Good Sunday Morning .. 5/30/04

  1. Good morning all! Seems Kimmy is still MIA so far this morning. Hope the yard sale is going good for her, or went for her, since I believe it should be over by now.

    The house is quiet here this morning. Seems that Dylan came home from his friends' house yesterday, and then ended up staying overnight w/ his aunt and uncle! DH is still in bed sleeping, and I intend to leave him in there as long as I can. I swear, men can get on women's nerves so much more than our own children can at times.... okay.. MOST of the time.

    The heat from last Saturday's sunburn is finally beginning to leave my shoulders. Seems my SIL was outside and got burned pretty bad the same day I did. I've not talked to her, but just heard this from other family members. I'm sure we'll have to compare notes on this later.

    I'm thinking I'll spend some time this morning looking for books online. I finally pinned down the textbook requirements for some of the classes I'll be taking this summer/fall. Other than that, I suppose the normal routine of laundry, floor care and general cleaning are all that await me today.

    Hope that everyone is enjoying their long weekend (those of us who get to have one and don't have to work, that is). It is pretty cloudy outside today, and I've heard a few rumbles of thunder, but no rain so far. Personally, I wouldn't really mind some rain but, then again, that would keep the DH in the house and underfoot all day.. so, I'll settle for the overcast skies and cooler temps!
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  3. by   leslie :-D
    morning mickie!!

    how is that burn of yours healing? is the swelling down? are you still treating it?
  4. by   ARmickie
    Hey Leslie... The burn is getting a bit better, I think. I managed to get my hands on some silvidene after all, and it's helped quite a bit. The skin is still a bit swollen and it's definitely still red, but the heat is beginning to disappear. I've kept it wrapped quite a bit, but it's just really nasty when I take the wrap off of it b/c skin just sort of falls off with the bandage. I swear, you can tell exactly where I'm at when I do it b/c it looks like a snake has been there shedding it's skin. It's looking better for the most part, though. A few spots on the back of my shoulder that I can't really see except in the mirror are looking more yellowish to me, but there is no fever to speak of.. it's not hotter there than anywhere else. So.. I suppose it's getting better. If it is still looking like that on Tuesday, I'll try to run by the Dr's office before I come home from school. I can tell you one thing, though, having all that wrapping on it sure does make help keep my clothes from rubbing it.. at least this way I know the skin is coming off b/c it's dead, and not b/c it's just getting rubbed off!
  5. by   nurseunderwater
    goodmorning all
  6. by   leslie :-D
    morning kate!!

    are you doing anything today? mickie? anyone? i swear my family never celebrates holidays....whenever there's a holiday weekend, we're home and hanging out. they blame it on their mother ( ) for being a loner, antisocial, yada yada yada. i'm just not a big party animal and avoid crowds. so everyone does their own thing. even for thanksgiving and christmas, i have an open house but will avoid going out at all possible costs. it does look like i'm being pressured to go to my niece's graduation party on 6/13. where others consider it a momentous occasion (which it is!!), i get quite anxious at the thought of question of the day is:

    do you enjoy being part of a larger crowd or would you rather keep it to a small, intimate circle?

    or am i the only dysfunctional one here?????? :chuckle
  7. by   nurseunderwater
    Quote from earle58
    do you enjoy being part of a larger crowd or would you rather keep it to a small, intimate circle?

    or am i the only dysfunctional one here?????? :chuckle
    you know leslie it really just depends....if it a larger gathering of the community i am a part of here at home, it's ok. Now put in a social situation with a bunch of people that I have to produce small talk with, I can pull my weight, it's just that I find it stessfull. :uhoh21:

    I think I go in cycles based on my level of sleep deprivation, how many dates I've gotten with my SO, how tight money is, pms.... etc. Sometimes I just have to give myself a kick in the pants for my own good and get out of a pattern of isolation.

    My favorite evenings though (besides dates with my dh) are when I am out with 4 or 5 good friends and we get into some deep conversations that wind up turning into laughter through tears. sigh - ready for another one of those nights...

    thanks for getting my back sista - you rock, as always
  8. by   dianah
    Kate, I'm with you: "Now put in a social situation with a bunch of people that I have to produce small talk with, I can pull my weight, it's just that I find it stessfull. "

    I'd rather be with a few good friends. I can do crowds but I'm more comfortable one-on-one. Anyone ever do a temperament assessment, a la Myers-Briggs? DH and I did, and found it VERY interesting, and quite applicable to us. It helped us understand ourselves and each other better, as well as others. Anyway, with my temperament I'm feeling-dominant, and am more "comfortable" one-on-one (which is true!).
    Doing the wash today, finally got rid of the five boxes of books to my friend, the kindergarten teacher. Gotta clean a little here 'n there. Again, dh wants to go to a bluegrass jam today, sometime. It's being held at a nearby regional park.
    ARMickie, glad your sunburn is better. My brother used to get blisters from being in the sun too long, -- he is a REDHEAD, though! Thank goodness we have good sunscreen now; I slather it all over my oldest, who is also a redhead. I prefer Bullfrog, as we tried Coppertone (40, I believe) one day and it didn't do the job! Bullfrog has never let us down, and we certainly need a good product here in So. Cal!
    Hi Leslie, good to hear from you. Greetings to the lurkers, jump right in! Hope Kim's yard sale is a great success. Where's Tweety??? And jnette?
    Hope y'all have a good day, accomplish something that gives you satisfaction.
    Oooo, I almost forgot, the local Barnes and Noble is due to open in a few days!! Yay!! -- D
  9. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Morning everyone!
    AND no I don't do well in crowds. i will avoid em at all costs.

    Mickie, glad to hear you are doing better there!!!!

    Have a good day everyone! Those who are working, don't work too hard.
  10. by   leslie :-D
    well i'm glad i asked because i do feel very self conscious about being pretty much a loner. my dh is very social and knows everyone in the neighborhood. the neighbor with lung ca (who died btw) that i was taking care of....i had just met him and his wife; the wife had called me on the phone stating "i heard you were an rn"...and i've been living here since 1998. my point is that there has to be a balance, a happy medium. me not knowing my own neighbors is not healthy, me thinks.
    dianah- i have tons of can i unload them? also i bought that book "ADD success stories" and i never thought of us as 'hunters'... :chuckle
    my latest 'bargain' was i bought 10 yards of of white bridal satin...this lady had paid $25/yd for it (and then called off the wedding) and i bought the whole lot for $20. i love the look of shimmery curtains. the curtains i made downstairs are linen so in the back room (my room, my room, my room!!!) is like a sunroom so i'm going to make white satin drapes for the summer. my walls are sage/khaki green so it's a lovely color combo. and just one more excuse to do something by myself....

    kate my sista, my kindred spirit.....don't you worry, i'll always have your back.

    all right, my dh is pressuring me to go to bj's warehouse to pick up an enormous american flag so off i go......seize the day!!!! and peace out.

  11. by   dianah
    Yeah, the "hunters" theory is interesting, lol, I just thought it would be good to focus on the POSITIVE side of ADD (other parts of the book), so that's why I read/recommended it.
    Sorry for your neighbor and his wife. He sounded bad when you were going over to care for him/them. I know it was hard on all involved.
    The satin sounds beautiful, and YOUR ROOM will probably look wonderful once the drapes are made up. I have vertical blinds, as we have multiple cats and I didn't want to be saddled with cleaning drapes every few weeks, lol! I'm just lazy/practical!!
    Better run off to the grocery store now. Take care all.

    Oh, and re: dysfunctional: I love the saying, "Normal is a setting on a dryer."
  12. by   PennyLane
    'Afternoon all!

    Just got back from a lovely vacation in Orlando with my boyfriend yesterday. Last night we found a stray kitten who has a black spot on his nose in the shape of Mickey mouse!! We've named him Disney and I have an appt. with the vet for Tuesday afternoon. Until then he's staying separate from my other animals (two other cats and a dog).

    Am I crazy to have 4 animals??

  13. by   leslie :-D
    Quote from dianah

    Oh, and re: dysfunctional: I love the saying, "Normal is a setting on a dryer."
    well if we're all dryers or washing machines, my cycles variate between delicate/fine washables and heavy duty....again, no inbetween for me. :chuckle

    penny, i'm not a cat lover but do have 3 dogs. i am considering getting a kitten if i can train it to be a dog and also get rid of any mice in the colder months.
    kate, i'm keeping my eye on you so you stay out of trouble girlfriend.
    it's so nice that everyone (at my house) is in good moods today. my dtr. must have told me 10 times that she loves me today and since i've already gotten her everything she needs for her 8th grade graduation, maybe she really DOES love me....(musical sigh...........)
    kimmy - if you're lurking, come on out; i miss your bubbly personality and i'm sure i speak for others.
    -where the heck is fran? if she's staying over her dtr's house, i thought she was still corresponding to us from there?????

    is anyone grilling tonight? at bj's, i bought 2 huge hanging plants (foxgloves/digitalis plants) for $10 each, very victorian looking... and the weather is perfect here today........
  14. by   ARmickie
    Hey guys! Count me into that dysfunctional group who likes to stay home. As much as I don't like the mess after everyone leaves my house, I'd much rather be here than at someone else's! As far as celebrating major holidays, though, we tend to have that worked out so everyone in the family knows where they are expected to be when. Christmas is at on SIL's, Easter is here, and Thanksgiving is another SIL's. Fourth of July is the one that we've not really established yet. Guess where I hope it's at?????

    My youngest baby girl will be home tomorrow night. Her dad just called to make sure it was okay he kept her until tomorrow. I want her home, but I'd rather her spend this holiday w/ him and then I'll keep her the major ones! Luckily, he doesn't mess w/ me too much about visitation on holidays. He's rarely even had much to do w/ her.. not until he found this new girlfriend of his has he even bothered to ask for her every other weekend. Sad for her, but I'm sure once the newness of this relationship w/ the girl wears off and the novelty of him having his only child around begins to fade, he'll stop having anything to do w/ Regan. Her grandparents, though, have never been like that. Even when he has little to do w/ her, Nana and Poppy have always been there.

    Oldest daughter is rather angry at me for not rushing out to her softball games. I told her I was sorry, but I just couldn't be out in the sun right now, but she's mad anyway. Ahhhh.. the joys of dealing with a teenager . She lives with her dad, and I tried to get her to come up as soon as school was out, but she wanted to do things there.. Now that I start school next week, she suddenly wants to come here. Unfortunately, she thinks she's "too old to go to a babysitters".. and I think she's too young to stay home by herself especially w/ the two little ones while I'm at school everyday. (She's 13, btw, and her dad lives about 100 miles from here, so she doesn't know anybody up here. We live so far out that if anything should happen, it would take at least 35 min before any emergency personell could get here. I'm just not up for taking chances like that w/ my kiddos.)

    DH went to get Dylan a little while ago. We talked about taking the kids to see Shrek II, but I'd feel bad if Regan didn't get to see it, too and it will be too late to go when she gets home tomorrow night. We may end up taking Dylan by himself, don't know yet. I know if Jas mentions it to him, he'll throw a fit until we take him.

    We're not grilling out today.. we did yesterday, and plan to again tomorrow. Yesterday was just burgers on the spur of the moment. Tomorrow is steaks, baked potatoes and corn on the cob! And, believe it or not, I don't think we'll have company, so it will be just us!