Good Thursday Morning, Feb. 24!!

  1. morning all!!!!

    actually, it's just past 10:00 here, so i'm still on today, wed. but thought i'd start the thurs. thread.

    finished my proficiency today, turned it in, attended a short class on anticoagulation (very interesting), bought some good, fresh oranges (from a stand; the oranges come from a friend's orchard), picked up a rx, went to jiujitsu, came home, ate, surfed allnurses, read a little, watched ai, . . . now i need to shower and get to bed.

    i'll start breakfast with one of my favorites: pancakes with a little butter (smart start, for us old'ns) melted on top, and then topped with applesauce and fresh raspberries!!
    oj, hot tea, steaming mug of coffee for anyone/everyone!

    'nite all! -- d
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  3. by   madwife2002
    Good Morning,

    It is 6.43 am here on a fine and freezing morning in the South Of England.
    Am off to work to spread some cheer, before some b****d comes and ruins the day for me
  4. by   Silverdragon102
    Good morning

    Nice wintery morning this morning here in the north of UK. Had about 2 inches of snow overnight which is not a common occurence for several years Going to make fun driving to work this morning
  5. by   madwife2002
    We dream of snow here but the coastal weather means we have flake or two!!
    Of course i come from m/chester so have spent one or two freezing winters :chuckle
    Have a good shift
  6. by   leslie :-D
    morning dianah-

    thanks for breakfast-can't say i've ever had applesauce as a topping for pancakes- but the rasberries sound lovely with a touch of powdered sugar. and the coffee sounds the best.

    i should be asleep now but my mind is racing and haven't even been drinking coffee. my dtr is sleeping over her friend's house for the 3rd straight noc- she and dh got into a huge fight the other noc- he had been drinking so now she doesn't want to be in the same house as him. i promised her i'd protect her and wouldn't let him near her. she does come home during the day to see me and seems to be having a good time with her friends, so at least she's happy with them.

    have another hospice pt- my mil told me that she has 4-6 mos so i'll take a drive over there tomorrow to introduce myself and get a sense of where she's at.

    the kids are on vacation this week and my boys have been home. it still never ceases to amaze me that my 14 yo is as demonstrative with me as he is. and he can be quite the hellian, yet he treats me like a queen. my 12 yo is in a world of his own but at least he won't go to bed until he's kissed me good noc.

    i'm very preoccupied now so i'm going to say good noc to all and good morning for those who aren't here yet.

    with peace,

    leslie xo
  7. by   Thunderwolf
    Good morning and good night to everyone. Breakfast? Yum and thanks. Been away for a little while, doing my thang. Spent most of my night, after work, talking to a long time friend on the phone and surfing the allnurses. Happy to see a "new" male nurse forum by allnurses...posting on it. Catching up some reading on the board here and there. And Tweety, love your new Tweety avatar...great pic. Any way, everyone have a great day. Be safe.
    Your brother,
  8. by   weetziebat
    morning y'all,
    [color=#008080]dianah, breakfast sounds yummy, but don't think it will go with the beer i'm having, so will hold off till later.
    [color=#008080]you watched ai and you didn't watch 'lost'?? that is my very favorite show. that hour just flies by! told dh he has to tape it when i move.
    [color=#008080]madwife, ha! ha! - always some b*stard to ruin the day, isn't there? hope you have some enjoyable time till it happens however.
    [color=#008080]anna, the snow sounds lovely, but know that is easy for me to say. be careful driving in it, o.k?

    [color=#008080]leslie, why are kids on vacation this week? hope things get straightened out between dd and dh. no fun being between the two of them, is it?

    [color=#008080]wolfy, missed seeing you around here for a bit.
    [color=#008080]took puppy to the vet last evening for his rabies shot. then scheduled his neutering for next wednesday. he was only 6 lbs. when we got him at 7 weeks of age, and now, at 6 months, he is 69 lbs. - guess i have to stop calling him 'the baby'.

    [color=#008080]gonna go get some sleep now. hugs to all -

  9. by   nursemary9
    good morning, all

    dinah!! thanks for the breakfast--pancakes & raspberries sounds wonderful to me & lots of coffee, please!!
    hope you sleep well!!

    anna, be careful with your drive to work; snow can be pretty but so dangerous. personally, i'm pretty sick of snow all ready!!
    would prefer to not see anymore, but i know that is a pipe dream--they are predicting some for the end of the week.

    madwife, hope your day is going well!! hope your day hasn't been ruined yet!!

    leslie, hope things will improve between dd & dh!!
    how is lisa? i was just wondering about her.

    weetzie--that is one big dog!! what kind is he? i don't ever recall hearing, or else i forgot!! i wish we could see a pic of him!!

    wolfy, we missed you, glad you're back!!

    tweety, you must be sleeping in today or else you are having a very busy nite at work!!
    i'm at work & it's sort of busy.

    hello to all yet to come--have a great day!!

    mary ann
  10. by   maire
    Good morning.

    I never really have anything worthwhile to contribute to this daily thread but always feel the need to stick my head in the door, so to speak, and say hello. Hope you all have a great day.

    We're expecting 5-8 inches of snow starting this afternoon. Who shook the snow globe??
  11. by   Tweety
    Good Morning!

    Yes, Mary Ann busy at work. I got a new assignment at 11pm because they took my orientee off of orientation due to being short. Her orientation's over in two days, so let's just throw her to the wolves early. Sigh..........

    Wolfy! Nice to see you. Jnette said my avatar looked smug...just like me.

    Leslie, doesn't sound like a peaceful home at the moment, hope daughter and dad come out of it o.k. Four wonderful days off!!!! WOOOT! (Except for a bloody inservice on the computers at work, for two hours tomorrow. )
  12. by   DDRN4me
    good morning all,

    dianah, thanks for breakfast! mmm.never thought of applesauce and raspberries er!
    maire...just you saying hi is a great contribution..there is not an everlasting chain of wisdom going on everyday !:chuckle
    i agree about the snow..'nuf already!!!
    wolfy, nice to see you!
    weetzie, thats one big puppy! bailey weighed in at a whopping 22 lbs last week wehen he went for his "chop".i think i like this "little dog" thing!
    bandit was big like that though..100+ lbs at one point in his life (very large for a dalmatian)
    madwife, hope the b!@#@#d hasnt shown up yer!
    leslie, i completely understand how you older dd is usually at odds with one of us (usually me) andi it is so hard to maintain a sense of peace when that is going dad was an alcoholic and we didnt always get along...i spent much time and energy staying away from him! now is see how stressful it must have been for my mom!
    silverdragon and everyone i missed, good morning!
    tweety, wake up!
    trying to go to weight watchers this am..i'm becoming disgusted with myself, cant exercise because of the foot thing, but feel like i am eating right and not going anywhere with losing , will be a cow before long!:uhoh21:
    finished my research paper, have class tonite,if the snow doesnt get here first!
    may not be on for a couple of days..going t o syracuse to see my nana ...have a good day and weekend all!! mary
  13. by   akcarmean
    good morning all,

    leslie, i grew up in a family where step-dad was an alcholic and i stayed away as much as possable i still do to this day. if i ever go over there the visit is very short b/c i can't stand his mouth or his degrading commits. but my mom continues to live in the situation. there has always been abuse and not sure about now. they got a divorce but she still lives with him. doesn't make sense to me. oh well not my live but i just don't get to see my mom very often. hope things calm down at home and you can get some piece of mind. take it easy girl.

    mary ann, tweety, wolfy, have a good rest. hope rest of the noc went ok for you.

    anna- drive safely and have a good day.

    sorry guys i am to exhausted to remember everyone elses name.

    need to get started on my last research paper.

    oh btw -- my supervisor called me last noc. i don't have to work on sat. she got someone else to cover shift. i told her i couldn't do a full 12 hrs. after working 6 1/2 the noc before. the mom needed a full 12 hrs. so the got someone else. which is fine with me. she also removed me from march's schedule and i still have the job. i told her that if she got into a real bind and the mom really needed coverage to give me a call and i would see if my schedule was open to do it. i said only if really necessary. i had to cut some stress somewhere and that was a start.

    well anyway to all of you have a good day.

    i will try to be back later.

  14. by   Nurseboy1
    Morning everybody,

    The start of 4 days off following 4 shifts in a row. Just woke up in time to get dressed and leave for school. So I'll be able to post more in the afternoon.

    Today is our chest module. Lung sounds and heart sounds. This should be easy since I work pulmonary and hardly ever hear what good clear lungs sound like anymore.:chuckle

    Hope everyone has a wonderful day.