Good Sunday Morning 5/9/04

  1. Good morning everyone. How are you all doing this fine morning? I was doing okay, until I had this almost done and my computer locked up and shut down. :angryfire So, I'll try to remember what I said....Bryce is sleeping really well at night (although in our bed of course) and I only have to make him one bottle during the night, usually well towards morning. Now, if I could get myself into bed soon after the kiddos, I'd be getting great sleep! The problem right now is that my meds. are making me really tired around 3 pm and I end up dozing on and off then by bedtime, I'm wide awake. So, the question for today is: What is your bedtime? Do you have a regular one or does it depend on what is going on? Do you ever doze or take naps during the day?

    Bryan has to work today so there isn't much happening around here. I am going to get the house cleaned up, get the kids to make some cards for loved ones and then go to my Aunt's house for supper. I don't like Mother's day very much. Bryan always has to work and it makes me miss my mom and wish she could've been a real mom. Ah well.....I've always got my Aunt and she has been more of a mom to me in the last few years than mine ever was. I'm grateful for that.

    Man, I just end up rambling here in the morning, don't I? LOL ... Maybe I shouldn't be "Lola" maybe I should be "the rambler".

    That's long tirade today!

    Hugs all around....
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  3. by   Tweety
    Good morning Kim.

    Not much going on here, thinking of going back to bed for a nap. Took the dog for a long power walk at 5:00 and watched the sunrise, it was nice. But now that the suns up, my body thinks it's time to sleep.

    Saw Helsing (sp?) last night, about vampires, etc. Spouse really wanted to see it so drug three of us there. It was o.k., but not my thing. If you like vampires, action and special effects it's good. The acting was dreadful, but it's not meant to be Shakespear.

    Everyone have a good day! Woot!
  4. by   Energizer Bunny
    Tweety...I probably wouldn't have enjoyed the movie much either. Maybe a few years ago, but I'm more into dramas and true stories now. A sign of my old age, I guess! LOL!

    Have a good nap and a great day!
  5. by   Rustyhammer
    I'm just working on my first cup of Joe. Beautiful morning here with mega hummingbirds buzzing around. Robin bought 2 more feeders so we can keep up with them. Last year they were drinking a gallon a week, especially after the babys hatch out.
    Today, kids are making mom breakfast, then we are going for a picnic lunch by the river where they can fish. Robin wants to ride the bike so we'll meet them down there.
    Should be a great day.
  6. by   nurseunderwater
    hey all....

    my youngest has a fever sweet slumber was an evasive lover...

    oooh I saw a rat in my house last night...EEK! dh and my sister were freaked. dh ran to home depot to get traps...didn't catch it...might be taking a trip to the SPCA for a cat today.

    Oh the joys of city living....or rural...whatever :uhoh21:

    as far as sleep....I try to get everyone in bed by 8:30 and I crash sometime around 11:00...I rarely nap....only when the level of sleep deprivation that I live with on a daily basis becomes critical...oh to sleep through the night...I dream of the day

    hope you all have a wonderful day...give yourselves a nice hug from me Kate
  7. by   luckyladyore
    Im just glad that I made it through part of this year and Im ready for more
    BOOKS..... One semester down Tons more to go . My kids are with there fatehrs(divorcee) so I m just here relaxing taking a break. Last night my Hubby took me to the Ann Wlofe fight it was awsome but scary at the same time Wolfe knocked the lady out in 1min and 8 secs of the fight and it had just started in the first round. the lady was out cold for at least 7 mins. I thought man this is scary one blow to the head!!!! I really had a great time she finally was escorted out on a strecher. Now Eveyone enjoy your day!~!!
  8. by   nurseunderwater
    Oh, and Mom is "somewhere" in Greece with her SO....He's a really nice guy that she met after my dad died a few years ago....So glad that after 35 years of raising kids she's having the time of her life
  9. by   Energizer Bunny
    Good Morning Russell, Kate and Luckyladylpb2b! Russell...sounds like a nice day! Enjoy it!

    Kate..i'm so sorry the little one is sick again...poor thing. Give him some hugs and kisses from me!

    luckyladylpn2b...I'm not much of one for fights, but glad you enjoyed it!

    I got dh off to work, got laundry started, did dishes and cleaned up the kitchen, picked up the house, got the kids showers and Bryce is napping for the moment.

    Dh got my my CPR class for mother's day. Woohoo...the joys of having no money. You always get what you need instead of what you want! LOL! Have a good one ya'll!
  10. by   Nursekatydid
    Good Morning everyone!!!!

    Just woke up after a night of celebrating with friends. We all graduated yesterday and got pinned friday night. Wow, what an experience. I can't believe its all over and now in a month or so, I'll be an RN. College went by sooo fast. My family came up as well as my 2 grandmothers, we had such a nice visit. I was able to give them their mothers day gifts yesterday since I can't see them today. My mom told me that during commencement my dad was kind of sniffling and holding back tears and that almost made me cry. Just hearing my parents telling me how proud they are of me made me feel absolutely wonderful!!!! I am so lucky to have a sound support system in my family.

    Today I plan on cleaning my room really well, washing my car, and cleaning out the inside of it. I guess I will use today to get organized for the week!!! This week I start my NCLEX review course for the next couple of weeks and I will also be teching 7p-7a 3 nights a week on the floor I will be working on. Well hope to hear from other people about their plans for the day, and HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all of the fabulous mommies out there!!! Take care,

  11. by   dianah
    Mornin' all!
    We all slept in, in fact the kids are still asleep (sleeping "in" till 7:30 is what I mean! )
    Tweety, the kids (13 and 14 1/2) want to see Van Helsing today. As they're not critics and do enjoy action, adventure and CGSE, as well as fantasy, I may take them (but I don't really want to see it, from reviews I've read, including yours). We thought Disneyland, even for a few hours today, might be a bit much on a routine weekend (no Monday holiday with which to recuperate).

    Today will be laundry, groceries, etc. I take my Mother's Day in bits and pieces throughout the year, so if no one has a big deal planned for today, it's OK with me. I WOULD like to get a few more plants for the front yard, next to the garage, it's looking a little bare in spots. Maybe I'll cruise thru Lowe's or Home Depot . . .

    Nurseunderwater, I hope your youngest is better soon.

    Rusty, it sounds like a great day at the river! And we too have birds: loads of sparrows, finches and even mourning doves at our little feeder and fountain. I have seen hummingbirds bathing at the fountain, too. We love watching them scramble for the best spots on the feeder. The cats love watching them too . (they're all indoor cats, so they only dream of getting a bird!) But a gallon a week of hummingbird syrup -- W O W!!

    Bedtime?? Me, usually 11:00, although I constantly try for earlier. I'll nap on the weekend, maybe. Even 20 min is delicious!

    WOOT! Congrats, Nursekatydid!! One of life's milestones!! Good for you!

    A good day to all!
  12. by   Energizer Bunny
    Congrats Katie!

    Morning Dianah...have a good one!
  13. by   nurseunderwater
    is the RAT part of my daily diatribe just too scary to mention?...:chuckle:
  14. by   Energizer Bunny
    uhhhhhhhh...yeah! LOL...I found a dead mouse in the basement a couple weeks ago and just about had a heart attack! Yick!