Good Sunday Morning 5/2/04

  1. [font=Franklin Gothic Medium]It's Morning!!!! Gooooooooood Morning All Nurses!

    Okay, I'm just weird today. I was thinking last night about a couple things and they are going to result in weird questions for you guys today !

    First of all, why do guests read this thread? Why do they read the alphabet thread? Why do they read the acronimity thread? I mean, I get why they would read the nursing ones and even the political crossfire ones, but why these? Makes me feel a tad bit creepy but not enough to stop posting!

    Okay, the other thing I was thinking about is how many posts I have but I don't spend that much time in here in the grand scheme of things. I mean, I come here in the morning, then I go and get a bunch of housework, etc. done. I come back around lunchtime and then go do more work and have cuddle time, game time, outdoor time with the kids plus do more housework. Then, I come back around supper time and usually hang around on and off in between getting supper and the kids in bed. Soooo...I may have all these posts one day but I am really quick here and I try really hard not to take time away from my kiddos. What is you guys' style of posting here? When do you usually come online? Do you spend most of your time online on All Nurses like I do or do you surf alot? If you surf, what kinds of sites do you like?

    Alright. So that's what the dippity do here has been thinking about since last night! I am getting my kitchen scrubbed today. I have to go start with the refrigerator because I have to run to the store today (before Bry leaves for work) and then another one tomorrow after my orientation. I also have a few ditties to do here on line, like checking accounts and stuff like that. The problem is that I can't tear myself away from here! LOL!

    Russell...I sure hope your party went well!!!

    Leslie...I got those links ready for you and I'll post them as soon as I see you on here so they don't get lost in the thread. is your little guy feeling?

    Mickie...tournament today? Good luck if there is!

    Everyone else.....happy Sunday! Have a great one!

    I found the cutest smiley and hope it doesn't offend anyone. If it does, I'll take it down:


    Love you guys...big hugs to all!
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  3. by   Energizer Bunny
    Man, no one is awake yet and I'm all caught up and outta here until later this AM!!! See you guys around 10 EST! WAKE UP, wouldya?
  4. by   renerian
    Where in the world did you find that smilie?

  5. by   Tweety
    Guests can't read the Break Room threads.

    Good Morning All! Patients were so confused last night. Restrained one, picked another up off the floor, pulling dressings off, all kinds of fun stuff! Woot!
  6. by   Energizer Bunny
    Okay, but how come at the top where it tells who's reading the thread, it will say "2 members and 3 guests"? Just wondering....

    Sounds like a fun night Tweety!

    Renerian..the smileys are from Smiley I use them for my avatar too...Like my new one?
  7. by   nurseunderwater
    WOOT! now it's my turn to have a sore throat - yuk...i really tried to take care of myself this week...grrr.

    I colored my hair yesterday, i have had it highlighted forever..wayyyy to high maint. .Now it is all dark brown, I still jump when I walk past a mirror. :uhoh21:

    Tweety - sounds like my kids on a nightly basis - i swear they make me believe in sundowners...LO

    Tami-Jasper woke up all smiles...Thanks to the powers that be for antibiotics and motrin....Dh took him somewhere a few minutes ago...I don't know where...we had a little cat fight...

    as far as the puter....hit and run generally, unless it's late at night then I can lurk and read

    Have a great Sunday all....
  8. by   CCU NRS
    On the why would guests read certain threads thing , A guest can be a member that is just not signed in.

    Ex: I was spending too much time here at the Ole allnurse BB (according to wifey)so I started logging out everytime I left that way when I would drop back in here to look things over I could puruse but I actually had to sign in again to post which would remind me that wifey was feeling neglected so I would forgo posting and return to Living room and hang with wifey after just reading the new posts.

    To the question of how much time wasted uhum I mean spent here on days I work twelve hour shifts I usually check in once a day prior to bed time, on my days off my time sounds about like yours on in the am then do some chores and then check in around lunch then do some running around and then check in again. I have seriously curtailed my time online when wifey is home D/T previously mentioned reasons. I also write a lot so sometimes I am on the PC but not actually online, I tried to explain to her that not all of my time spent on PC is surfing. She knows I write articles for the Nursing Times, and other articles for a little unit based news letter so I keep her in the loop by having her proof read my articles that way she knows when I am writing not just surfing.

    My main activity online other that allnurses is paying bills and checking accounts and checking things out from the library, also recently set my Mother up with a microphone so we can voice chat on yahoo messenger,so I chat with her pretty regularly, sure I could just pick up the phone but I am trying to teach her to use the PC so I get a chat going and ask her if she has checked her email and tell her to go check out sites I find that I think might interest her etc.

    interestin post a questions posed
  9. by   Energizer Bunny
    CCU husband used to get angry about my time on the computer, but he's never, ever here anymore, so as long as the kids and house aren't neglected, I'm free to do as I please! LOL! If he even dared to say anything about my time on here, I would just remind him that he is never here for me to talk to and that if he would leave me the car instead of the truck, maybe the kids and I could get out of the house instead of sitting on our rumps all day long! LOL!

    MEN! (present company excluded of course!) fight huh? I actually started one when I woke up to feed the baby last night! LOL! That's a little ridiculous huh? but I never see him and had to ask him some things since he was awake and it turned into an argument! OIY! MEN! (again, present company excluded cuz I don't live with ya!)
  10. by   NursesRmofun
    [font=franklin gothic medium]good morning! :d very interesting questions!

    [font=franklin gothic medium]if i am working during the day, i am online only in the evening like from 7 to 9 or 10.
    [font=franklin gothic medium]if i am not working, i am on in the a.m. for an hr. or so or more....sometimes off and on...and in the afternoon, if i am still home, and on....then again in the evening the same way. but i usually head to bed by 9-10 est.
    [font=franklin gothic medium]when i am online, i check 2-3 email sites (i have more than one.) i check a few message board sites...but lately this is the one i post messages to most.
    [font=franklin gothic medium]i had some toast and am drinking my second cup of coffee. overcast here. not beautiful like yesterday. we did a lot yesterday and (mostly hubby) got a lot of planting and weeding done. not much going on today.
    [font=franklin gothic medium]have a good one!

    [font=franklin gothic medium]p.s. we decided not to take the trip to nc! so, it's vacation at home this week doing things around the house....he's putting new floors down in the living room and dinning room later this week! big project!
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  11. by   Rustyhammer
    Party went well. I'm just a tad hungover but not too bad.
    One of my buds just called to see if I wanted to go for a ride.
    It's a bit cold out but I think it's going to warm up so thats what I'll do.
    Have a great day all.
  12. by   Energizer Bunny
    Good morning Russell and Liza!!! I'll be here on and off all day...supposed to get severe storms so I'll clean during those! LOL! See ya to start the kitchen and our big garbage pickup day is tomorrow so I gotta move crap in between storms too!
  13. by   NursesRmofun
    Quote from CNM2B
    Good morning Russell and Liza!!! I'll be here on and off all day...supposed to get severe storms so I'll clean during those! LOL! See ya to start the kitchen and our big garbage pickup day is tomorrow so I gotta move crap in between storms too!
    Hi! Don't work too hard! See ya later!
  14. by   Energizer Bunny
    Liza...if the pain comes, I sure won't be! LOL