Good Thursday Morning 5/27/04

  1. Howdy y'all. I figured I'd get the jump on Kim and post the day's thread first. :chuckle

    So my day got much better. I have the car which I will take to the shop and get a new tire in the morning. I skated through the meeting I had to run, making up a quick list of stuff that I expected other people to do.

    And the test? Thanks to the curve, and some bonus questions, and the class grumbling about some of the questions, I got a 99%.

    Question of the day, huh? OK, for those of you who're married or engaged, what was the proposal like? For those of you who aren't, how would you pop the question if you got the chance?
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  3. by   Energizer Bunny
    Guess ya'll don't need me today so I'm out ..... It seems very weird to not be posting the morning thread, but my life has been weird that last few days. See you guys later.
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  4. by   laughingfairy
    Morning Chris and Kim and all...maybe I'll checkback later.It wasn't a proposal but we just decided...what with Kara coming and all..JP for us.

    But on our 1 year wedding anvirersery DH cornared me in the med room at work and got down on his knees and gave me an "engagement ring" with the promise that someday we would renew our vows at a big wedding.
  5. by   eltrip
    OF COURSE we need you! There's no one else like you here! I look for this thread daily because YOU got it going.

    I am in my cubicle (as usual). I've just sent my little girl off to see her dad & grandparents for the holiday weekend. I think that she's grown again...goodness, where does the time go? Today I go to her current school to pick up her report card & take it to the school that she's on the waiting list to attend next year. Please think good thoughts for us.

    Tonight my hope is to assemble a closet organization system. The hard part will be taking everything out of my closet in order to install the system. That's the part I dread!

    Chris, congrats on the AWESOME test score! Keep up the good work!

    As to the question, my DH held me in his arms & proposed to me in the moonlight on a night in late December.
  6. by   Spidey's mom
    My husband proposed to me while we were in a tractor.

  7. by   jayna
    Its friday morning here .......................where the land that sees the sunrise first. and am still at the computer doing nothing but surfing the net.
    Pass me that V drink please
  8. by   nurseunderwater
    kim - get your booti back here grrl! what the is the question of the day?!?

    chris - whoohoo on that 99% man. way to go!

    laughing- what is your real name? congrats on the next step in what i hope will be a life long endevour!

    shape walk with keir and pizza party on his last day of Kindergarten.

    errands w/ the kids and laundry are the order of the day. i'll be on and off.

    hope you all have a wonderful day. really i do.

    peace out -
  9. by   nurseunderwater
    Quote from jayna
    Its friday morning here .......................where the land that sees the sunrise first. and am still at the computer doing nothing but surfing the net.
    Pass me that V drink please
    ok - where is oceana? what is a v drink?

    sounds like you live somewhere i want to be. looking for houseguests? LOL
  10. by   nurseunderwater
    ok.....just googled it. are you by pago pago? when i can i come?
  11. by   unknown99
    Today I have to go look for a white nursing dress for RN graduation. In all my 19 years of being an LPN, I have never worn a dress!!! EWWWW!!! But the student council voted on it, so in order to get pictures we have to have a white dress!!! EWWWW!!!!!
    I'm chunky as is, let alone a white dress will make me look HUGE!!!!!!
    Well, if that is the worst thing that could happen associated with graduation, then I guess I will be fine!
    Have a great and wonderful day everyone!!!!
  12. by   ARmickie
    Good morning all. Just when I was thinking my poor shoulders couldn't get any worse.... Dylan slept with me last night and turned over in a real bad way for me. He somehow managed to throw his hand just right so that his nails ripped into the skin on my shoulder. The skin rolled up (only the first layer, I think) in a bunch and the drainage began. I honestly tried not to scream and scare my baby to death... actually it was a paralyzing kinda pain. In a matter of minutes, the fluid that drained from it had dried on my arm b/c there was still so much heat in it. Some yellowish colored stuff????? At any rate, the skin is still bunched up there this morning and it is all covered with that same yellowish colored crust. Now, I've never in my life burned like this, so I'm wondering if this is a normal part of the healing process or what??? I know the little fellow is going to freak when he gets up and sees my arm.

    Nothing much going on here today. We have a game planned for tonight, if it doesn't rain it out. Looks like we're going to be having a chance for rain for the next week.

    Kim... you know we need you girl... c'mon.. give us the run down on what's up w/ you guys!!!

    As far as getting married goes, Jas and I knew very early on that we wanted to get married, and I believe we were just talking in bed one night when we made that decision. The hard part was getting a divorce from Regan's dad... that took me FOUR YEARS. He didn't want a divorce, and kept telling everyone it was "just a phase" I was going through and that I'd be back... uhmmm NO!!!! Once the divorce was final, we started making our wedding plans that day!

    Anyway.. if anybody can tell me about this burn/tear/fluid thing please holla!!
  13. by   ChrisA
    :uhoh21::uhoh21::uhoh21:Ooops, I haven't been around long enough. Kim, I just thought you OP'd every day because she was up real early; didn't know it was your baby! Come back! Come back! Of course we need you.

    sagarcia210, a required white dress? That doesn't sound all that great. Do you have any males in your program? What are they supposed to wear?
  14. by   laughingfairy
    okay the reason I haven't posted my real name is I have a few very nasty (but some nice too) co-workers who lurk on this board and they would go running back to the boss in a heart beat if they could figure out who I was.

    I never leave enough info for it to be a hippa violation but they certainly would try and/or if I happen to say anything that they might think is in reference to them.

    I had to change my username on the first go round about it.

    Unfortuanatly my mother graced me with a name that isn't super common. So no Kim, or Ashely, or Megan for me.