all you guys....see you later

  13. by   Energizer Bunny
    Hey kate! Unhappy baby so I'll see you all later after social services calls or after business hours, whichever comes first! Have a good one!
  14. by   jnette
    OK Kids... this is it... just have a quick minute.. no time to respond to everybody. WIll have to catch up a week from now..*oy!*

    Well, everything is done .. all the final touches from placing the flowers precisely "just so" in the crystal vase to filling and turning on the trickling fountain in the guestroom... Heh. Told DH he'd have to doo-doo in the woods behind the house after I'm gone until I get get back from the airport...

    Kim, I hope you all can get things worked out for the best for little Morgan.. what a dilemma. I hate it for ALL of you.

    OK... I'm sooooooooooooooo outta here ! Jumping into the shower and then hit the road here in a couple hours.

    See ya ! Behave yourselves while I'm gone and I'll see ya in a week or so !