Good Thursday Morning 5/13/04

  1. Good morning everyone! Sorry I missed all the chatting last night. It would have been fun, but *sigh* I had to spend time with Bryan! LOL! We sat out on the porch talking with Bryce sitting on his lap. It was nice and relaxing. It would be even better if our landlord would get the porch completely fixed and we could have it really nice out there. I'm sick of telling him things. (see don't want to be a landlord! LOL!)

    For all of those that are on a mission to lose weight....I have been too. I have lost 25 pounds since January 1st. My exercise has been cut down because of my pain, etc. but I am trying to get back to it gradually now. I think it would be great if we all continuously supported each other here too! (hey, we can do lots of things on this nice, happy thread! LOL!) I had an original goal of being at 140 pounds by Christmas and I am 195 now, but that is unrealistic because I haven't been able to exercise. So, now my goal is to be 175 by the time school starts or September 1st (give myself a few days of leeway there)! I have been taking the kids for a walk around the block every day in the afternoon which is at least something. I think today I will do a toning workout at some point. Now, it's in all have to hold me to it!

    Hmmmm...question for today......Who is your favorite actor/actress? I really enjoy watching Noah Wyle on ER. I also looooove Nicholas Cage but can't get into action movies no matter who is in them. Sandra Bullock and Meg Ryan are more favorites. I loved the movie "City of Angels". Just had it made with the cast in that one! This should bring on much discussion.

    I have to run and get diapers this morning and then there isn't much planned for around here again. I can't do a lot of what I need to without Bryan here to help and he is leaving this morning to go work on a kitchen for two days. It's easier for him to stay at his mom's overnight, especially with gas at over $2 a gallon. I'll probably dust the playroom and I didn't get the laundry finished. I also have many more flashcards to do for the organ systems because I ran out of index cards yesterday afternoon.

    It looks like it's going to be another beautiful day here today. I hope you all have the same and enjoy!
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  3. by   ARmickie
    Good morning Kim! I'm about to finish my first cup of coffee... and boy, does it seem different w/o a cigarette to go with it! But, this too shall pass... I have some cinnamon candies on my desk, thinking that it would help to have something to stick in my mouth when the craving got bad, but...I don't think they'll taste too good w/ coffee!

    I stayed away from the boards for the most part last night myself. Actually went to bed early. Once the kids got to sleep, I headed on to bed myself.

    Sounds like the weight loss is going good for you! I know I need to get off my butt and at least get to the treadmill, if not the gym. Especially trying to stop smoking, the last thing I need to do is start to gain some more.

    Favorite actor/actress... can't say that I have any real favorites. The kids and I have a soft spot for the goofy antics of Adam Sandler...

    At any rate, it's time for me to get another cup of coffee and get the kids headed out the door in a bit. Still trying to figure out how I should schedule all my prereq classes.. especially which ones I'm willing to jump into for the summer terms (not being in class for 15 years tends to make one a bit nervous about going back).

    Have a good day, y'all!
  4. by   laughingfairy
    morning all...wouldn't you know the day I don't have to get up early and the kids sleep in I'm up at 6 am and I mean UP. I'd already been awake for awhile by that point.

    Construction crew is back. This time I'm a little worried that they are going to hit my house. Kids wont be going out side here. Cant go for a walk here because the ground is so torn up I can't push the stroller and Kara can't ride her bike. Definetly time to hit the park

    Favorite actors...just about anyone who has appeared on Law & Order. All three shows. I'm a crime junky.

    Denzil Washington (I think he is yummy!!)
    Jodi Foster-brilliant and versitile.

    see you all
  5. by   FranEMTnurse
    How are all of you today? As you can see, I'm eating my breakfast while talking. That's because I have an early morning medical appointment. I'd much rather be here though. but, I must do what I must do.

    My favorite actresses are Jodie Foster(she was fantastic in The Silence of the Lambs) and Myra Tierney who plays Abby on ER. Favorite male actors are Noah Wylie (Carter on ER) Robin Williams because he is soo mullti-talented, Eddie Murphy, Morgan Freeman, and Jim Carey.

    After I return home, I'm planning on logging back in. So for now, I'll see ya all later.
  6. by   nurseunderwater
    goodmorning all

    dh and i had a date last night....we went to dinner and then to a movie - spring, summer,winter, autumn, spring - a korean film, very zen and extraordinarily beautiful.
    if your into this kind of film - a must see!

    my ds leaves today....whaaaaaaaaa!

    i am going to a "hot" yoga class at nine - woohoo - man is it cool!

    favorite actor? Katherine Hepburn

    Keep it up with the no smokes Mickie - sending you strength to get through the rough patches. i smoked for a long time - i still use nicotine gum prn. it helps me through the more stressful days.

    love to you all,

  7. by   Energizer Bunny
    Good morning everyone! I had to run to Wal-mart to get diapers and then I moved furniture around while I had Bryan here to help me with the TV. Now, it's on the floor until tomorrow night when he comes home and can help me lift it up.

    Fran...I hope your dr. appointment is routine? Let us know how it goes.

    Mickie...good luck with the smokes. I'm weak lately. I gotta try again though.

    laughingfairy...sounds like a trip to the park is definately in order. I sooo wish our yard was all nice like it was last fall before we moved in here, but the roofers just destroyed most of it.

    Kate...sounds like you had a good night. That's great! Does your sister live really far from you?
  8. by   jnette

    Hey All !

    Got off work around 11, ran to WMart to get a memory card for my camera and one for Jessie's... got to have lots of pics of her wedding y'know ! And I know she'll want to take plenty on their short, but sweet honeymoon. Got some wedding giftwrap nad ribbons and bows and a little wedding bell,*sniff*.. and a beautiful card for them... *sniff* and I actuallly got all teary eyed in the store.

    I'm really beginning to feel all jittery... happy, melancholy, excited... then this morning at work, the wedding bouquets for the maid of honor (my sis) and the bridesmaid (Dtr.'s best friend.. now her brother's GIRLFRIEND).. and all the boutonniers and Mothers' "corsage thingies" arrived. The wife of our little tech guy who works with us.. does flower arrangements for weddings, etc. on the side. And what a FABUOOUS job she did !!! OMG, they are absolutlely BEAUTIFUL !!! My mouth dropped and hung open for what seemed five whole minutes when they brought the box in... I was absolutely flabberghasted !!! Simply GORGEOUS !!! Of course, after seeing that, is when all the emotions started welling up, and I haven't been the same since. I'm just all in a tizzy here.... so just overlook my babbling. :imbar

    Well, off tomorrow (start the serious last minute housecleaning stuff).. then work a halfday Saturday, then that's IT !!! No more work for a week and a half ! Whooooooooot !!!
  9. by   Spidey's mom
    I spent the last week doing a "big clean" in anticipation of hosting 3 young women who came up from Azusa Pacific University to put on a concert here in our community. They are called "Bel Canto Women's Choir" and they were wonderful. Surrounded the audience in a circle and sang . . . I swear the first few songs I couldn't stop myself from almost sobbing their voices were so beautiful.

    The 3 women we hosted were friends of my son, who attends APU also. They were so funny, sharing stories about the antics of my dear son and sharing photos as well. My son drove them around our valley, took photos of them in my husband's logging truck and today after their concert at a high school, they are headed to Burney Falls to hike.

    Since my house is all clean, I find myself sort of drifting this morning. Nothing hanging over my head to do. It is a weird feeling to actually be done with my housework. It won't take long to mess everything up again though.

  10. by   jnette
    Quote from stevielynn
    Since my house is all clean, I find myself sort of drifting this morning. Nothing hanging over my head to do. It is a weird feeling to actually be done with my housework. It won't take long to mess everything up again though.

    Boy, do I know THAT feeling !!! All nice and clean, and then... "uh.. NOW what do I do? DUH..." That pleasant "drifting" feeling you described.. almost guilty or "deprived" feeling...

    Enjoy it while it lasts !!!
  11. by   Spidey's mom
    Well, I have been busy with watching Danny recite, complete with the hand movements . .. .

    "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" . . . . . .


    P.S. There were 70 girls in the choir . . . . . drums and electric guitar on a few gospel songs. Mostly just the girls . . .. . I bought the CD of course and have played it twice.
  12. by   Energizer Bunny
    Hey Jnette and Steph....Have a great day! I'm trying to download a dang virus checker because my puter keeps shutting down. I'll be back......................(famous last words)
  13. by   Tweety
    Nurseunderwater, I love doing hot yoga. Am getting ready to go soon. The rental car shows the outside temp at the moment of being 93, so shouldn't take much to heat up the yoga studio. I include yoga twice a week, and try to make it to the gym at least three times a week for strenght and aerobics.

    My favorite actress probably is Jodie Foster as well. I think Bette Midler is a good actress too. I splurged today and got her movie The Rose for 11.99 at Best Buy. I think she did a brilliant job and was cheated out of the oscar that year.

    Have a great evening.
  14. by   manna
    I definately need to get on the weight loss bandwagon myself, but I have little-no self discipline. Oh well.

    My fave actor, without a doubt, is Ben Stiller. I think he's hilarious and sexy in an odd sort of way. Drew Barrymore probably qualifies as my favorite actress.

    I've been kind of bummed out today. My husband is going out of state on a trip and has no money so he's begging some off of me, even though I'm nearly broke myself. :angryfire:

    Glad the weekend is approaching so quickly. I'm exhausted. Seems no matter how much sleep or rest I get, I'm still drained, physically and emotionally.

    To look forward to next week: The welcome tea at my school, where I get to meet my future classmates and instructors!