Good Thursday Morning 04/21/05

  1. Happy Sunny Day to all of you.
    Worked again on Wednesday, with two more to go.........then going to a seder this Saturday night. That time of year again............

    Ying is still preparing for her English exams, watching movies daily and reading American novels........has completed the latest Danielle Steels and now is reading a murder mystery by one of my favorite authors.

    Have a great day, as well.................
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  3. by   Tweety
    Hi Suzanne, don't understand what "sedar...That time of year again......." means. Do tell.

    My computer is working very slow today. Off to work for the next two days and then the weekend off. What's nice about working day shift is I won't sleep the Saturday away and can enjoy the nice weather.

    Have a great day!
  4. by   DDRN4me
    helloooo..where is everyone today???

    our weather has dramatically changed after some thunderstorms last night, cool and cloudy.
    plan on doing some more spring cleaning and then a dentist appt and then school.
    i feel like i am getting so much accomplished this week for a change!
    have a great day everyone! mary
  5. by   akcarmean
    good morning all,

    i have all of my reports finished for this week. i can officially start my break. i am off until may 1st. :hatparty: i am so ready for this break. all i have to do is wait for my grades right now i have an a & b in the classes. as long and i don't mess up big time i think those are going to still be my final grade. but should still keep me on the dean's list i hope!!!baby is going to the sitters, i am going to take it easy, looks for some financial aid, try doing some laundry, and have pt. this afternoon.

    how about some breakfast: cereal (hot & cold), leslie here is your maypo, eggs, biscuit & gravy, fresh fruit, toast, ham, sausage, bacon, jelly or jam, coffee, juice (any kind), hot chocolate, have to include my diet pepsi, soda any kind, milk, hope that will work for this am.

    need to get the kids started moving for school!

    take care,
    will check back later,
  6. by   suzanne4
    It is the Jewish holiday of Pssover. We have a seder each of the first two evenings, which will be Satuday and Sunday. No bread is eaten, only unleavened bread.........This is the time of year when you see all of the matzoh at the supermarkets, and gefilte fish...........
  7. by   leslie :-D
    Quote from suzanne4
    It is the Jewish holiday of Pssover. We have a seder each of the first two evenings, which will be Satuday and Sunday. No bread is eaten, only unleavened bread.........This is the time of year when you see all of the matzoh at the supermarkets, and gefilte fish...........
    ugh....the memories. mom was jewish; my father, protestant. such warfare in our household on what religion we were to be raised in. mom insisted on celebrating passover and to me, it was boring and prolonged; never fully understood its' meaning therefore did not appreciate it. same attitude with my father and his mother, who vehemently instilled her beliefs of the protestant religion. and my grandmother disliked jews and didn't hide it! she disliked catholics also. so i rejected both and chose to believe in my own God that embraced all.

    but do love the gefilte fish, chopped liver, kinisches (sp), lox etc.
    and during seder, we got grape juice while mom drank the wine. mom wasn't an orthodox jew but if we stayed out of school because of a jewish holiday, we had to go to temple; same thing with going to church. and because i was being taught totally different beliefs by ea parent, my mind just blocked it out.

    suzeanne, do you make chopped liver?
  8. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Hello everyone. Just poking my head in to say hi.....

    Today is dh bday. We got him some things for his hobby (or rather habit) of distance biking and a gift certificate from a boat store (he is a bigtime fisherman and we have a boat). Hopefully we can make this a nice day for him. The kids are making colored banners for him for when he comes home and the plan is to cook some giant shrimp and steak for him.

    Good to see you Suzanne, Tweety, Angie and Mgallant. Enjoy a peaceful Seder, Suzanne. I am not Jewish, but always willing and happy to learn of others' traditions.

    Leslie must have been reallllly confusing at your house rofl. You weathered it well, I might add.

    Tweety, how is school going? Still pluggin away I see.

    Angie, way to go on the schoolwork----you are working so hard and the grades show it!!!!

    Mary, you day does NOT sound fun to me....I hate going to the dentist. Good luck there.

    Hugs all around. Sometimes, I do get here and say "hi"'s good to see you. This board does take on a life of its own at times, and I enjoy it when it's on the "quiet" side.

  9. by   Spidey's mom
    I've been to 4 Passover Seders - loved it. The symbolism of everything is very interesting and I love the food. That walnut/wine mixture on matzoh . .yum. Of course I didn't grow up with the controversy that Leslie had to - sorry about that kiddo - one of the reasons maybe folks should think about that before they get married and start having kids.

    There is certainly more to marriage than hormones. Had a long talk about that with my 20 year old. He fell hard and fast for a girl about a month ago - now she is wanting "space" ewsxce3fe4tr5 - my toddler just typed that to you all while I was checking something in the oven

    I have four days off - tonight is my daughter's opening night "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers". We will go tonight and tomorrow and then Saturday dh and I leave for the weekend for our 17 anniv. My in-laws will have the kids and go on Sat to the play. I think we are headed to the coast - or Ashland. Sorta play it by ear. . .

  10. by   VivaLasViejas
    Hey Steph......if you're headed for Ashland, why not drive a little further up I-5 and come see me in Albany??

    The weather here has FINALLY warmed up a little, and we had a beautiful 73-degree day yesterday (my day off ) so I gathered up the dog, a magazine, and a cold drink and headed for the back yard to soak up an hour's worth of sun........ahhhhhhhhh..........nice to have a little color again. Yes, yes, I know a tan is a bad thing, but I can't help liking the way I look with one! And I tan so nicely too: I rarely burn, and even if I do get a little pink, I'm brown the next day.

    I'm having my kidney stones out next Wednesday......not looking forward to that, but it's gotta be done. The upside is, I'll have a mini-vacation from work; the downside is, I'm gonna feel like crap. I actually think I might do a little better this time, because I'm no longer anemic (I was the last time around) and I know what to expect (been there, done that, and it hurts).

    DD is six months pregnant now, and getting bigger every day it seems. She's so cute, and Micah is so protective of both her and the baby.....I think they're going to be good parents.

    Haven't heard from the Army brat in a couple of weeks, but that's nothing unusual. I don't think things are going all that well for her, otherwise she'd be calling and writing home more often like she did in boot she's got entirely too much freedom and is spending a lot of the weekends off base, doing whatever 19-year-old girls do on the weekends in Dothan, Alabama.

    Uh-oh, it's after 10 AM and I've gotta go to work. Have a nice day, everybody.
  11. by   lil' girl
    Well gonna try this again. Posted and got knocked off. Tweety my puter is acting up too. VERY sloooooooow.

    Went to Rehab today but was disappointing, nothing going on for it was a "maintanence day"???? Hope Dialysis is better tomorrow. Felt like I was cheating today, didn't have to get there til 8:45 and left at 11:30.

    I just realized that my 20th wedding anniversary is next week. I just can't believe I have been married that long. Life does just fly by doesn't it?

    So where is everyone today? Out in the wonderful weather? Or working?? Supposed to rain here all weekend and be cool so I guess that is a good excuse to stay in and study for last med/surg test and the exam.

    Have a great day everyone!

  12. by   nursemary9
    Hi Everyone,

    Haven't been here much lately--too busy being a tourist!!

    This AM we drove over from Biloxi, MS to Ft. Walton Beach, FL. We spend another week here!! I hated to leave Biloxi & Ocean Springs-that is where I think we will be moving to next year.HOPEFULLY!!

    Just thought I'd check in & say Hello to all. I can't believe almost a full week of vacation is gone.

    Mary Ann
  13. by   Tweety
    Good to see everyone. I'm still unclear what "Sedar" means is it a ceremony? Nonetheless Happy Passover (is it o.k. to say that?).

    I'm whipped to a bloody pulp after the crazy 12 plus hours I had. Back for more tomorrow.

  14. by   akcarmean
    ??? for you more experienced nurses.

    a child age of 12, has anxiety, depression, and add. passed out and was unresponsive for 45 min. dr. and school nurse are saying that the child did this on purpose and was faking the whole thing but yet she has burises from where they were trying to get a coraid pulse and somewhere on her chest (mom didn't specify). what is your opinion. can a child make her self go unconcious for 45 min.???

    your insite would be greatly appreciated.