Good Saturday Morning, March 12th

  1. Good (very early) morning! I have yet to head to bed. I got off work at 11pm, then went to Wal-mart. Then stopped by police dept to drop off yogurt (!) to my dbf. I worked out today. Whoo! Dbf and I went walking for about 45 minutes. My goal is to lose some weight, get back into my smaller clothes.
    Hope everyone is doing well. I am heading off to bed, be back later in the morning. -A
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  3. by   presC.
    hi a~ glad to hear you have a program to loose weight. keep safe and enjoy walking.. :melody:

    well it's 2:08pm here in my place.. very humid. just woke up from afternoon nap with a loud sound from our gate door, and i found out my mil went out for a walk. ( i guess she'll go in the mall at this time of the hour) i guess she's tired of watching tv.
    and i got sleepy after i finished my 2 mugs of ice cream and side dish of peanuts.. guess i need to join you with loosing weight coz i feel my shorts, pants getting fit/tight already..:uhoh21:

    ~will resume with my test now. need to finish this today so that tom.will be my day off from review.

    morning to you jnette,steph,tweety,weetziee,angie,fran,mary ann,roy and other regulars.. hope you'll join us once again scarletrn..

    c ya all!
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  4. by   presC.
    and hi to you dianah, "morning" hope you have a great weekend.
  5. by   dianah
    Aneroo, good for you!! (I know, I know: I'm a poet and didn't know it, but my feet show it -- they're longfellows!) Re: the walking and working out. I hope to make exercise (taking the stairs instead of the elevator, taking a 20-30 min walk) part of a routine, rather than just hit-and-miss (mostly miss these days). Thanks for the reminder, in your post! Keep it up!

    Dh and I helped with some bluegrass gospel music tonite at a local church: 2 guitars (one 12-string), a mandolin, stand-up bass, a harmonica, dh playing banjo and me singing. Coffee-shop atmosphere. There was a trio who also played, consisting of a keyboardist, electric bass and drummer; they did jazz. It was very nice, and different. And, a man told a 15-min parable about glow-worms, and a firefly who wanted to join the exclusive glow-worm community because they all had "the light," and he was anxious to join them and learn all he could about "the light." Thoughtful, cute piece.
    So, I'm tired (even though we only did three numbers) and waiting for sons to finish their showers so I can see them off to bed, then take my shower and fall blissfully into bed myself!

    Not much planned for tomorrow, other than the usual: helping with music in Sabbath Schools in the a.m., then lunch w/friends. I need to get grocery shopping done Sat. nite, and get the wash started, as Sunday we may drive into Costa Mesa, to a jiujitsu competition, and our instructor (sensei) will compete. Should be interesting; I've never been to a "real" competition before. We've just done sparring in class, is all. They actually have rules and all!

    Weetzie, get crackin' with the packin'!!

    Suzanne, is Ying here yet? What does she think of our neck of the woods?

    A belated "Welcome," Scarlett! Hope to see more of your posts.

    Angie, Marla, PresC, Fran, Steph, Leslie (thinking of you, girl), Tweety, Mary, mgallant, Roy, DonnyH, etc etc etc (I know I've forgotten someone, please forgive!) -- A big "HEY!!" from me!

    I'll check in later. ------------ D
  6. by   dianah
    TWO MUGS of ICE CREAM!!! And PEANUTS too!!! (sounds good, PresC!)
  7. by   weetziebat
    good almost morning,

    not quite morning here yet, but it's close.

    aneroo, good luck to you with the exercise. myself, i'm just paving the way to hell with all the good intentions.

    presc, gee, even when you go to n.y.c. you won't get away from humidity! my hair gets so curley in humid weather - not nice curls, just wayward curls.
    btw -it isn't the ice cream and nuts causing the shorts to feel tight - ya gotta blame the humidity! :chuckle

    dianah, sounds like a great time with the music. hope you have fun at the competition on sunday.

    steph, how's your daughter's nose? i'm impressed with the restraint you showed, not rushing down to the field immediately.

    jnette, glad you've got your three day weekend, even though work will be shorthanded. you know the bottom line is always about money - the heck with it being unsafe!

    dh is now on vacation for five days. we went out for dinner tonight. nothing fancy, just bought some fresh take-out chinese food then sat in the park and ate. our weather continues to be gorgeous. i was sitting on the swing in the backyard for a while yesterday and it was so hot i came back inside. woo!! hoo!! love it!!
    then we went to the mall and he bought me some clothes to travel in. wanted something really comfortable, and that would hold up to the loooooong trip. found a pair of jockey sports type slacks and a roomy tee shirt.

    we are off in the morning to drive to seattle for the weekend. he wanted to bring the doggies but i don't think that is wise. would have to leave them in the truck every place we stopped. so will leave them in the backyard instead. they should be fine, no? hope they don't bark all night.

    o.k. gonna go have a beer before sleeping. hope we all have a wonderful saturday. hugs to all -

  8. by   Tweety
    Good morning!!!

    Hi PresC, cream and peanuts.

    Dianah, bluegass gospel sounds good. Bet that was good. It's interesting how much variety there is in Christian Music. There's a group called Se la (I think) that does Christian reggae that real good. There's Christian rap, soul, rock, adult, etc. Interesting genre.

    Steph, hope your daughter doesn't have a broken nose. My niece was in her local paper a few weeks ago, my father scanned it and emailed it to me. A two line mention that she pitched a no hitter in a softball game. Seems the littler overachiever besides from doing little theater while making straight A's in school, is also good in sports.

    I'm trying to become a daytime person but the first day isn't going too well as I woke up at 3:20AM wide awake, couldn't sleep more if I tried. But it usually takes me a few days to flip flop. Today I just plan on studying chemsitry, going to the gym, and the dog park this afternoon. It should be a lovely day.

    Last night went out with a group spouse works with, one of whom manages the ICU at that hospital. She kept offering me a job. So it's nice to know I have options if my moving to day shfit at my current job is too much with the 7:1 ratio.

    I'll be staying up to buy U2 tickets that go on sale at 10:00AM. Their concert isn't until November. Woot!

    Weetzie, have a great time in Seattle.
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  9. by   ScarlettRN
    Good Morning again! I have thoroughly confused my body by trying to stay up during the day even though I also want to stay up at night too. Have to work tonight and here I am, waking up at 4am. Gonna lay on the couch and hope for more sleep. If I can't sleep til at least noon, I am going to have to hit myself over the head to put myself down for a little longer.

    Sounds like a lot of you have a good weekend planned. Hope it is lovely for you all.
    Off to couch for me!
  10. by   DDRN4me
    good morning all,

    well. its saturday am; and i have already been up since 3. had to bring dds to the airport, they are going to fla to see my mil for spring break. cooking some breakfast...anyone for poached egg on whole wheat toast?? i have to weigh in at ww so i dont want anything too heavy, and then to work at the pedi office for the day..hopefully we wont be too busy, were supposed to get another 6-10 inches of snow again today! :uhoh21:
    scarlett, tweety, i know what you will be a struggle for me to stay awake for my 8pm visit tonight!
    aneroo, i admire you for getting on the right track wit hthe exercise..i keephoping for better weather so i can start to walk bailey daily!
    suzanne, hope youo and ying are having a great time, weetzie, enjoy your weekend!
    presc, and everyone else , have agreat day/night! mary
  11. by   madwife2002
    Good morning all from me at work,

    Aneroo- good luck with diet it isn't easy ask one who knows me

    Hey Presc and Dianah- what about me

    Hey 3rd ShiftGuy- where you gonna see U2 they will be great :hatparty:

    weeziebat enjoy Seattle

    Lovely sunny morning here in south of England, but cold, one of those mornings you wish you were going for long walk on the beach.

    Hi to everybody else

    Take care and think of me working hard

  12. by   Tweety
    Aneroo, meant to give you your props and wish you well on the weight loss. Good luck.

    Kay, they are going to be in Tampa at the 20,000-seat forum. Looking forward to it.
  13. by   jnette
    morning !

    woke up to a fresh blanket of snow.. which would be lovely... if this were december !!! :stone i want sunshine, and robins, and tulips and tiny, tender, sproutlets of green grass popping up through the hard, brown soil now... that's waht i want !!! but guess what?

    :melody: (mick jagger) "ya don't always get what ya wan't...." :melody: :chuckle

    ok.. 'nuff whining.

    tweety, icu is definately something to keep in the back of your head. i think you'd be great at icu nursing, anyway, and it would stimulate those brain cells and breathe fresh new life into you as well. keep that door open !
    enjoy the concert !

    weetz..enjoy your weekend ! glad ya found some new comfies to wear on your loooooooooooooooooooooooooong flight.

    dianah.. good luck ! loved the "glow worm" analogy/story.. very cute.

    presc... oh my ! you better be careful.. princesses are supposed to walk gracefully.. not waddle !!!

    you sleeping yet ???
    huh, huh.. are ya, huh ?

    well.. i'm sure i forgot someone here, but i'll be back ! :d

    hope everyone has a super dooper weekend !
  14. by   Silverdragon102
    good morning

    Finally made it and spent my first night in Buffalo NYafter a very exhauting flight and not a good sleep the night before I flew. Hence been awake for hours

    Chat later