Good Thursday Morning 1-27-05

  1. Come one come all to the Good Morning thread. Tell us about your day.

    I'll leave now and come back because I see Mary Ann and don't know what's she's up to.
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  3. by   Tweety
    O.K. so Mary Ann left.

    I want to make a brief note to encourage newbies to this thread. We all were newbies once, and how we didn't become newbies is that we posted about ourselves and responded to others. We did this over and over again and pretty soon people began to know us. We are not a clique, although many of us who have been here for a while know and care about each other.

    We are all in this together. So premimum members join us!

    I finished my paper on my personal philosophy of nursing with comparisons to two nursing theorists. It was quite interesting to put my beliefs about the world and nursing down on paper. I'm so glad to get it out of the way now. Only 2 more papers and one power point presentation to go. The PP presentation is going to be the big time consuming project. The other papers are not that big of a deal, as my "big" paper is finished.

    Sorry to bore you with school so much, but that's my life these days. And it's partly allnurses fault I'm in school, since you told me to go for it. Damn you people. :chuckle

    So it's back to work tonight. But right now I'm going to the new super Walmart that just opened very close to me! 3AM is the only time I dare go on opening week.

    Mary Ann, I hope you're in a better mood tonight. Nothing like silly unnecessary things at work to ruin a good mood.
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  4. by   nursemary9

    I've got a mtg. to go to right now--will post when I return.
    Not as busy tonite--not as grumpy.
  5. by   Tweety
    Hi Mary Ann. Glad you're not so grumpy. I'm back from Walmart. It was dead in there, myself and a couple of other people, and the workers, of course. I'm used to the other Walmart which is America's busiest being full of people no matter time of night it is. But it was so nice to attend opening day and walk right up to a cashier without waiting.

    I'm going to walk the dogs now. It's amazingly warm and comfortable. Must be the humidity.

  6. by   HannasMom
    I wish our Walmart was opened 24 hours. I love shopping at Walmart. You have the Walmart with the grocery store right? Must be nice. Our equivalent of that is Fred Meyers, all in one shopping. Yet it closes by 11 pm also. Portland is a city with many hospitals, you would think the city would make more accomodations for the night shift employees which live here. Our Wendys is open until 2 am, but not much else is open after 11 or 12.
  7. by   GPatty
    Morning Tweedles, Mary, Hannasmom!
    I woke up kind of early this AM (and it's a wonder...I didn't go to bed till after midnight! )

    I have class this AM and a couple of homework assignments due that I am going to work on today. ANd I'd really like to finish my laundry!

    Well everyone, have a grand day and maybe I'll pop back in later to see how everyone fares at that time......

    ~Love and hugs~
  8. by   DDRN4me
    Wow! almost 6:00 and no breakfast??????:uhoh21: Whats happening here????

    well, lets start with some coffee, flavored and not, decaf and regular, tea, hot chocolate, orange, cranberry and tomato juice, fresh fruit,
    Eggs any style, white, ww or raisin toast, oatmeal, grits (whatever they are)cream of wheat, maypo, cold cereal, bacon, sausage or canadian bacon,waffles or pancakes...mmmmmmm, eat up everyone

    Just waiting to see whether or not we have school...most places near here are cancelled for the week.

    we'll be there till July at this rate!
    Tweety, keep up the good work..i know it aint easy!!

    Have a great day, everyone! Mary
  9. by   nursemary9
    Good Morning to All Here & Those Yet To Come!!:Melody:

    I am in a much better mood, tho I again have different patients--at least they are all on one side of this HUMONGOUS Unit!!
    I am in Charge--but Knock on Wood--It has not been an awful nite--2 1/2 hrs. left!!
    I just finished the day shift assignment, which, also actually went well today.

    I will be OFF tonite!!
    Nothing planned for the day & evening.

    Tweety, I read yesterdays thread & that concert sounded just great. I LOVE Josh--I have one of his CD's. Even DH likes him!!

    Leslie, also from yesterdays thread, you are just SOMETHING ELSE!! You sound like you have so much patience & love for the people you care for!!:icon_hug: Yep, You can certainly be my Hospice Nurse when I need one!!

    Well, I hope you all have a WONDERFUL day!!

    Tweety, My DH & I are all ready looking thru the real estate ads for homes in the Pensacola area. We'll drive down in April with hopes of finding something!!
    I am hoping we find something & that we can sell our home up here easily so I don't have to spend another winter up here!! This snow & ice are killing me this year!! The weather could not be worse for my arthritis!!
    Enough--no complaints today--I just feel too good for that!!

    My sister is moving this weekend--She has been in Maryland for about the last 5 years & now is moving back to Virginia to what they are calling they're "retirement Home". It's only on 5 1/2 acres!!
    They could fit the whole dang family there!!

    Well, everyone, TAKE CARE!!

    Mary Ann
  10. by   Tweety
    Mary Ann, are you crazy? The panhandle thiis last decade has been hammered by hurricanes. LOL

    That's the primary reason a lot of people move here, is the snow and ice up there gets you after a lifetime.
  11. by   nursemary9

    DH wants the Panhandle!! He had been going yearly for the golf.
    When DH wants that area, that's where we go!! Altho, he did take me down there last year to see if I would like it.
    I would really hate to shoot down his one dream---To live near Pensacola!!

    What can I say??
    He's really so sweet about it!!
  12. by   phn92
    Good morning all!!

    We still have sick ones here!! DH's temp jumped up to 102 last night, it was down earlier. DS is still sick, running fever and coughing. It's driving me crazy!!! So far the oldest and I have bypassed this mess. I know this is a viral thing, so I have yelled about drinking and resting!!! Of course dh has to go out and feed the livestock, but I told him to stay in the house the rest of the day! I have too much to do to have sickies in the house.

    We need to get started on the priming the new part of the addition. I had two different people here yesterday to measure for flooring. I still need to go to both places and see what I like. One place has a sale going on until Monday, I may go there tonight! I feel like the pressure is on and I hate that! I want to save money anyway I can.

    I love to see new people posting on here, so join in whenever you feel like it! I also lurked for a long time before I joined this fun bunch!!

    I hope everyone has a wonderful Thursday, gotta go to work!!
  13. by   akcarmean
    WEll just wanted to wish everyone a good day, I have to get moving and get ready for work. I will check back later today but won't be until after 6 pm CST.
    It should be an interesting day I am catching a cold and am close to having a full blown migraine. Oh Well!!!!
    Take care

  14. by   Spidey's mom
    Good Morning - sitting here at work all alone at the nurse's station.

    Same 3 patients today. My 4th went to heaven last night.

    I just drank a vanilla protein shake from Atkins - yummy

    Warm weather sounds awesome . .green grass, flowers, leaves on trees.

    Sounds like the nurse and CNA are finished with the RN's patients so it will be my turn soon. We follow the CNA around to do assessments so we don't have to wake folks up twice this early in the morning. Still have a brittle diabetic on an insulin gtt.

    Check back later . . .