Good Tuesday Morning 04/12/05

  1. Thought that I would start this a few minutes early, have to begin my three in a row in less than 12 hours...............

    Spent the day at the casino Monday, they actually had a fire and had to evacuate the whole place, something in the employee's lounge..........A real sight to see...we were eating lunch, so I just took my plate out with me.
    They have this machine that we now love, 10 cents, with dolphins, actually won about $1100 on it, after you take out what I put in......not bad for about 40 minutes of my time. We actually signed up for s slot tournement that they are having next month. It is just so much fun........

    Furniture is finally going to be delivered today........these are the pieces form Thailand....can't wait to get them here and have all of the extra storage.

    Ying is still trying to recuperate from all of her studying. Now to prepare her for the upcoming English exams...........

    Make it a good one............. :Melody:
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  3. by   dianah
    Suzanne, you really know how to have a good time: fun gambling, food and free entertainment and exercise (running out of the building w/your plate)!! I have a few friends who love to attend tourneys in Las Vegas . . .Glad you were OK.

    Did a pacemaker today; it was one of those LOOOOOOOOOONG cases. We were also busy with referrals and other little fires that popped up, that we had to extinguish. Just one of those days . ..

    Kids have the day off for parent-teacher conferences, which I can't attend (I don't have enuf paid leave, if I'm also going to Washington D.C. with my youngest's 8th grade class trip in May). I have to take the truck in for service tomorrow, then leave early from work to take youngest to an orthodontic appt. He also wants to go to a movie @ 7:00 p.m. with some friends. I have to ponder that one . . .

    Sorry, not much more to report. Angie, GREAT JOB on your grades!!

    I better get to bed. Good morning to all who peek here! May you have at least ONE bright moment in your day! -- D
  4. by   live4today
    good morning everyone!

    i don't often post on this thread, but since i'm still awake, i thought i'd drop in and say hello to everyone. i hope you all have a positively adventurous day filled with smiles, laughter, and quiet "minute vacations" that rest the mind and spirit.
  5. by   CHATSDALE
    SUSIE you are real mean...telling me about your gambling winnings..i just filled out my income tax...if you see a short old lady on the corner with a tin cup it will be me..drop in some money and a little luck
    dianah..looks like you have a busy life..enjoy it
    cheerful i frequently have some of those little children call it a senile moment
    fran..i saw your pictures..i really didn't know that you were a five yh/o cutie
    love u all -- dale
  6. by   presC.
    Quote from dianah
    good morning to all who peek here!

    hi dianah,:kiss you have loads of to do's, huh!. here's for you..:flowersfo :icon_hug:

    that's lots of money suzanne..:chuckle enjoy!:melody: about ying, for sure she'll pass the english exam.. i'm still happy with her nclex result.

    hi dale,cheerfuldoer

    ~ been busy calling different local travel agencies here to look for hong kong's package for my exam. so far, there's 2 nice and very accomodating ladies who patiently answered my questions .
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  7. by   Thunderwolf
    Hey fam! Hope all is well!
    Paige, my new kitty cat, all 21 pounds of her, is adjusting well to her new home.
    My oldest daughter and her traveling volleyball team won the bronze. She played 6 matches on Sunday. So proud of her. She is an excellent server and team player. My youngest daughter is beginning to play soccer. Hope she enjoys it and sticks with it. I've got the next two days off. Let me see, what shall I do? Hmmm, I'll think of something. Hope the weather is nice.
    Hey, you'all have a great day...ya'hear!
  8. by   DDRN4me
    good morinig friends!

    cheerfuldoer, nice to see you!
    good morning thunderwolf, congrats to your dd. i used to enjoy going to field hockey, softball, band and cheering with my girls.
    suzanne, congrats on your winnings! ying will do well, i;m sure!
    hi presc, have fun planning your trip
    dale--i am crying with you! its not fair that working hard gets penalized in the end!!
    dianah, hope you get everything accomplished!
    to all those to come, have a great day! mary
  9. by   presC.
    Quote from thunderwolf
    my oldest daughter and her traveling volleyball team won the bronze. she played 6 matches on sunday. so proud of her. she is an excellent server and team player.

    congrats with your daughterwolfy~ :smiley_aa

  10. by   presC.
    Quote from mgallant
    to all those to come, have a great day! mary

    you too, mary.:1luvu: take care:kiss
  11. by   Tweety
    Good morning! Hope all is well.

    I'm supposed to have my weekly Chemistry chat, but we're allowed to miss two and I haven't missed any yet and this is the last one. hehehehe...........

    My house didn't mysteriously clean itself up yesterday, so I've still got that too, along with some shopping. Going to treat myself to Lisa Presley and Becks new CDs.

  12. by   jnette
    Hi Guys !

    Renee, always good to see you here !

    Suzanne.. woohoo for YOU ! Lady Luck.

    No pictures of pup yet, Pres?

    OK.. need to get ready to go to town, do some shopping (hate it) and then off to our "Open House".. hate that even more.. heh. :stone

    Hey.. what happened to our "rolleyes" smilie?
  13. by   presC.
    will try again today jnette..
  14. by   presC.
    here she is..file too large. limit for this filetype is 100.0 kb. your file is 283.8 kb. :uhoh21: sorry jnette, don't know how this things works..