Good Tuesday Morning 04/26/05

  1. Hope that all of you had a good Monday...........
    May is going to be here is just a few days, and they are having snow in the Midwest......something is definitely messed up someplace...........

    Going to try to get to Yosemite next week.............they still have snow in the higher elevations up there. The wildflowers are in full bloom right now, so should be just beatiful. Jasmine is also in bloom right now, reminds me of being back in Bangkok.............

    Have a good day.................
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  3. by   DDRN4me
    good morning ! suzanne, its just us at 6 am,cant believe that....everyone must be working or sleeping!

    last class for policy and politics tonite!! one step closer to that bsn! found out that i can probably do my pathophys online at a local university over the summer, which is good incase i need to get xtra help from the professor, so its looking good for graduation in december!!!!:hatparty:

    hope everyone has a happy, productive day! mary

  4. by   jnette
    And a lovely good morning to all !
    Woke up to a gloriously sunny day.. last day off, so I had best enjoy it.

    Might work out in the backyard again today.. clearing the land back there and opening it up. Got quite a bit accomplished yesterday. Wish I had another two weeks off .. I'd get soooooo much done around here !

    Oh well.. a little at a time is better than nothing, right?

    Hope everyone has a super day !
  5. by   Thunderwolf
    Good morning family.
    Been up most of the nite burning the Web night oil. Even my poor kitty, Paige, has meowed several times, points to my bed, and says get to bed you sleepy head.

    Good seeing everyone's posts. It is great to see all us nurses come together and share like we do. Like a family over the breakfast table, we always have a lot to talk about and listen to.

    We had some nasty snow fall yesterday...two feet, in fact. But, most has now melted away. Aw, spring...could it be around the corner? I hope soon. Like to hear all the birds and crickets again.

    Time for me to hit the hay, then face another day at work. I'm not the charge nurse today....ahhhhhh, what a beautiful feeling :Melody::Melody:.

    Have a good day, everyone.
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  6. by   akcarmean
    good morning everyone,

    hope everyone has a great day!! i am still waiting on 1 grade. then i will let you all know.

    jnette--i agree with dale tell her they called and ask her if she wants you to go in. but you are right, that is in my eyes a breech of confidentiallity (sp). they should have backed off the first time after you told them that you two had already talked about it and you know what the problem is and are working on it. they should have shut their mouths. oh i hate school administration. i am having problems with the school administration here over my oldest and him missing due to his medical problems.

    any ways i will catch you later i have to get kids to school.

    talk to u all later,
    have a great day.

  7. by   Tweety
    Good morning! Going to try not to linger on the computer this morning as I have errands to do day. Gotta get ready for my work stretch coming up.
  8. by   akcarmean
    :angryfire :angryfire i am so mad. i took my son into the school along with the note that he was at the doctor's yesterday. he is suppose to use his inhaler q 4hrs. they were not going to let him use it even though i had a paper signed by the doctor. i said fine then i am going to taking him home then b/c i am not going to let his asthma get out of control like yesterday. they finally caved in.

    & this is after i got a note b/c he was missing to much school.

    i hate this school the kids are going to. :angryfire :angryfire

    ok my ranting is done. thanks for listening. i don't feel well still waiting for the abx to kicking and start working. i am getting a migraine. the baby is going to the sitters in about an hr. then i am going to lay down and rest.

    have a great day. talk to you all later

  9. by   CHATSDALE
    angie don't let the bureaucrats get you down...summer will be here b/4 you know it . your h/a and his asthma will be better
    suzy that sounds like a wonderful mini vacations
    wolfy let that poor kitty get some sleep she doesn't care about tests or grades
    mary - tweety - jnete catch up with you later
  10. by   leslie :-D
    good mornin' guys!

    beautiful day here, love listening to those birds.
    never understood those who considered these sweet little chirpers, noise pollution.

    suzanne, i never knew you home-schooled your kids. i know of quite a few parents just in my neighborhood who do so.

    hi jnette- isn't weetzie a riot? i gotta get off my tush and write her back. oh God, i'm so bad.

    tweety- you go stretch, just like a gumby doll.

    angie- why wouldn't they want your son taking his inhalers? what are they stupid? let's just wait for a full blown asthma attack,why don't we? also if you don't start feeling better by tomorrow w/your uti, call your doctor- it can take up to 48 hrs, esp if it was that advaned.

    hi mary- december graduation would be a nice little Christmas present, yes?

    wolfy- always glad to hear from you. yes, we do share alot here,especially those of us with big mouths.

    i called tiff's school today and intend to file a formal complaint and left a message w/tiff's advisor on his vm. honestly if i feel this violated, i can't imagine how tiffany feels. anyway i found a mental health clinic that is reputedly know for their success in dealing w/troubled teens. so i am awaiting a call back from the intake coordinator.

    dh suddenly decided not to go away for a couple of days- i thought he might leave today since his brakes are fixed but nope, he chooses to stay here. :stone

    tomorrow i have that interview for the peds nurse in a burn unit- should be interesting to say the least. i honestly don't know if i'd be able to handle it but once i tour the unit, i'll get a better sense of what my gut tells me.

    okey-dokey, i'll probably be back later.


    leslie xo
  11. by   lil' girl
    Hi everyone. Very cool and cloudy here, blah. Just in from school, we did review today. Don't have to go tomorrow just the people who have to take the nutrition test have to be there. Then on Thursday we don't have to go til 10, so it feels like a mini vacation. Friday of course is our med/surg exam. Only 100 questions so not too bad.
    On Monday everyone gets the good or bad news. I think we are going to lose quite a few of them. We have about 7 people that they wouldn't even let touch a patient, always on observation, think they got their quota of U's on clinicals. Plus probably 5 or 6 more that will not pass med/surg. So we will end up with a small class for summer.

    Jnette hope your vacation was fun. I have missed a few days so will go back and read about it!

    Everyone else have a good one!

  12. by   Tweety
    Boy we're having some torrential rains. Good for the aquafers I guess.

    I just heard one of my friends o.d.'d on crystal meth. and is in ICU. He's in his 40s, sad. Another acquaintance who is friend of a friend very young in his 20s, just got pulled out of a crack house where he's been missing for 3 months, and put into drug rehab. Last time I saw him, he was a healthy and bit overweight. They say he looks like a skeleton.

    What's with my friends and drugs these days? I'm so naive, I wouldn't know where to think about getting drugs and my friends are dropping like flies. I exaggerate, but weird.
  13. by   CHATSDALE
    it is heart breaking to see the lifes of the users and their families ruined by seems if we are working on cigarettes and alcohol and letting the drug business roll right on..
  14. by   leslie :-D
    Quote from CHATSDALE
    it is heart breaking to see the lifes of the users and their families ruined by seems if we are working on cigarettes and alcohol and letting the drug business roll right on..
    who's working on alcohol? granted, i see alot of support groups for cigarettes but not near enough for alcohol or drugs. my heart really hurts for those who od- for some reason i don't see it as accidental but take drugs in excess for those who suffer in silence. i definitely could be wrong but i was just really saddened to read tweety's post.