Good Tuesday Morning 5/4/04

  1. Good Morning Everyone! How is everyone this morning? Whatcha all got going on? I love to hear about everyone's day, so spill it, would ya?

    Steph...I hope your keyboard is okay...remember when mine bit the dust when Bryce spilled coffee on it a couple weeks ago? I was going through some serious withdrawals! LOL!

    Kate...missed you too! Have a great time with your sis! but still check in, k?

    Mickie...they won!!!! wonderful! I think that ball games are a great way to teach young children so many wonderful things, such as self esteem! Good for them! I'm still worried about that renter issue and personally *I* don't care about a man's word if it's gonna make trouble...but I understand where he is coming from. (Please don't think I am saying this to be argumentative or anything..I know you have to support your hubby. It's just frustrating because I don't want to see a friend end up in a heap of trouble with people they don't know and really can't trust) I still hope that you two can work it out to where you don't have to deal with these people and I still think you should call social services. Then, maybe they wouldn't end up in your house anyways! LOL! oh, that's bad. Mickie...I'll say a prayer for you that it all works out.

    My pain was so bad last night that I took a percocet in order to be able to actually even lay down without screaming. I can't do this much longer guys. I'm stuck here. I sure don't want laprascopic surgery but I think if the CT scan doesn't show anything, I'm gonna start demanding that something be done! I'm going to do research on endometriosis because I really have researched everything else. I was talking with a lady last night that had it that went through everything I am.

    No big plans today so you'll probably see me quite a bit. I have a ton of paperwork to go through so I can basically leave this on and do it and check messages at the same time. In addition, I have to get us ready to go to Buffalo Children's hospital tomorrow so other than this post tomorrow morning, you won't see me until evening at least. We have to leave the house tomorrow morning at 7:30 to give us extra time to get there and fill out paperwork.

    They flushed out our water system last night in our area so we have to use bottled water for a couple days for drinking, etc. This also means no laundry for a few days in case it is roily (rusty). I'm forced into a break from laundry!!! wooohooo!!! (isn't it funny what moms will get happy about? LOL!)

    Big hugs for all.......
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  3. by   suzy253
    Morning all! Just took a shower, put on a load of wash. As soon as I get myself somewhat presentable have to run out to get ciggies and milk and to the post office.
    I'm a nursing student--I have a final physiology exam at 1:00 today. I feel really really stressed. Feel like I don't know anything. A lot of bad things going on in my life right now so I'm just about keeping my head above water. Sister in law and brother in law arriving for 10 days on Saturday from England and I have so much more tidying up to do. Hubby is out of town until Friday. After the dreaded phys test I have to study for nursing arts lab written exam for tomorrow and then my final final exam is on Thursday on Nursing 101...then meet with my clinical instructor and go over my clinical grades. I'll then walk out of the SON to return again in August as a junior student. Hooray!

    But....have to get thru today though. One day at a time. I feel very weepy and sad...can't seem to shake it.

    hope you all have a great Tuesday. Weather is beautiful here at least.
  4. by   Energizer Bunny
    ((((suzy253))))) I hope you feel better soon! And much good luck on your tests!
  5. by   NursesRmofun
    [font=franklin gothic medium]good morning, kim, everyone!

    [font=franklin gothic medium]finally sunny here...but still very cool.
    [font=franklin gothic medium]i hate sorting through papers. i did that a few weeks ago. actually, we still have some to go through that will wait. just filing now.
    [font=franklin gothic medium]taking a day trip to mystic, ct. today. will see you all this evening....
    [font=franklin gothic medium]have a great day!

  6. by   Energizer Bunny
    Morning paperwork is never-ending it seems. Just trying to figure out how to pay the bills and get everything ready for school.
  7. by   NursesRmofun
    Quote from cnm2b
    morning paperwork is never-ending it seems. just trying to figure out how to pay the bills and get everything ready for school.
    [font=franklin gothic medium]what are you planning on taking in sept.?
    [font=franklin gothic medium]do you have a babysitter or will you go when your husband is home?
    [font=franklin gothic medium]just curious. you must be getting excited. it's an adventure. :chuckle
  8. by   NursesRmofun
    [font=franklin gothic medium]oops! gotta go! see you later for the answer to the questions.

    [font=franklin gothic medium]have a good one!
  9. by   Energizer Bunny
    She asks and then she leaves! LOL! Oh well....Trey will be in kindergarten (full-day here), Piper and Bryce will be in the college daycare/preschool, so they will be right across the street. As for what I am taking .....I'm so excited that I registered on the first day possible....Life Span, College Composition, Foundations of Nursing with Lab and review session, Intro to Pharm (only about 6 weeks so when clinicals start, this is over!), and the Student Success Seminar (required but another only 6 weeks long.) It won't be too bad after the first six weeks, but that's gonna be the killer. My second semester is going to be my toughest as my advisor has repeatedly told me! LOL!

    I'm getting excited but also very scared...wondering if I'll be able to do it all. *big huge sigh* I have to rely on's all I can do.
  10. by   ARmickie
    Good morning all! Heeheeheehee... Gotta say, I'm a sucker for smilies! I'm sure hoping this is going to be a good day here. I got up to get the kids off to school, and find Jason sleeping on the couch... he's dressed for work, but he's here, instead. Hmmmm.. thinking I'll let that sleeping dog lie until he gets up to tell me what's going on.
    Kim, I suppose I joined the forum a little late to know exactly what your s/s are, and I'm no nurse, much less doctor, so I wouldn't know what to tell you even if I had that info! I can just say that I hope you get some relief soon. I can remember the day I took the NET test, I had a horrible experience after I got home. I was fine all thru the test and such, but right after I walked through my front door, I thought I was going to die! I had a pain that radiated from my back, to my left ovary, then my right, and then it just slowly circled my uterus.. and it went on and on.. I could not walk, even. I crawled to my bed. The pain was so bad, I literally was seeing stars.. I felt like a cartoon character. I knew it was either lay down, or I would pass out, and I did.. both. In a bit, I finally came to with Jason standing there with a cold washcloth on his hand, screaming at me. He said he came home and I was so pale that it scared him... I was incredibly sore for a few days after that, but the episode hasn't repeated itself. I have no idea what that was, though.. and my body seems to be a marvel for science... Everytime I go to the dr, there is no simple solution.. only more questions later, and I hate going. (Last time I went, I paid over 800.00 in blood work alone, only to have them say, "Well, hun, you're severely anemic and we don't know why... take these and then come back twice a week and we'll keep drawing blood.." UHHHH.. .no.
    Ahhh.. baseball!! I always wanted a little boy, and after three girls, I finally got one! He's a momma's boy, and between each inning, he still comes out of the dugout to give mom a kiss! If only my finger would get better!!!
    I think I'm going to need all the prayers I can get on this renter situation. I know I can't go totally against him and still keep peace, but I know I can't go totally against myself, either.
    I'm incredibly jealous of all you getting ready for your classes! I have a meeting with the school VC of Student Services today at noon - something the school calls an "orientation for the interview process"... whatever that means. They won't let me register for classes until June 1, when classes start June 2. At this point, I can honestly say that I don't really care if I even get into the LPN program. I mean, I do, but.. my ultimate goal is to at least be a RN, and I know I'll have to have several years of Gen Ed requirements for that. If I get into the program, fine. If I don't, fine.
    Okay.. I'm sure that's enough from me this morning.. I'll pass it back to you guys!
  11. by   phn92
    I'm off today!!! I work in a health dept which is located in our local courthouse. Since it's election day, the courthouse is closed!!! Of course, yesterday, I ran my butt off, trying to get all my pts seen so I could be off today!!! Sometimes I wonder if it's worth it??!!
    Anyway, I still have a busy day. Need to go to town and exercise at Curves and run some errands. Then I really need to finish mowing the lawn that I started last night. Tonight, I will run my 14 year old daughter to town for her high school physical for sports. She plans to play tennis next year and this is a cheap way to get it done. I can't believe next school year, I will have a freshman, 7th grader and 4th grader!! Enjoy your little ones! I will say each stage of your kid's development can be challenging as well as fun, too!
    Hope everyone has a great day!
  12. by   ARmickie
    I know what you mean, phn.. I'll have a kids in 8th, 6th, 2nd and 1st grades! As long as Dylan doesn't get the same teacher in first grade as Regan did, we'll be all good... if he does.. well, let's just say it will be another year of me biting my tongue.. and as you can see by my posts, I'm not too good at that sometimes.
  13. by   nurseunderwater
    crazy busy....xxoo to all. {{{{{{{kim}}}}}}}}
  14. by   walterrn
    A very glorious morning all,

    Back to work tonite, so up till 1300 and then to sleep to adjust my body clock to nites. I love the noc shift, but takes a toll on mind and body.

    Ms Kim..................Where the heck is my daily question??? How do you expect me to function without taxing my brain this early in the morning with a question???

    Seems to be a painful day for some............hope you all feel better real soon. My pink eye/sty is not pink eye/sty. It seems that some critter slept with me the other noc. I have four bites on my head, one on my forehead, one on my eyebrow and one on my lower conjunctava.........they run in a straight line, from the back of my head to my eye. I must taste REAL good. I'd like to find that little guy and bite him back (with a rolled up newspaper).

    Walter the Nurse