Good Thursday Morning 5/6/04

  1. i missed you all soooo much yesterday! i thought i was gonna come home and catch up but i ended up working on medical bills because i was getting overwhelmed with them. i did find out good news while doing them...they pay a lot more for a lot of things than i thought. there is no deductible for hospital stays and our out of pocket max. is $2500 per individual or $5000 per family. otherwise, they pay 80%. all outpatient labwork, of which we have had a ton, is 100% covered, as is all of our radiologists bills for doing the procedures (x-rays, mri, etc.) so, once i got all of our medical bills together, so far we only owe about $1000. that's amazing considering everything happening around here with everyone. we do pay quite a bit each week out of bryan's check and i am glad to know that it is for a good reason. i was starting to not like our new insurance (the company just switched in jan. of 2003) but, they also paid 100% of my maternity bills...everything!!! dr, hospital, bloodwork, u/s and that's waaaay better than the old insurance. i really can't complain, except so many places have stopped taking blue cross and blue shield and that makes it very difficult. so, you guessed it, today's question is how is your health insurance if you have any?

    bryan's dr. can't find anything muscular wrong with him after his emg and new rounds of bloodwork. he is baffled. trey's new dr. is ordering yet more blood work and stool samples from him. we go back and see the np in six weeks. his concern is the behavioral problems combined with the tummy pain, since all other symptoms have basically stopped. we went to chuck e cheese after the dr. and the kids had a great time.

    then, my sweet little piper turned into girl from h#ll!!! lol! she cried the whole hour from chuck e cheese until i finally took the wheel and let daddy hold her (i know, but man..something was not right with her!) we got home and bry took her to run some errands alone thinking maybe she needed daddy time. well, first they ended up with a code adam for her in walmart because she took off while bry was getting diapers. they found her sitting in the purses playing with them like nothing was happening. then, he was terrified and didn't want any more problems, so he left her buckled in her carseat and ran in to pick up a prescription at a different place and she took all her dora crackers and smashed them into the seat. she was extremely frustrating yesterday after we left chuck e cheese and i don't know why. she seems much better this morning so far.

    okay, now to catch up with all of are you all doing???? for, it's the only way i get any sleep around here most nights. too bad your dh is so against it. the teeth..oiy! we're dealing with that now too. all three of my kiddos have gotten them quickly and this one is one teeth 9, 10, 11 and 12 all at the same time, though he usually only gets two at once. i also was told that orajel is not the best thing to use for them because they swallow it and it numbs up the whole mouth. there is some other product out there though i couldn't tell you what it is...i still have my orajel until i run out and then i'll search for the other. good luck!!!! went to the dang beach, girl??? now, i don't even wanna talk to you! phhhhhht! glad you had a good time!!!!!! i's so nice to see you back even if it is only for a little pop in here and there. your posts always brighten my day! i move my furniture all the time, so i guess i'm the opposite of you. in fact, since we moved in to this apartment in november, i have actually switched two complete rooms....bryce's bedroom became ours, our room became the kids' and their room became the playroom! lol! white walls? for shame! i agree with leslie about hiding the dirt! lol! i hate washing walls (and you know i'm a cleaner just like you!) i am anal about things fact when i was reading about the clothespins i was thinking about how mine all have to be going the same way..they can't be different...all have to be the same. when i dust, things have to be put back "just right", when the kids' toys are put away, there are special places for all.....i'm anal too!!!! woooo hooooo!

    liza...more cash at lowe's?? now, how am i gonna send you home depot coupons if you don't even frequent the store? lololol! btw, they just had a friends and family weekend a couple weeks ago and bry never brought me any coupons or told me until i asked him the other day. men!

    leslie...i used to be like you and not do a think to my face, etc, but man, i've got these awful red bumpy things and decided maybe it was time to take care of my skin. gonna get a referral to a dermatologist today, i believe.

    tweety...did you get motivated to do the housework?

    mickie...i hope the dr. is right about your dh...heard anything from your potential renters? gosh, i hope not! lol!

    okay, i have about an hour to get caught'll never happen. then, i have to go find out the results of my ct scan this morning and get groceries and run some errands. i will most definately be back aroun lunch time to finish catching up then!

    have a fabulous day!!! only took me 45 minutes to just catch up with you guys! lol!

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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    Hi All
    I'll just say good afternoon as here in good old blighty it is lunch time. Also the job I do is a mon fri regular hours so roll on friday. Why do we always seem to wish days away until we have days off, and I love my job.
    Decorating planned for the weekend as we are busy doing the house up to sell as hopefully by the end of the year will be residing in AZ. (fingers crossed)

    Hope everyone else has a good day.

  4. by   Tweety
    Good morning. Finished up some laundry and cleaned the bathrooms before work yesterday.

    Had a good night at work, we got a new vented patient whom I was assigned and we had a nice night together, but he's quite a load of work, so I lost touch with the rest of the unit, but I worked with good people.

    Back tonight for more fun after hopefully getting a good days sleep.
  5. by   ARmickie
    Good morning all! Hope everyone is getting a bit of this sunshine that was blinding me as I drove the kids to school this morning! Can't complain about it, though.. had so much rain the last few weeks that we're still trying to dry out. Dylan has another ballgame tonight, and the warm temps will be appreciated - Monday night it got so cool up here that the little ones were huddling under blankets in the dug out and trying to play ball in their jackets.
    Kim, I remember all too well those days of 'WTH??' when a good baby just goes bad for a bit! When Dylan did those type of things, I would get just as anxious and upset as he was because I just didn't understand it. Now, though, I have to say, he's a very emotional little boy. He is the type who can see right through me if I say nothing is wrong... Funny, my son is better at reading my face and seeing what's going on with me sometimes than my own DH! Yep, he's a momma's boy, as I've said before.
    Luckily for all involved, there has been no word from those people about the house. I'm hoping we don't see them again...
    As far as insurance goes, ours is decent, but not as good as yours!! We have a 300/ded per person and after that, they cover about 80%. I'm not sure what our max out of pocket is, as we've been lucky and have rarely met the deductibles. Our drug card is pretty good, though... Jas picked up script for Bupropion for me yesterday on his way home (yeah, tryin' to quit smokin') and the original sticker was about 70.00, but we paid five. So, I'm just as thankful for the drug card benefits as the actual insurance coverage.
    Nothing much going on with me today.. still working on getting carpets cleaned. I have to do some laundry today.. and yes, my walls do need to be cleaned at this point... thinking that's just going to have to wait until last though! Be good everybody!
  6. by   nurseunderwater
    my sista is watching the kiddos today so that i can to hospital library and study for my floor pharm god will my brain ever work again like it used to???

    kim-hos did dylan do at the hospital?

    love and kisses...Kayr
  7. by   manna
    My kids always try to run off and hide under the racks when we're in Wal-Mart.

    Hooray for Thursday! My son's kindy graduation is tonight, and it's payday! Looks like it's going to be a very nice day (other than the fact that I'm going for a physical and a shot this afternoon, yuck!)
  8. by   NursesRmofun
    [font=franklin gothic medium]good morning (under the wire)

    [font=franklin gothic medium]lowe's? did i say lowe's? lol :chuckle well, i share the wealth between the two. i will eagerly be awaiting a coupon. haha.
    [font=franklin gothic medium]glad this insurance is working better for you. the good ones do pay 100% on most things.
    [font=franklin gothic medium]hope everyone is straightened out and healthy in your family soon.
    [font=franklin gothic medium]piper is such an unusual name, but i like it! maybe she was just in a bad mood after chuckie cheese! lol. a little indigestion.
    [font=franklin gothic medium]we took my car for a tuneup and inspection, etc. we will pick it up later. went out to breakfast. later i have a usd and mammo scheduled. what fun! :hatparty:
    [font=franklin gothic medium]pretty day out there! enjoy!
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  9. by   nurseunderwater here is my karmic debt for the glorious day at the beach the hospital library right now....studying pharm and nursing math...blech.

    come to find out that while the BONs in fl and texas were not talking to each on my behalf the hospital i am doing my refresher course at hired a bunch of new nurses on the surgical they can't precept me there :angryfire:

    sooooooooooo, what med test to I study for now???

    my brain hurts.

  10. by   nurseunderwater
    oh, i know, I am supposed to be studying. I AM I AM I AM....LOL...back to meds and maths ..... yea!!
  11. by   laughingfairy
    Good afternoon all...I just sat down for the first time (not driving that is).

    Another 6 am morning and feel like I have nothing to show for it. LOL

    Actually I took my friend to her surgean 30 minutes to her house, then 1 hr each and the appt ended up taking 2 hours. She had said it would be a quick in and out appt. Thank God I didn't believe her and planned other stuff for the girls. We went to borders book store and had breakfast, then off to Toys r us where the older had a gift card left over from her b-day, and then to Home depot.

    Oldest picked out a miniture rose in her color pink for her Grammy for mothers day. Youngest was excited that she got to eat a hotdog in her car seat. She has he most expressive face.

    Everything that big girl got was for "the beach". the store was having a buy 2 get 1 free sale. Can you imagine the amount of plastic junk she picked up for $25.

    Oh well guess I understand why my hellion is acting so badly to day...that was alot of time to be stuck in a car.

    or else it was just the full moon last night.
  12. by   Energizer Bunny
    You guys are NOT going to believe what happened this afternoon! My life is definately not dull. First we were all outside playing and two unmarked cars with suits pulled up on my street...they kinda looked at us as the drove by and when I saw them pull over at the neighbor's and get out, I got the kids up on the porch immediately. They went to the neighbor's house and walked around, knocked on the doors, talked to a neighbor and left. Weird....

    Then, we were outside again after coming in to put Bryce to sleep and Trey took off on his bike. I was talking to a neighbor and the next thing I know her daughter says "your son is gone." I panicked and took off running, carrying Bryce with Piper in tow. Poor Piper fell and skinned her knees. We caught him around the corner riding his bike faster than all get out. I tried to yell at him but he wouldn't listen so we ran back the other way and he was gone!!!! Luckily, there was a police car driving by (it was right as school was letting out and the elementary school is right here) and I flagged them down. They took some info. and went to look for him, driving past the house first. Would you believe that little trickster of mine had gone inside and gotten three cookies and was out on the steps eating them like nothing was happening? The cops stayed with him until I could drag poor exhausted Piper back to the house. OIY! He is very apologetic and was even a bit sad when I told him something could have happened to him and we may never have seen him again, but he just doesn't GET IT! What in the world can I say to this kid to make him understand? And what is going on with my independent children in the last two days? Do they hate me so much that they will run away from me anywhere? I'm losing my mind here...I was so hysterical that I went and opened a beer already and had a smoke from the upstairs neighbor!
  13. by   Energizer Bunny
    And hey...why's it so quiet around here today? yesterday I wasn't here and it was busy, busy, busy!!! you're gonna give me a complex!!
  14. by   Spidey's mom
    Well, I was in the bathroom finishing up painting. Taking a little break now and then going back to clean the bathtub and shower and toilet. Danny is asleep - hopefully for a bit longer.

    Planter's Peanuts and sugar-free Koolaid and checking in at Allnurses . . woo hooo! :hatparty: