Good Saturday Morning 5/15/04

  1. this is where i wish i was right now. good morning everyone! how is everyone doing this morning? bryce got me up at 5:15 for a bottle and wouldn't go back to sleep. granted, it was the first time he was up for one, so i really can't complain, but geez......... i did get to doze another 20 minutes or so on the couch when he was in his bouncy, walker thingie.

    bryan is headed to the y to swim, then i'm going for a walk, we have to move our tv back up on the shelves and then he goes to work. i still have laundry and regular old blah to do today. i also have some serious work on the puter to do today and i think i am going to work on the kids' scrapbook as well. i'm doing a computerized scrapbook/memory book type thing with all their birth stories, milestones, funny stories, etc. i am also printing out all the digital pics i have and adding those. they are going into a three ring binder. i am just being sure to get everything acid free. i am also backing it all up on disk so that if anything were to happen to it, i'll have it.

    so, for the question of the day......drumroll please what is your favorite specialty area in nursing and your least favorite and why? it would be nice if those of you working would tell us what area you work in too! i'll tell you all what i think is going to be my favorite and what i think would be my least favorite. i think ob, oncology, maybe peds. would be my favorites. i know that i would not like ltc or geriatrics. i might even like hospice. i have so much to research and learn to try to figure out where i am going.

    leslie...don't worry about spouting off. i considered it too...i'm just gonna keep my questions innocent and start heck on other threads! lol! in fact, i am considering starting a thread asking yesterday's question.....

    dianah...good to see you...better late than never! lol! congrats on passing the acls re-cert! intubation scares me for some reason....

    mickie...hang in there chickie. two is waaaaay better than a pack. you'll get there!!!!! what you need to do is give dh your smokes so that you don't have them readily accessible. then, you'll have to ask him for one when you want one.

    alright...i'm outta here to catch up! hugs all around.
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  3. by   suzanne4
    Transformer went boom in front of my office building, great fun teaching class
    in the dark, without the air conditioning. Stranded until the emergency generator kicked in, on the 12th floor, so didn't want to walk down in the dark.

    Finally at my home but hope that it goes back on soon. My fish don't like it when there tank pumps can't work. But this is Thailand and I think that they are used to it by now.....................

    Bad 30 minute rain late this afternoon, but now the sun is coming back out, perhaps for about an hour until it goes down for the night.
    And your day is just beginning......................

    Have a great day................
    And today is Sabrina's birthday, so actually bakes cookies and brownies for everyone today. She will get cake without the chocolate later this evening.
    See her picture on the other post...............
  4. by   Energizer Bunny
    Good evening to you Suzanne! Happy Birthday to Sabrina! Not sure if I know where you are talking about the pic...on yesterday's thread? Hope they get that transformer fixed soon! Sweet dreams.....

    Hey, here's a question for did you end up in Tailand? I would love to read a nice, long story about it if you feel like typing it!
  5. by   Love-A-Nurse
    kim, good morning!

    i have worked ltc most of my nearly 13 years as an lpn. i loved working in the clinic setting and learned a lot but the pay sent me "running". i have also worked med/ surg.

    after i pass rn boards, i will work in the ccu and soon will be looking to work er.

    suzanne, good morning and happy birthday to sabrina.

    my graduation is this morning!

    enjoy your day everyone!
  6. by   Energizer Bunny
    Good morning love-a-nurse! Enjoy every minute of your graduation! Congrats!
  7. by   scrubs70
    Good Morning Kim, and Good evening suzanne.
    9 pm here so Saturday is nearly over. Good productive day.... planted roses and violas, 10 loads of washing, baked meusli bars for Nichole for school(about 60) and baked a couple of chocolate cakes, one for us and sent one over to the single mum who lives next door.
    House is clean, dishes are all done, kids are bathed and in bed asleep.

    As for todays question, love the OR, operations fascinate me, I love being able to see inside the human body at just how it all works. Least favourite would be paediatrics, I love kids, but I hate seeing them suffer, and I would have a real hard time dealing with parents of abused children.
    Anyway thats my rant for now, Hope you all have a wonderful day.
  8. by   Energizer Bunny
    Suzanne...I found Sabrina and stole her from the other thread so we all could see her here. Hope you don't mind! She's adorable!
  9. by   dianah
    Mornin' all! Will take a few min to post, but I need to get going. Sat mornings dh and I help with music in three of the Sabbath Schools, so we need to be there early etc.

    Advice for the day: never go to bed before taking the trash out of the kitchen, especially if you've cleaned out the refrigerator and dumped some old broccoli in it!! YUCK, it was stinky my kitchen this morning!!

    Fave place? Well, 28 yr ago I would have chosen the nursery, and I occasionally did a double in the NICU (the less-seriously ill pts) -- turning pts was so easy! I've floated M/S, DOU, MICU, SICU, CCU, PACU, onc, PP and ortho -- but again, that was over 20 yr ago (in the days of team nursing and before care plans!!). I REALLY like Radiology, helping with procedures. Guess I'm short-term task-oriented. I like working with the Radiologists, and (for the most part) the procedures that help the pts, sparing them from surgery. It is such a fast-paced and constantly-changing field!
    Least fave: ER. It would scare me to work there, I dunno why. But you know what I'd be interested in doing, if I didn't have a family: flight nursing! Go figure, that I wouldn't like ER but would be drawn to flight nursing! The mind is a weird thing!!

    Better go, good to hear from you, Scrubs70 and Suzanne4, have a good nite's rest. Good day to all the rest of you! -- D
  10. by   ARmickie
    Hey all.. I've been lurking around and figured I'd better go ahead and post. There is absolutely nothing going on today for us. Jas had to work this morning, but I'm expecting him home at any time. Dylan is still snoozing in my bed, and I'm still drinking coffee and sitting in my pj's. Feels rather cool inside the house for some reason this morning.. then again, it could just be me.

    I suppose I'll probably just try to eek out some quiet time for me today. I need to study before this test on Wednesday. I'm retaking the entrance test at the college. I had a pretty good score the first time, and they will be paying for half my tuition for the fall/spring terms. I suppose I should be happy with that, but had I scored one point higher, they would be paying for ALL of my tuition for fall/spring terms. I'm looking at over a grand in tuition alone for each semester if I go with the LPN program. I can get away w/ considerably less if I stick with gen ed. But... I want/ need to do well on this test, as the more I can make them pay for, the more of my grant money will be refunded to me! I figure I'll save my bedroom to clean last today, as that's where the treadmill is. Then I can hop on for a few miles, and then when I'm done, I'll only be a 20 feet from the shower!

    Hope everyone has a good day. I'm trying to be good w/ the smokes. The Buproprion makes the cigarettes taste very bad, so there is no way I can even smoke one whole one at a time. It also tends to make me sick at my stomach.. another deterent... but, it also makes my mouth so dry that it's unbelievable. No amount of water, gum or candy can take care of that feeling.. it's rather nasty, either way I go!! But... I'm going to do it, one way or another.
  11. by   NursesRmofun
    [font=franklin gothic medium]good morning everyone
    [font=franklin gothic medium]so beautiful here so far today! love the weather!
    [font=franklin gothic medium]going to breakfast and then out to buy another large area rug for the lr. we already got a nice one for the dr. we may also take a ride at some point inbetween.
    [font=franklin gothic medium]i love nursing. it's a tough job that i love. i started out in oncology for several years and it is a rewarding place where you can help people when they need a lot of help. right now, i am in long term care and love the residents. however, it is a smaller facility that always counts its' pennies and is short on staff. then again, most ltc facilities are. i will be job hunting *again*soon. i also like outpatient areas. i worked outpatient for a couple of years a while back. we did outpatient ivs, antibiotics, chemo, etc. i really don't like md office work and i don't like ortho. or peds., but that is just me. we all have different preferences.
    [font=franklin gothic medium]have a good day kim and everyone!
  12. by   jnette
    great day to all !

    ta- daaaaa !!! i'm done with work for a week and a half ! whoooooot !!!
    just got home, and can now relax a little, take my time doing those last few puttery things... y'know, those anal things i love so much. :d

    kim, we already had a thread on yesterday's question, wasn't too terribly long ago, either. just thought you'd want to know.

    well, i need some lunch... but i'll be back !
  13. by   Energizer Bunny
    Richard...that's very sweet of you to make an extra cake for your neighbor! Wish you were mine!! LOL! think YOUR trash stinks? You oughtta smell my kids elephant poop diapers! LOL!

    Mickie...the treadmill *sigh* how I wish I had one. I was soooo ready to go walk this morning and it was raining! It figures! You go girl!

    Liza....wasn't oncology kinda hard because some people were beyond help? Did you have a lot of peds. patients? What do you like about LTC?
  14. by   NursesRmofun
    Quote from CNM2B
    Richard...that's very sweet of you to make an extra cake for your neighbor! Wish you were mine!! LOL! think YOUR trash stinks? You oughtta smell my kids elephant poop diapers! LOL!

    Mickie...the treadmill *sigh* how I wish I had one. I was soooo ready to go walk this morning and it was raining! It figures! You go girl!

    Liza....wasn't oncology kinda hard because some people were beyond help? Did you have a lot of peds. patients? What do you like about LTC?
    Help means many things. Helping people stay comfortable at the end of life is help. Giving people emotional support when they need it most is help.
    I like working with the elderly. That is what I like about LTC. They are very sweet and also need lots help sometimes.
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