Good Thursday Morning 15 July 2004

  1. Good morning from this side of the world...................
    Actually had a ticket to fly back to the US this morning, but way too much going on here for me to get away at the present time.
    Friends and family will just have to wait until at elast September to see me.
    Started teaching a class at the Military Hospital here yesterday and that goes for ten weeks.

    Think that I may actually keep Sabrina's hair short, she looks just like a little puppy, everyone thinks that I got a new one to add to m little gang.

    Have to get back to class...............have a great day everyone.....
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  3. by   karenG
    Good morning Suzanne

    just starting my day here- its 8am and the surgery just opened its doors for another busy day. still its nearly the weeekend.. not sure what I am doing, other than running a taxi service for my youngest son!!

    no deep thoughts yet.. too early in the morning and only had one cup of tea!!

  4. by   suzy253
    Good morning Suzanne & Karen

    Nothing much happening here.
    for some reason I'm unusually calm this morning. I guess my panic hasn't set in yet. Tomorrow is the exam at 1:00 p.m. Obviously, more review is in store for me for today. I can't begin to tell you all how tired I tired of this. I want a break so badly..but in any case, I plan to do absolutely nothing this weekend except gel out and relax, sleep, read fun things or whatever happens to pop up. I miss seeing my friends so bad but I've been hybernating here in the house. two of them are CNA's so they work in the evenings but are around during the day. I really need a very good laugh--several laughs in fact. But I did LOL at one of the jokes the lovely Fran posted last night and hubby said it was nice to see me smile cos I haven't done it in so long.

    Coffee has brewed---need more!!!! Wish I could have a cream tea with you Karen. Love them!!!
  5. by   suzanne4
    Good morning Karen and Suzy.............
    Guess everyone else is sleeping in this morning...............
  6. by   Silverdragon102
    good afternoon all, it is 12.11 and just getting ready for lunch. Had a busy morning but I guess that keeps me out of trouble. :chuckle

    I am the same Karen not got alot planned for the weekend, but sure I will find something, especially if the weather improves.

    Good luck Suzy on your exam
  7. by   jnette
    Good Morning !!!

    Oh, I've been up, but first things first... put on the COFFEE !!!

    And of course as soon as Princess Chelsie hears me in the kitchen, she comes running.. sounds like a horse galloping through the house.. don't understand how 2 lbs. of fluff can make such a racket. She wants her food and so she meows, pulls, tugs, and bites at my jammie legs until I fill her bowl.

    Then, and ONLY then, do I get to mosey back here to check in. Soooooo glad she's eating again.

    Coffee is good this mornig.. I made it just perfect. AH.

    Suzanne... sounds interesting about the military hospital... but what happens to your "other" school in your absence, or do break it up and divide your time?
    Yes, I agree, Lil' Sabrina does look just too sweet with the cropped hair. You'll just have to break down and purchase a REAL mop for your floors now... tsk,. tsk.

    Suzy... I know. I truly DO know. I used to do just as you... nothing BUT. And hibernated for three years while everyone else was "outside playing". But since I was doing distance learning, I didn't have actual semester breaks or anything like that, so I just kept on... every day... work or not. It does get old, and yet I was amazed at how the years flew by. I will whisper a prayer for you tomorrow on my luch break at work... that will be about an hour before your exam... that you might have peace and calm, that your memory would be fresh and clear, and that you will have retained what you need to know to answer the exam questions. (((HUGS))) It's almost behind you now.

    Dianah........ oh, I just KNOW your dh would love this Fiddler's Convention.. I'm actually surprised he has not attended yet. PPL from as far away as Sweden and Japan come to compete. It's really a huge thing. Perhaps some year you might make it out here... we have a lovely new RV park not even a quarter of a mile up the road from my house.. you could drive out and see the country along the way and stay there... or book a hotel room WAY IN ADAVANCE near the convention, or even stay here with us if you chose.
    Something to work on, eh? And yes.. Sweet Chelsie is all better now.. thanx. Will be sure to keep her wormed on schedule the next couple months.

    ALL ... please keep Earle in your thoughts and prayers today, and her sister Lisa. The news was not good.
  8. by   Energizer Bunny
    Morning everyone. My kids let me sleep in until 7. Can you imagine? And I fell asleep before 11. It's almost nice not having dh here if the kids will actually stay in their own beds! LOL!'s good to see you. You come and go lately....busy, busy girl! Do you have a lot of friends you do things with or are you pretty engrossed in your work? It seems like work takes up much of your time.

    Suzy.....*sigh* I again last night started to wonder what on God's earth I am doing trying to become a nurse now. I think it's time for some serious prayer and meditation before I do something I regret. Keep going're doing it!

    Karen.....I'm a completely idiot, but did I know that you have kids? OIY! How many? How old?

    Diana....I guess I didn't know you have a rabbit. Or did I? (I seriously can't remember anything from here, but I AM absorbing the info. from classes! LOL!) Dang, I'm a moron! My little bunny, Boo, was sick...throwing up and stuff, the other day. I would have contacted you if I had known (remembered) that you have one!

    Fairy.....Your dh sounds kinda fun. (((((((X))))))) It does sorta sound like the symptoms for depression in kids to me. I hope you can find out what is going on with him. It's too bad his mom has such a hold on him still or you might be able to really help the little guy. Is there any hope that she is starting to let go at all?

    Now speaking of the AIDS instructor (the College Comp. one of course) says that on a personal level, it is a tragedy but on a global level it is almost a good thing because of over-population. He also says that something like 3 or the last 7 years we have not produced enough food for the population. This is where his "when it's my time, that's it" attitude comes from. I think this is for another thread, but I wanted to tell you all about what he was saying since the convention was brought up here.

    I got my College Comp. notes copied and sent to my friend and then decided to just print them out for me too rather than re-copying. We'll see how the studying goes from those. I usually do better from my own handwriting for some reason. I also got the Nutrition notes started, which I will finish before I go to class tonight so that I am not overloaded. I also spent about 2 hours on research for my paper. I would like to have it generally completed by this time next week. Life tends to have other plans for me, though.

    I am going to catch up here this morning, as much as I can. I am not leaving this spot until I do. Then, I am going to whip through my house and pick it up (yes, Fran...I AM gonna pick the darn thing up and throw it!) and do a tad bit of cleaning that needs done. Some things just CAN'T wait....ya know, like the toilet, dust on the Tv's, LOL! I also really have ironing to do but I think I'll do that tonight after the kids go to bed and my head is too crammed full to study anymore.

    Alright....gotta get started on catching up or I'll be here all day like Netters was yesterday!

    Hugs all around.......
  9. by   Energizer Bunny
    Morning Anna! were posting again while I was!

    ((((((((((((((((Leslie and Lisa)))))))))))))))))))))
  10. by   jnette

    Hi Karen !!! Didn't mean to leave you out ! Any sailing this weekend? What about the raincheck from your fellow?

    Good morning Silverdragon... you were posting as I was...
  11. by   suzy253
    Netters.......thank you for thinking of me before my exam tomorrow and your little prayer for me. The more the better! This is actually the 'midterm'...I will have to continue on with 3 more chapters (blood, digestion, respiratory) which I'm already familiar with (1) took this class before (2) studied it in nursing classes (3) studied it in pharmacology, blah blah blah.
    Then I have a take home exam then 2 more chapters...reproductive and genitourinary...again familiar with these...then the final final exam. I think I will be better prepared for the last one as with the first 7 chapters (current) I put all these on the backburner so to speak whilst I concentrated on micro and sociology at the local CC.

    i had to LOL when you mentioned little chelsea running and how she sounds--one of my kitties (Ivy) is very petite although she's full grown and she makes the most noise running on the hardwoods than any of the other kitties. Very heavy footed. But we always know when "Little V" as we call her is running around...that's for sure. I'm soooooo glad Chelsea has her appetite back. She is absolutely adorable!!! ....and a very lucky puss I might add with you as her mum.

    I have to apologize because you guys must be soooooo tired of hearing me fret over my A&P course. Wow...that's all I do! You're probably saying 'alright already sue...we know, we know! get to it and study more..what's the problem???' :chuckle

    time to cleanse myself, make more coffee!

    hi to everyone else I missed! hugzzz all around
  12. by   jnette
    Quote from CNM2B
    Alright....gotta get started on catching up or I'll be here all day like Netters was yesterday!

    Hugs all around.......

    yeah.......... and TODAY I simply MUST get my things done which I neglected yesterday ! :imbar So I am OUTTA here for awhile... make the beds, and go hit the bowflex before it gets too warm in the house. Then vacum out the car. I DID iron my uniforms yesterday, however !

    Then get those darn nursing notes done... blech. Such redundancy... it's all on the proton at work anyway.. why do it all again just to fatten up the charts? :stone

    Have a good one Kimmy... (((HUGS)))
  13. by   Energizer Bunny'd better do an extra good workout after what you ate yesterday! LOLOL!!! and we all know your hiney got bigger in the last year too! LOLOL!!!!
  14. by   suzanne4
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