Good Saturday Morning! :O) 6/19/04

  1. hope you guys don't mind the new kid here starting the day out, but i thought since i'm up... it would be a chance for me to ask all of you a question to get to know you a bit better...

    so QOD: how long have you been on this "good morning" thread, what you like best about it, and whether or not you are a morning writer or like me a night owl.

    i'm looking forward to reading your posts....
    may i introduce myself a bit as if we met on the job...
    i'm city raised but country in my heart, mother of four lovely girls who are fast becoming women 23, 21, 18, 15. i am married to a preacher, but i keep a sense of humor about it, (want a preacher joke, i have tons!), and my dh is my cook, too (lucky me!) and crafts of all kinds are my past times.

    i volunteer at a summer camp each year and this year i am teaching scrapbooking and a teen girls Bible class. (and i can't spell! lol)

    i love to laugh, so Fran has been one of my favorite posters on this site. any favorite threads of yours?

    have a good one!
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  3. by   Tweety
    Good morning!

    Kim started the good morning thread in March or so when she came aboard. Some of us real early birds hijacked it from her in our impatience, and started posting it before she woke up. Now it's whoever wants to start it first gets to start it.

    I'm a night owl. You'll see me post anytime through the night. Rarely to I sleep an entire night. May nap a bit here and there, but I like to stay up late, as I work night shift.

    Hi nekhismom, I see you're lurking right now.
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  4. by   nekhismom
    hello! I'm working nights, so I'm sitting up all night to prepare for today. I usually post really, really late since I do work nights and don't get to the computer until the day is nearly over. I pop in and out of the good morning thread, but I've been checking it out almost since it was created. Can't really remember when it started exactly, but it wasn't that long ago.

    Your life sounds full! What a challenge teaching teenage girls.

    Well, last night we had tickets to go see a boxing match (they were free, so why not go?) and right before we left, wouldn't ya know it, the shower drain in my son's bedroom sprang a huge leak over my kitchen! We called the apt. manager, who quickly came to look at it, but said it couldn't be fixed until about 9-10 am, which is EXACTLY when I will be just starting to get some good sleep in for today's night shift!! :angryfire: It's bad, too. I mean, what happens if the stinkin' floor collapses d/t having who knows how much water trapped in between the walls???

    It especially makes me mad because this is a brand-new townhouse. Thankfully, we don't own it, but it was just finished right before we moved in here!!! The other townhomes attached to my bldg. are still unfinished, and unoccupied. These townhomes were cheaply made, although quite beautiful. However, it's been a huge headache since we got here. First colossal armies of fire ants all over the bedrooms, then giant mosquitoes, the dishwasher didn't fit under the counter, and doesn't clean the dishes at all anyway, and the overpriced rent bill we have, the doorbell doesn't work, there's no light in my bathroom, there is a hole in the floor in my bathroom that no one can explain, there are sharp spore-looking plant pods or something firmly embedded in the carpet, etc, etc, etc, and NOW THIS! Admittedly, it's not as bad as it could have been, but it's still been frustrating. Especially with all of the issues we've had with the townhouse since moving in, and this on top of my great dissatisfaction with my job. Makes for a lovely home environment, doncha think? Oh yes, and I'm sunburned for the third time this year. Boy, I'm full of issues today

    Admittedly, my problems aren't nearly as deep as some of you have posted, but they are frustrating in their own rights. Hope everyone has a blessed and peaceful day!

    ((((((((((HUGS)))))))))))) to all my allnurses friends
  5. by   nekhismom
    Hey tweety!! Yep, I was typing out that very long post. Working this am, or just up at this miserable hour for no reason??
  6. by   Tweety
    Quote from nekhismom
    Hey tweety!! Yep, I was typing out that very long post. Working this am, or just up at this miserable hour for no reason??

    I'm at work trying to stay awake. We've been busy for the most part. But I did eat earlier. But haven't had much goof off time.
  7. by   2ndgenerationnurse
    hello 3rd shift guy... night owl like me, i've noticed.

    and nikiis mom (sp?) sounds like you need a new home i have been there and not able to move b/c i have mostly lived in parsonages.... that is a whole new thread!!! how about i start one today, i'm sure you'll see it and the posts should make you feel better!!! anyway, is there a lemon law for housing??? if not there should be! can you move to a different town house in your lot... (not sure what to call your neighborhood.)

    hope you get the problem fixed soon!:uhoh21: before the water rises...
  8. by   nekhismom
    I'm trying not to crash yet myself because I gotta work tonight. I want sleep, and I want it now!!! LOL Seriously, tweety, go eat something. I know you got some good healthy snack foods around you somewhere. It's too early to crash yet. You can't go to sleep at 0530! You've got a good 2 hours left. :chuckle

    I always crash around 0400-0530 myself, dunno why. So how do you manage??

    2ndgeneration, I don't think there is a lemon law for homes, per se. I'm just glad I don't OWN the place, KWIM?? Not that the owner is going to actually want to do anything with the place, as he lives in a different country and is usually unable to be reached . At least the manager tries to help us out. I've lived in some pretty bad places myself, but this one angers me because it's BRAND SPANKING NEW, and it costs out the wazoo! My bldg. is like an apt. bldg, but it's 2 stories, and we have 4 townhomes connected to one another in this building. it's like 4 2-story apts. connected side by side. My bldg. owner only owns these 4 apts, and the other 3 have not been finished. They don't have a rail for the inside steps, missing appliances (like TOILETS!!) etc. Plus, the end units have more space than the interior units, and I just don't feel like trying to pack and haul all my stuff from this apt. to another. We have WAAAAAY too much junk to do that again!!
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  9. by   2ndgenerationnurse
    i understand about the hauling things as we have moved about every 5 years or sooner for the last 25 yrs. i feel for you! i did start that thread... so you can go vent and enjoy the comraderee (sp?) my kids would laugh at that spelling i bet!! they are "a" students and catch me goofy all the time! lol
  10. by   Tweety
    nekhismom, isn't always on days you have to work that someone needs to come fix something? The dang bug man always comes at the worst time.

    So when you work you do like I do and stay up real late so you can be well rested? That's what I usually wind up doing to. Sometimes I stay up until 9:00 am. Then I'm already in the same pattern I'm going to have while working.

    This weekend I'm going to the beach for a picnic at 10:00AM. I'm dreading that in one respect in that I'm hate being up during the day those hours. LOL. On the other hand a friend is starting his residency at a hospital somewhere in Texas so I'd better be there, because the picnic is in his honor, becauce he loved having picnics at the beach.
  11. by   2ndgenerationnurse
    haven't been to bed either... so i guess i will hit the hay for a couple hours, i promised my youngest that i would take her garage saling today... i'll stop in later

    have a good one!
  12. by   suzanne4
    Good morning.................
    Actually got to come home early today. Short-lasting but ugly storm blew through the area and of course the power went out. Ememrgency generators for the elelvators were even hit and miss, so after 30 mintues we went down the emergency stairs and went home. Turns out it wasn't just my office but the whole street near it. But everything is up and running again.

    Have a great day for those of you just getting up, and a pleasant sleep for those of you just going to bed.....
  13. by   suzanne4
    Is Extreme Makeover still popular in the US? It is now on over here, has been the past few months, actually get to see it in about five mintes, but of course dubbed in Thai.
  14. by   HannasMom
    Hi! I'm up too! Since I have discovered that I like the nightshift, I stay up all night on my nights off too.

    We were without electricity for one whole day and night yesterday. We had some electrical work done and something got all messed up, so we were without electricity for 24 hours. UGH! Luckily that is all that happened. It was weird not having electricity. You really realize how important it is and how many things you own which run off it. Like the coffee maker!!! No electricity and no coffee it is awful! Well we are normal tonight and the boys are quite content. And I had plenty of coffee to make up for the loss. LOL.

    What would you do if for one day and night you had no electricity? Would you be able to cope if you were out two or three days?