Good Sunday Morning---Feb 20, 2005

  1. Finally have a quiet evening at home to catch up on everything. Back to work in the am for three more 12s in a row, one off, then one on, then finished for the week.

    One of my students from BKK is arriving on the 11th for a few week stay. Can't wait to see her. When she started in my program she spoke no English, and now she is quite fluent. I am so proud of her..........

    Another friend is coming the week before, so there will be little time to get anything done then. Just have to be the tour guide during those times.

    Once Ying arrives, we will take another drive to Arizona to pick up more things, and at least show her the desert which is quite different from where she is from.

    Going to try to make it an early night again, if I can.

    Have a great brunch in the morning without me............
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  3. by   VivaLasViejas
    OK, Suzanne, I'll supply the brunch..........

    Here are some omelets made with sausage, four cheeses, and salsa

    Huevos rancheros (con chorizo si quisiera )

    Pancakes, blueberry or regular, with your choice of syrup

    French toast dipped in a cinnamon/nutmeg egg mixture, with your choice of syrup or powdered sugar

    Bacon and sausage (low-sodium for those of us on a cardiac diet )

    Whole wheat or white toast with butter and strawberry jam

    Fresh fruit in season (that means ORANGES!!!)

    Your choice of milk, coffee, or champagne.
  4. by   Tweety
    Good morning. I'm having Quaker Oats with soy milk (with a little added flax seeds and wheat germ for health), but it's only midnight. I'll probably have some chicken later on.

    I've been afebrile for a while, stuffy nose, scratchy throat and my chest is still irritated. But I definately think I'm on the mend. 99.9% sure I'm well enough to return to work tonight, as long as I remain afebrile.

    Got a letter from my doc, all is well. Labs show no "active disease processes". Platelets were ever so slightly low at 133 and he wants to repeat. What's interesting is my bloodwork shows I'm have immunity to hepatitis B (I recieved only two of the shots about 15 years ago). About 15 years ago I was positive for carrying Hep B (never got sick). About 10 years ago I was non-immune. Now I'm immune???? Not that I want hepatitis but this is strange. Can one have a case of hepatitis B and then have it disappear and have the shots take effect? Weird.

    Anyway, hope you have a nice day!

    Leslie, how are the boobies today?
  5. by   RainDreamer
    Hi there Suzanne and Marla

    Wow, what a great brunch!! And I'll supply the maypo for Leslie and some tomato soup for Roy, enjoy!

    Got my careplan done!! Man I hate those things!! I used to not mind them so much but now when I do them, the whole time I'm doing it, I just sit there and say "gosh this is so dumb!!" I think I'm just fed up with them, just seems to pointless to me ... ahh I'm so pessimistic lol. Just took so long to do it and I still have to study for my exam .... workin' on that through tonight and then all day tomorrow. I actually rather study for my test though than do careplans .... I learn more and it doesn't seem as redundant.
  6. by   Tweety
    MARLA! That omlet sounds wonderful! Too bad you don't live here, you could have an orange tree in your back yard. Mine's been picked free and I'm no resorting to buying my citrus. Oranges are a superfood and I eat them regularly too!
  7. by   RainDreamer
    Just missed you, Tweety! Hope you're feeling better soon, no fun being so sick. Rest up!
  8. by   Tweety
    Rain, glad you got your careplan done. Nursing school can be so tedious and torturous sometimes. I don't envy you at all.

    I finished my last paper for my first course!!!! Now only 17 more courses to go and it will be Tweety, RN, BSN, Certified Med-Surg Nurse!!! WOOT! (somebody just shoot me!).
  9. by   RainDreamer
    At first I thought nursing school was fun, now I just can't wait to get out ..... 2 months and counting, then I'll be out of it, I feel like a prisoner!

    Congrats on finishing your 1st course!!!! Wow, 17 more to go?
  10. by   Tweety
    Yes, sometimes I wonder if I'll seriously do it Rain. Here's the courses I've left to take. I'm taking them one at a time, they are accellerate so you take two or three a semester, but one at a time.

    But if I stay focused, disciplined and keep it one day at a time, who knows I just might do it!

    These are the courses I've yet to take. When I was in my ADN many years ago, many of those co-reqs don't apply to this program, so I've got some non-nursing co-reqs to take like "Aging and Society" and "World Religions", but they should be interesting.

    Actually counting I think it's a bit more than 17, but whose counting. :hatparty:

    DCHE101 3 credits Principles of Chemistry
    DSOC349 3 credits Aging and Society

    Nursing Component (40 credit hours)
    DNRS326 3 credits Concepts of Professional Nursing
    DNRS327 4 credits Health Promotion and Assessment
    DNRS328 4 credits Principles of Pathophysiology
    DNRS329 3 credits Pharmocology
    DNRS360 3 credits U.S. Healthcare Systems
    DNRS446 3 credits Community Health Nursing I
    DNRS447 3 credits Community Health Nursing II
    DNRS485 3 credits Leadership and Management in Nursing
    DNRS486 2 credits Current Trends in Nursing Practice
    DNRS497 3 credits Nursing Research Methods
    DNRS498 1 credits Senior Case Analysis
    DNRS320 5 credits Adult Health Nursing III*
    DNRS321 3 credits Leadership and Nursing Practice*
    General Education Component (17 credit hours)
    DMAT205 3 credits Applied Statistics for Health Sciences
    DREL368 3 credits World Religions
    DHIS174 3 credits World Civilizations
    DENG325 3 credits Healing Words: The Literature of Health Care
    DHPE125 2 credits Health and Wellbeing
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  11. by   RainDreamer
    You can definitely do it!! That course you just finished didn't take you too long did it? I know it's a lot of work since they are accelerated, but that's good that you're just taking 1 at a time .... so you can put all your focus into that. And like you said they'll be interesting, or at least most of 'em!
  12. by   Tweety
    Gee, Roy must have had a hot date last night?

    Where's Weetzie and the rest of the overnight crew? Dianah?

    Anyone out there???

  13. by   jnette
    Quote from 3rdShiftGuy
    Gee, Roy must have had a hot date last night?

    Where's Weetzie and the rest of the overnight crew? Dianah?

    Anyone out there???


    Yep. I'm here, Tweety ! Just poured a fresh brewed cup of coffee and fed FuzzyBritches.. hey.. did you see the DogLovers cartoon I posted last night? I thought of you when I first saw that, and laughed my hiney off.. well, ALMOST all of it.. there's still a good bit left. If I could just transfer some of my hiney to my chest, that would be lovely.
    Shuddup, Leslie.

    Tweets, only 17 more to go ! Just whittle them down one at a time.. you'll get there, and you'll be soooooooo proud of yourself !
    With what I know now about nursing practice, theory, leadership, etc., I think it would piss me off majorly to take these courses.. they are so full of baloney, it makes one want to puke. When I was studying all my courses a few years ago, I really BELIEVED all tha idealistic crap of which I found very little of it to be true in our current healthcare INDUSTRY setting. But we can make change one nurse at a time. You go, Tweety.

    Rain.. it will soon be all behind you.. keep that thought in mind.. you're SO close !

    Marla, blueberry pancakes sound delightful.. think I'll have a big helping. And one of Tweety's homegrown oranges. Still haven't found Leslie's Maypo anywhere..want to try it. But then, I haven't been out shopping in weeks, either. Heh.

    Suzanne, that's wonderful about your student friend coming to visit ! I know you will have a wonderful time together.. good feeling to see the fruits of your labor, eh? Good job ! :Melody:
  14. by   Spidey's mom
    Good Morning - Tweety, that list made me catch my breath. Are those classes whole semester classes? If so, you'll be in school for 10 more years.

    So, I'm Supervisor/ER nurse today . . .. had to call and wake up the doc 3 times for a LTC patient who is a no code. I'm also working on competencies for our annual competency day coming up next week. Care of the Newborn, Newborn Assessment and Post Partum Care. Should be easy - at least I didn't get anything from the ER or Fetal Heart Monitoring or reading EKG's :uhoh21:

    3 patients on the floor. 2 RN's and one CNA. The ward clerk was called off.

    I am hungry - think I'll have that omelet Marla made with some fried red potatoes.

    I wonder how the Breastfeeding and Mary Kay What's her name threads are going - they have been a bit contentious all weekend.

    Speaking of boobies, I have stopped nursing my 3 1/2 year old but poor baby last night smashed his thumb in the hinge side of the bathroom door and I was wishing I could have comforted him by nursing him. Dad got him instead - he didn't even want mom to look at him. Ah, the time is coming when my boy will choose his dad over me most of the time. A book I read on boys 20 years ago said "Boys become men over their mother's dead bodies" meaning that boys have to disassociate for a time from their moms and bond with their dads. It hurts but has happened twice so far and both boys are coming back to mom, especially my oldest.

    I need coffee . . .