Good Sunday Morning--Super Bowl Sunday

  1. Have to work in the morning, the first of another four. Just as well since I don't understand a thing about football. Perhaps it is because I grew up in a family of just daughters.

    Still trying to decide how long to stay away. It was so beautiful here today, that going for only two nights sounds just right with me and to hurry and get back here. Not looking forward to driving so far each way but it will be nice to have the rest of my clothes with me and Sabrina's house and Austin's throne. They actually have no idea that they are here, you should have seen the looks on their faces when I pulled out their beds that they had in Bangkok. Perfect site.

    Have a great day................. :Melody:
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  3. by   Tweety
    I'm truly amazed how "Superbowl Sunday" has become a national holiday, full of food, fun and parites. All over a bunch of fat guys knocking each other down.

    I'm at work and it's going well. My new grad orientee found out she passed boards today, so she's on cloud nine. It's a wonderful feeling.

    I'll be working during the superbowl. But could really care less.

    Have a great day!
  4. by   lil' girl
    Good morning all. Did a lot of studying today, am caught way up on all my vocab, study guide, and such. Today nothing but pleasure. No books!!

    Tweety that is great about your grad passing her boards, I don't blame her for being on cloud nine.

    I have some coffee, tea, juice, bagels w/cream cheese, toast, scrambled eggs for those of you who don't have to watch the cholesterol, fruit for those of you that do!

    Have a great Sunday everyone, take a nap before you watch the game so you will be able to get up for work/school!

  5. by   Nurseboy1
    Morning everybody, at work again. I have only 2 patients, both are on the vent, and 1 is not doing well at all.

    Thanks for breakfast lil girl. Although for me it is really lunch. Hope everybody has a great day.

    Go Eagles.
  6. by   akcarmean
    well good morning all, i am now going to get ready for bed. i posted late on yesterdays thread after i got home from work. just got done waiting for people to turn in their group project so i could grade it and turn it in. only 2 including myself out of 7 turned them in. so i gave them a 0. feels like a good grade to me. they had 3 weeks to do project.

    [color=#ff8c00]i plan on relaxing tomorrow no super bowl for me not much of a fan unless i know someone who is playing.
    [color=#ff8c00]did tax return while waiting for people to turn there homework in. getting a pretty good return, maybe be able to take weekend away just dh and me. sent it e-file and had it automatically deposited so should be in my cking account in less than 2 wks. i wk would be nice.
    [color=#ff8c00]well i am going to check email and then go to bed. been a long long day and i'm in a lot of pain.
    [color=#ff8c00]goodnight all
  7. by   live4today
    :hatparty: GO PATRIOTS!!! :hatparty:

    Have a blessed day today everyone! May the force be with you all.........whatever your "force" might be. :spin:
  8. by   presC.
    will also say beautiful morning to all, :melody:
    such a peaceful day here and just got home from a lunch date with my dh's to my favorite place. the place's so great, and the food's so delicious!
    so nice today's sunday! time for date, food, rest and talk..

    angie, sweet sleep girl. rest your back now. (((hugs)))
    hi lil'girl, good for you that today's your "off" with your studies. enjoy!
    hi suzanne, tweety,nurseboy1 ~enjoy your day to work and have some rest too.
    blessings to you too cheerfuldoer!

    ~cya all later, will take a nap now and will read/study/do more practice test.
    safe day/night everyone!

    hi to weetziee, mary ann, jnette, leslie,donny, roy, raindreamer and to others who'll post here
    will.. cya!
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  9. by   Spidey's mom
    I just finished watching "Troy" with my daughter and a friend of hers. Interesting movie.

    We are a football family. Both boys and husband played. My husband always says he would go back to relive those years in a heartbeat. Something about the bonding experience of teamwork - I know with both my boys their last game was emotional. My oldest walked back out onto the field by himself after his last game and cried. His best friends remain 3 of his teammates. My second son had an undefeated season which was an extra difficult thing to do since they were a very small team. But had a great coach. Friday afternoon the parents would cook a meal for the boys, every week. They dressed up on Fridays. It is hard to explain but they were a family. It was amazing to watch. After his last game, when the kids were finished celebrating their winning season on the football field, the parents wandered over to the gym and found them all together and cryng and hugging each other. My son was on the ground just sobbing. It was very emotional.

    We won't be doing a SuperBowl party or anything . . just come home from church and watch the game.

  10. by   dianah
    Had a nice visit with mil and bil. He's driving out here Sunday for interview on Mon., so we'll see him again after he checks into hotel and rests a little.

    Plan on the usual day tomorrow: laundry, bills, groceries. Pick up oldest son's contacts, drop off youngest and pick up from 8th grade "Superbowl" party 2:30-7. Get car washed?? Clean seats?? Get hair trimmed? ? <sigh> so many choices . . .

  11. by   akcarmean
    Cheerfuldoer, Nurseboy, Pres, Steph, Dianah, Have a great day. take care will check in later.

  12. by   jnette
    Hey there !

    Tries several times yesterday after work to post here, but each time after about a minute on, the puter would do the "whitescreen thing"... so after a dozen times or more, I finally gave up and took a nice nap.
    Good thing, too, 'cuz Bravehart came on TV last night, and believe it or not, I had NEVER SEEN IT !!! So I was overjoyed, and stayed up to watch it.

    WOW... what a fabulous movie, too ! On 'til midnight, so I'm still pretty groggyheaded right now. Might have to slip in another nap later today while dh is out playing golf... yes, it's going to be pretty out today.

    Well, lemme go read all of yesterday's posts, and I'll be back !
  13. by   leslie :-D
    Quote from 3rdShiftGuy
    All over a bunch of fat guys knocking each other down.
    don't hold back tweety- tell us how you really feel.

    you know, the Pats is my home team but i have no idea who they're playing, where, or when.
    dh is having a bunch of his friends over so it should be pretty loud and obnoxious.
    i dread it so much...last yr he had a bunch of friends over, they all got shattered and one of them kept on coming into the room where i was, just being a slobbering drunk. dh got jealous and there was almost a big fight so i kicked them all out which was a feat in itself. i hate drunks. and i really dread tonight.

    so yep tweety, i'm with you all the way.

    good morning everyone else,

    just dropped dd off at work at 9am- both of us very soft and tender w/ea other.
    i told you yesterday after her work she had some friends over.
    one of her friends came downstairs to me last noc (they slept over) and told me that tiffany talks about me all the time at school, bragging and just overall positive; my little toughie dtr talks about her mom, something i would have never imagined. aw, i could go on but won't. it just made me very teary when her friend told me this. i would have never been caught dead talking about my mom when i was in high school. but i guess tiff does it non-stop and a bunch of them want to meet me. but her best friend is the pr guy for me as he knows me well.
    when i heard this, i just thanked God-what a gift.

    dh is working today and i wanted to go to the cemetary to visit my mom...but by the time he gets home, he'll be prepping for the game and his buddies will start floating in early and i will not leave my kids alone in that house for one minute without me maybe tomorrow, when the kids are at school.

    as you guys know, lisa's all done w/her treatments but her 1st appt is on the 7th, tomorrow to do whatever they do to see if the cancer is gone.
    what i'll never understand is one of her tumor markers was 37, normal range how could it be so mildly elevated yet her cancer was so aggressive. i don't know what other tests they'll do but that tumor marker thing was very misleading. the other precancer tests she had were ct scan which picked up the tumor but since she's had a lumpectemy, i don't think they'll be doing that test. we'll have to wait and see. they must know what they're doing and i have to put my trust in that.
    this woman has been my hero, words can't even begin to explain.

    it's beautiful here in boston- 50's now and sunny.

    and tweety, whenever i think of your statement about football, it will always bring a big smile to my face.

    have a great day all.


  14. by   karenG
    hi everyone.........

    superbowl........well oddly enough, I have some mates who are happily watching it!! its a big thing in my crowd of friends........we get in bud........ make what we think are american snacks (ok so hotdogs and popcorn!!) and settle down to cheer it all on!! of course I havent a clue about the rules or who should wine but after a few buds.. who cares?? this year, I've been working overtime so coudnt join them......... sigh

    for the rugby fans out there.......HEY! England LOST to Wales!!! much celebration in the principality today!!! bet my ex husband is in heaven!!! I'm scots and we lost to France (boo hiss!) but who cares..............England lost!!

    off to tidy the house and have a big mug of tea........its been a long morning!