Good Thursday Morning 03/03/05

  1. As previously stated, I will be away from my computer until Monday..........
    And cell phone....already posted as much on the International section and there are those that don't believe that I can do it.............

    Talk to you all next week.....................please keep safe with all of the snow out east for those of you that are getting snow days............

    And think of me at breakfast time.....................
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  3. by   Tweety
    Take care Suzanne. It's been a while, but sometimes I need to take computer and information breaks as well. Maybe in between sessions at school. Enjoy your break.

    I'm starting to count down the days until my vacation where I can refresh my mind, body, and spirt as well. I start March 11th and am getting impatient. LOL

    Nothing much going on, I just woke up from a nap as spouse was going to bed, strange how we timed that. He was staying up late because he can sleep in late tomorrow.

    I've got some more chemistry to study for and am going to make a Walmart run. I think I'll make some chili.

    Have a great evening for those where it's still evening, or already tomorrow evening. Have a great night, and mornging for the rest of us.
  4. by   Spidey's mom
    Hi - is it Thursday yet?

    I don't know how I'm awake but I've got huge dark circles under my eyes and my body feels like someone ran over it with a logging truck.

    My poor son just walked in from work . . he left at 3 a.m. this morning, drove to Weed (over by Mt. Shasta) and drove skidder all day loading logs into the chipper. He is bent over, black from soot, exhausted. Poor kid. I might just call that boss of his and tell him he needs to buy his employees a motel room for the night . . .they drive 1 1/2 hour over and back, plus fuel and the boss ends up having to pay double time . . cheaper to put them up closer to the job. Plus not as dangerous driving so tired. . . . . :angryfire

    Tweety - seems so funny to be heading to WalMart this time of night . . . I'll be off work when you are on vacation . .may take a trip to So. Cal. May just nap the whole time off away.

    I ended up being pulled out of the ER today to do a laboring mom - called another nurse in to take my place. No baby, not even close by the time I left. I had only had 3 clinic type patients in the ER before that . . .man, that respiratory virus is nasty . . people are really sick.

    I'm gonna go lie this old body down and rest now. It is about 28 degrees here .. . . the electric blanket is on and the fire is stoked and sorry if I'm rambling on but I'm fried.

    later . . .

  5. by   dianah
    I just chased a bug off the screen with my cursor. Hey, don't mess with me an' my cursor!! (I don't even need a spatula!!)

    Morning all! It's 10:30 pm here, but SOMEwhere it's morning! Hope your day is better in some way than yesterday.

    Get some rest, Steph and Tweety. Suzanne, I hope you have a MAH-velous time off, and a great visit with your friend from BKK. Do post later and fill us in on how things went!

    Hopefully I'll attend a Cardiology Symposium tomorrow (if we have no cases, and if they received my registration, faxed Fri).

    Kitty is doing well, thanks for asking . She had a f/u visit to our own vet today, and checked out "OK." She got her tires rotated (nails clipped) and a cleansing additive to her gas tank (an anti-tapeworm injection), as well as a 14-point inspection. Clean bill of health! Plus she was a charmer while there, once she realized ppl were going to pet her: rolling on her back, stretching her little legs out as if saying, "Ooooooooo, you can rub my tummy, too! Aren't I CUUUUUUTTTEEEE???!!" She IS a cutie!

    I better get to bed.

    Leslie, hoping for an update soon, I've been monitoring all the posts about your situation. I'm as concerned as all the others here, just feel pretty helpless. You ARE in my prayers, as always.

    'Nite all. -- D
  6. by   weetziebat
    Good Morning to everybody

    Suzanne, enjoy!!

    Tweets, are you going on dayshift after your vacation? How will you ever get to Wal*Mart, working days?
    Steph, have a good sleep.

    Dianah, you too! Hope you get to attend the symposium, and enjoy it.

    Trying to keep puppy quiet after his neutering today - well, technically yesterday, The surgery apparently is not what I thought it would be. Not to go into too much detail :chuckle but what I thought would be gone is still there, but deflated!! :uhoh21: and he has a 1 1/2" incision instead. So, can y'all picture that? Dh's been going around shaking his head, saying 'boy, bet that hurts'!

    The recruiter called today to say my tickets are being Fed Ex'd to me and I'll be leaving March 17th. Will be arriving Friday and told him to make sure they know I will not go into work on Saturday (the start of their week). No way after traveling that far. Told him I'll start on Monday. So we'll see what happens.

    Alrighty, gonna browse around for awhile then read. Hugs to all -
  7. by   Tweety
    Weetzie, I was thinking that. There are lots of things I'm going to miss about vampire living. Having Walmart to myself is one of the things I'll miss.
  8. by   presC.
    Quote from weetziebat
    the recruiter called today to say my tickets are being fed ex'd to me and i'll be leaving march 17th.-
    oh weetziee, i'll miss you dear!:kiss

    "morning" to all.

    ~just finished watching a cartoon.."as told by ginger" so cute!
    anyway, need to go back with my review.

    how's your day rain how's your exam?
    enjoy suzanne.
    have some rest steph.
    hi dianah, so glad your kitty's doing great.:smiley_aa
    hi tweety,

  9. by   DDRN4me
    good morning all,

    suzanne, enjoy your rest. tweety, walmart is much busier during "normal" hours!!! still some interesting folks, though!
    presc, steph, dianah ,good morning!
    weetzie, my bailey had the same surgery a week or so ago..ran up the stairs as sooon as we got home and looked at us like ???? what did you do to me??? his appearance is quite bandit, when he was neutered, did not have the .....ahhhh, remnants, shall we say. oh well, maybe they now suffer from "an alteration in body image" if its all gone!
    have a great day everyone...i will leave you all with another healthy breakfast (can you tell i'm dieting??) changing is now the correct term!
    coffee, tea, milk, assorted juice and fruit, hot cereal and leslies maypo (you need it, hon!) whole grain cold cereal, eggs and egg beaters, canadian bacon, whole wheat toast, fruit spread...enjoy!!mary
  10. by   jnette
    Hello my Friends...

    Another day at home.. ho-hum.. almost missing work. ALMOST.

    Tweety, anything planned for vacation? Going anywhere? Or just studying and enjoying not having to go in. Whichever it may be, enjoy the break and start getting your system adjusted to the day shift.. it will be awhile before you know what planet you're on.

    Dianah... sweeeeeeeeeeeet kitty !!! Glad all is well with the fuzzball. What bugs? It's still too cold ehre for bugs. Although we are starting to see some little ladybugs come back to life.. I think they were hibernating somewhere in the house. And Mr. Petunia is the first to spot them.. usually on the ceiling. They really tick him off, too.. 'cuz he can't get to them. If looks could kill, however... :chuckle

    Weetz.. leaving on St. Patti's day, are you? Geez.. you better make sure you down one last good pint of ale (green!) before you head out. Dang, we're sure going to miss seeing you here. I really hope you'll manage to stay in touch somehow. Wonder if the hospital will have internet accesss you can sneak onto from time to time? What does dh think about your being gone so far away and so long? What will he be doing ?

    Hi there, Pres C. !!!

    Steph.. hate that your son has to drive all that way at so late an hour.. couldn't his boss perhaps put up a camper trailer or two so they could stay in that instead of traveling back and forth all during the week? That way they could still have a bed, a hotplate, heat, and the basics.. just a thought.

    Suzanne.. ENJOY !!!

    Leslie...???? Any incidents last night? :uhoh21:
  11. by   Tweety
    Jnette, enjoy the day.

    Chemistry will still be going on while I'm on vacation, so I'll be studying part of the time. We're going to Miami Beach for a few days, for shopping, dining, relaxing, hooking up with friends and beach going. The main goal for me is to get some rest, flip my my night owl living and start living during the daytime, do a little cleaning up around here, get started back going to yoga class (which I haven't done sine starting school). I'm soooooooooooo looking forward to in the worst way.

    Hi Pres C! How is the new job going?

    Hi mgallant!
  12. by   Sadie04
    Good morning Jnette, Mary, Presc, Tweety, Weetzie, Dianah, Steph, Suzanne :hatparty:
    Had a great shift on the post-CABG unit last evening, only 5 patients and no insulin gtts, plus only 2 were on tele as the rest were nearing discharge Figures, I have a string of good shifts after I give my notice Oh well, I'll continue to stay on perdiem, otherwise I would really miss bedside nursing.
    I ended up having a pretty interesting lunch yesterday - my friend Hilary is working at this new European bistro. I had chicken tortilla soup and a duck confit pannini with sour cherries and boursin, it was delicious.
    I think I'll attempt to go tanning again today, hopefully I won't turn as red as the last time :stone We're leaving for Aruba on the 15th and dh hasn't started tanning yet, I just know he's going to end up with a nasty sunburn being that close to the equator.
    Jnette, glad to hear you're taking it easy. Let us know what happens tomorrow.
    Tweety, will you be working 12 hour days after vacation? Congrats!
    Mary, thanks for the healthy bf, much appreciated!
    Leslie, don't keep us in suspense much longer, K? Hope it was an uneventful noc.
    Everyone else, have a great day
  13. by   akcarmean
    good morning everyone,

    can't stay long, got all 5 papers written yesterday now just need to get them typed and submitted.

    rec'd all my grades from last week:
    business communications: a+, 94% a
    power point: a+, a+, 94% a

    hope this weeks grades will be just as good.

    going to the dr. this afternoon. still wheezing, chest, throat, hurt, coughing, sneezing, hands and feet swollen, hands are so swollen i can't even move the rings on my fingers.

    have a great day and i will catch u later after all my homework is complete. well paper part anyways still have group projects to start on.

    leslie, i hope the noc went smoothly with no probs. take care

    love ya,
  14. by   leslie :-D
    morning guys,

    suzannne- enjoy your time off

    tweety- are you going away for your vacation?

    steph- yes, DO rest- you sound burnt.

    dianah- shuddup about the spatula. it reminds me of the times my mom used to chase me around with a fly swatter that had a couple of holes in it, and wouldn't even hurt a fly. and i'd be laughing as this was her version of corporate punishment. :chuckle anyway, does kitty comes w/a warranty?

    weetz- when i had my male dogs neutered, they are left deflated. and don't feel so badly for them. they recuperate alot faster than a female getting neutered- that surgery is much more involved. 3/17???

    princessC- wow, you're leaving 3/17 also. you must be so excited. my bil comes from the philippines but hasn't been home in yrs.

    mary- DO appreciate the maypo, due for another box soon.

    sadie- have you ever tried one of those spray tanning booths? my dtr told me about it last summer- that you stand there and get sprayed from all sides but it only lasts 4-5 days. nevermind....don't know what i was thinking. but i still envy you.

    angie- congratulations on all those A's.......let us know what the doctor says. i wonder what's causing the edema? i'm sorry you're hurting so.

    jnette- :icon_hug: i put my female shepherd out last noc because she loves being outside, very content and has a beautiful thick coat so i wasn't worried about her being cold. at around 2:30 she started barking frantically- i jumped up, and opened the back door. all i could see was around 6-7 teens slowly walking by my house, just defiantly looking my way, going ever so slow. dh came down and opened up the front door and he yelled out "can i help you?" with one of them answering "don't ask what you can do for us, but what we can do for you" and they all started laughing with a couple of swears thrown in and just picked up their pace and went.

    i couldn't see if any had bananas on because our street lights weren't on.
    so dh closed the door and said he's going to call his brother.
    i never told him i had called him yesterday so i can see poop flying over this one, if his brother lets ed know that i spoke w/him. actually i could care less because i wouldn't have had to do all this stuff if dh got involved in the 1st place. so i took matters into my own hands. but having the jealous, possessive streak that he does, ed will accuse me of trying to get bil's attn and call me a tease and some other choice words.
    so yah, it definitely had to be them. they were so damned defiant, just walking ever so slowly while my dog tried to jump the fence. at one point, one of them said something to one of his buddies, and they buddy said "no man, not now".
    God does my body need a massage- everything is so tense.

    other than that, the noc was uneventful . i'm so ready to collapse but don't trust myself to sleep. wish i could hire a bodyguard.

    anyway, making my hospice visit today so better get ready.

    talk later....

    leslie xo