Good Sunday Morning February 13, 2005

  1. Good morning.

    Dianah, your description of your day put me right there. Hope you enjoyed that milkshake.

    Quote from akcarmean
    Have some huge studing to do tomorrow.

    ---- um Angie, hope you um...have fun with that huge studing you have to do today. wink wink....

    I did some studying and fell asleep and gave in and took a nap. So here is it 12:40 and I'll be studying all night, which o.k.

    Roy, no way I'm playing computer games with you. You'd kick my butt.
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  3. by   lil' girl
    Morning All. Tweety I noticed Angie's Studing too, and started to say something, but decided not to. Or would that be studding???? lol. I have been studying most of the day too, and will be tomorrow also.(or today)

    Here is some breakfast, coffee, tea, juice, waffles, bacon, and fruit.

    If anyone knows of a good way to sort out all the drugs and remember them would you let me in on the secret?? Driving me crazy.

    Well I will check in at a more reasonable time. Everyone have a good day.

  4. by   Spidey's mom
    Hi - 11:18 p.m. here and I'm drinking wine so no breakfast for me. Had a busy day in the big city. Went to a logging show at the fairgrounds and had fun with our 3 year old who wanted to sit in every huge piece of logging equipment. Had great mexican food for lunch. Went for the requisite visit to the pet store so 3 year old could see all the animals - cheaper than the zoo . Shopped for cars for my 20 year old who has picked out a 1994 Honda Civic, private party, $6800, over 80,000 miles. We (his parents) think it is too expensive "Mom, they have over $1000 worth of rims on the car" ... yeah, well, rims don't drive. The ad says "FAST" . . yeah, well that is just exactly the kind of car I want my child to have after he has been in 4 car accidents. Sheesh, kids.

    Been a little rainy here . . not cold though.

    Tweety, that restaurant looked great - I agree with Jnette. Maybe if they had a sampler platter with a little bit of everything on it. I love to try new places to eat.

  5. by   Roy Fokker
    Good Morning everybody!

    Sorry if I don't reply to everyone by name. I'm feeling kinda great and goofy right now. I just spent 20+ bucks buying phone cards and have been talking to ALL my friends back home. Wore down my cellphone battery so used the house phone while cellphone charged. When I wore down the house phone, I used my cell phone again Been on the phone for a few straight hours... talking to friends I haven't talked to in years! Feels great. All of us are moving along well - still keeping in touch with people I met in 6th grade and all. Best of friends still.

    Ain't life grand?

    Quote from 3rdShiftGuy
    Roy, no way I'm playing computer games with you. You'd kick my butt.
    I promise to give you a head start

    My ears feel warm. My throat is parched from all the yakking. My eyes are heavy from sleep.

    So I'll see y'all tomorrow ... er... later today :chuckle
  6. by   Spidey's mom
    Like your new avatar Roy . . .

    Studying . . . . I keep thinking about going back for my BSN but I'm having such fun with my 3 year old it seems silly to add anything else to my plate now. And you all scare me . . Tweety and everyone who is doing these huge reports and power point presentations . . I'm so behind the times I'd probably fail the computer skills part.

    I love my days off . . .

  7. by   suzanne4
    Just dropping in for a moment to say hi...............this is wat past my bedtime by a few hours...............
  8. by   Tweety
    Steph, you're too rural. You do it all already, OB, med-surg, ER, supervisor, pheblotomy, teaching, staff development, etc. A BSN isn't going to do you much good.

    However, honey, if I can do it, I know you can too. My last time in school I used a typewriter to type a report.

    Roy, you might have heard your grandparents talk about a typewriter. It's a very primitive tool we used to have to use in the old days. LOL
  9. by   Spidey's mom
    Actually you're right about the BSN in nursing.

    Someday however I do want to work more in the public health realm. Working with (I can't believe I'm saying this) adolescents. And I hate teenagers.

    Actually there is a young couple who sold their home and belongings and went to Roatan, off the coast of Honduras, to do missionary work. Their home is on the ocean. They have a long deck with a covered area at the end which they swim from. It is beautiful there . . .oh wait . . I was going to mention missionary nursing . . I got caught up in the ocean and warm weather. See how selfish I am?

    Anyway, someday I'd love to do nursing in a way that the bureaucrats didn't have a part of.

    The ambulance sped by a bit ago . . . lights flashing and siren on .. I'm glad I'm not the ER nurse tonight. Weird, how an ambulance means something different to me . . .

    Ok, I can tell, too much vino tonight. Too introspective.

  10. by   webblarsk
    good morning everyone! just got home from one of my patients house. copd, end stage. poor baby. anyways, got her settled for the night. now i am just winding down for the night.
  11. by   Spidey's mom
    Quote from webblarsk
    good morning everyone! just got home from one of my patients house. copd, end stage. poor baby. anyways, got her settled for the night. now i am just winding down for the night.
    hey sarah - copd is just awful. have some favorite frequent flyer patients who have it - soo hard to watch them struggle to breath.

    i'm heading to bed. take care.

  12. by   prmenrs
    We were supposed to go to Big Bear yesterday, Dianah, but since it was raining, I cancelled @ noon on Friday. I'll buy chains and carry them in my car, but there's no way I plan on putting them on the car!! The last time I did that, I got dx'd w/hypertension!

    So that meant I was @ home @ 4:30 when they called and asked me how much of the night shift I'd be willing to work. I agreed to 6 hours, but made it clear I would be leaving @ 1:30! I was already scheduled for Sunday, but I was glad to get it over with. I'm almost done, my relief is here.

    Just wanted to say HI! I'm out of here!!
  13. by   nursemary9
    Good Morning To All

    Lots of us here this morning;
    Thanks for Breakfast,lilgirl; I do believe I'll have some coffee & fruit!

    My co-workers are killing me tonite with food offers!! Since I made my "life style" changes in Jan--( diet) I only eat fruit at nite--1 apple, 1 pear usually.
    They are offering various kids of Philippino food as well as cookies, etc.-- you get the picture. Saying no is easy--living with the tempting smells of foods I love, is another matter.

    I'm charge tonite.& you all know how I love that!!

    I'm going to leave you all now b/c a pt. is calling.
    see you all, later

    Mary Ann
  14. by   weetziebat
    good morning,

    [color=#008080]tweety, hey! need a break from studying yet? or did you fall asleep again?
    [color=#008080]lil'girl, breakfast sounds delicious but gonna stick with my beer for now.
    [color=#008080]steph, i remember well my dd's 1st car. dh and i came home to find her car parked in the driveway with the front smushed in. naturally, i went flying inside, only to discover that she had thought taking her cat for a drive was a grand idea. when the cat leapt into her lap from the back seat, cause he was terrified, she lost control of the car. luckily she had just pulled out and was going slow, but still had to have the car towed home. yikes! being a parent is definately not easy.
    [color=#008080]roy, glad to hear you had that chance to call home and speak with all your friends. well worth the money you spent on the card. you must be feeling a bit better now, huh? now get back to those studies!!
    [color=#008080]suzanne and sarah, :zzzzz sweet dreams.
    [color=#008080]prmenrs, yep, just keep hauling those chains around in your car. at least they add weight for traction, right? i would not even attempt to put chains on my truck. just stand there looking helpless and someone is sure to come to your rescue. thank goodness for nice people.
    [color=#008080]mary ann, your willpower amazes me. good for you!! no food tastes that good. sorry you have to be in charge tonight - hope you don't get too many admits.
    [color=#008080]dh went to sleep a bit ago and made the mistake of putting a can of honey-roasted cashews in front of me. guess how many are left? did you say 'none' - well, you're wrong. there are exactly 12 tiny cashew pieces in the bottom of the can. they'll be gone is another 10 seconds!
    [color=#008080]i'm off to read for a bit. see y'all later. hugs to everybody