Good Saturday Morning 5/8/04

  1. Good morning everyone! How is everyone today? Got any great weekend plans? I'm taking the bull by the horns today and deciding that no matter how much pain I am in, I am extremely grateful for today and I am going to make it all that I can.

    I was thinking about amusement parks. I love 'em. Cedar Point in Sandusky Ohio is my favorite by far because I am a coaster woman. So, the question today is what kind of rides do you enjoy at an amusement park or are you a "show" person? And do you have a favorite park and why?

    I had an uneventful day yesterday if you can imagine that in my house! LOL! Trey went to his screening at the school. Their only concern is his speech is "lazy". He uses a lot of w sounds instead of what they should be. They think he is very intelligent and ready for school. Bryan said that they couldn't tear him away from one young blond woman and if it is who I think it is, I am hoping it is the teacher he will get. There are four, two of whom really impressed me, and two others that were so-so. I think the younger they are, the better for many reasons (even though I know this is not the case with all), but mostly because they shouldn't be burnt out yet. LOL!

    We also actually went for a walk yesterday without incident. No child ran away from me, no one skinned their knees, etc. It was a good day all in all. Today I have to work through my pain which is already excruciating this morning and get my laundry finished up. I also have to get some of the house dusted and I need to do a thorough vacuuming. Normally I have the whole house cleaned up when Bry comes home at night and last night it was a disaster. He had to know I didn't feel good because I just don't do that. I can't stand to have it looking like that so if I have to, I'll take every med. available to me for this pain. Maybe a positive outlook will make it go away! LOL! I also watched a show on faith and healing last night so maybe if I go to God first, he can help the dr's find out what's wrong. It was an excellent sermon I watched. I was really impressed because usually those TV ones don't hold my attention with so much going on around me at home.

    Mickie...I am soooo glad that Dylan is doing better. Give the little guy a hug from another concerned mamma here!

    Leslie...I had to watch Third Watch and then I went to bed...sorry. I emaild you this morning as soon as I got yours.

    Dianah.....I love Big Bear! I had an Aunt that lived there and we visited for three days when I was eighteen. Just beautiful there! (but very expensive!) LOLOLOLOL@ ice-blocking! sounds like fun!

    Okay, now, Russell and Walter where are our two resident hunky men lately?

    Ya'll have a good one...I'm feeling fiesty again!
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  3. by   jnette

    Well, you all have a wonderful day !

    I've been up since 0545, sipping my coffee on the front porch and listening to the vast chorus of birds greeting the new day. DH is off to play in a golf tournament, so now I can go full speed ahead... cleaning !!! Try to get as much done as I can before he returns and gets underfoot. Heh.

    I'll check in later tonight... hope your day is as grand as mine promises to be... lots of sunshine and warm temps.
  4. by   Energizer Bunny
    Morning Jnette! and if you are still here, what on God's green earth is that a picture of???? LOL! Have a great one!
  5. by   leslie :-D
    Good Morning Kimmy, JGirl, and all my other buddies,

    I can't believe I am actually here this early in the a.m.....I pulled an all-nighter and haven't been to sleep. Kimmy, I got your email girlfriend :wink2: what was the question; oh...amusement parks. I worked at one during my high school years at the famous Paragon Park, Nantasket Beach. So of course I went on all the rides but my most memorable experiences were on the merry go round. we'll just leave it at that. :chuckle . My mother was supposed to be coming to my house this weekend but my sister volunteered to take her at her house which works for me. Kim, I don't know much about the hx of your it in your abdomen or your back? I've just read that you take celebrex and now you're on zoloft...i never heard of that for pain. I have heard of some of the tricyclics for neurogenic pain but zoloft is a new one...i'll have to check it out. but it is a good one for depression. Is anyone doing stuff for mother's day tomorrow? ok, i'm not going to blab....i'll be back....
  6. by   nurseunderwater
    goodmorning friends.....

    jnette - what a wonderful picture you paint with your words...thanks for sharing your morning moment with us

    kim - amusement parks?? hmmmm - my favorite ride is my life
    I really prefer water parks with slides etc...

    the art car parade is today in houston.. ..i think we are going to walk to the open air organic market and get some goodies for dinner this morning then head to the parade this afternoon.

    have a wonderful day kind to yourself kim....i wish i could just come over and help...

  7. by   Energizer Bunny
    Morning Kate and Leslie....Kate, have a great time..thanks for thinking of me!

    Leslie...the pain, well, it's basically everywhere. It started out just as pelvic and lower back, only on one side. Now it is up near my ribs (just under them in the upper left quadrant mostly) and also smack in the middle of my abdomen. I have always had really painful periods but now they are excruciating and I am bleeding more than ever. I WAS having constant bleeding which stopped about six weeks ago. I DO have more pain in my pelvis when I have to have a BM or when I AM having one. I think this is why they think it may be IBS but they also think there could be endometriosis.

    Now, as for the Zoloft, she is using that to see if it works for the IBS. She said that she has seen good results for people with IBS on it. The Celebrex has been working for me for pain (for the most part anyways). Oh, and the pain doesn't bother me during intercourse so much but after it is awful!!! (could be why yesterday was so darn bad for me)

    Okay, anything else you want to know?
  8. by   leslie :-D
    Okay, anything else you want to know?[/QUOTE]

    uuuhhhh, i'm not sure how to answer that. :uhoh21: anyway, has anyone suggested interstitial cystitis? and endometriosis is a possibility but it totally does suk having pain, being worked up and everything coming back negative. to this day i still get excruciating pelvic pain where i get sweaty, kneeling to the ground type of pain. my pcp gave me a total workup and everything came back negative so i just ******* dropped it and live with it. the pain's not there every day but it happens much to much; thank God it doesn't last for hours, it's pretty transient.
  9. by   Energizer Bunny
    Okay, what is interstitial cystitis?
  10. by   leslie :-D
    Quote from CNM2B
    Okay, what is interstitial cystitis?
    it's what i come up with when everything else has failed. seriously it means inflammation of your bladder and it's quite painful. it's not an active infection but some md's prescribe prophylactic abts at a low dosage. you can have pain all the time but it can get excruciating with intercourse. anyway, just run it by your doctor; get a ua/c&s (urine analysis, culture & sensitivity); have her get a sed rate (sedimentation rate) which if elevated, signifies an inflammatory process somewhere/anywhere in your body. it's a pretty general diagnostic but if there is an inflammatory response, it will show through the sed rate.
  11. by   odatrn
    Here is a sight that will explain intersitial cystitis:

    I know it is a long one, just cut and paste it into the address and it will work..........good luck..........
  12. by   Energizer Bunny
    She already did the urine analysis, culture and sensitivity and one of the bloodtests she just ordered is for sedimentation rate. Wow! It's soo good to know that my dr. is on top of things!
  13. by   NursesRmofun
    [font=franklin gothic medium]good morning all, and it is still morning.
    [font=franklin gothic medium]sunny and cool here in my corner of ny. plans to just do some odd chores and bumb around today. it's a free day, so to speak. we had a nice time last night and enjoyed the silly but fun movie, "van helsing." it really wasn't very scary except for a couple of sneak up on ya scenes that make you jump. haha.
    [font=franklin gothic medium]sorry your celebrex isn't working today, kim. roller coasters? not me. i don't like rides. :uhoh21: lol. but if you get to one anytime soon, enjoy!

  14. by   jnette
    Quote from CNM2B
    Morning Jnette! and if you are still here, what on God's green earth is that a picture of???? LOL! Have a great one!
    Those are "good morning EGGS" as they are being broken into the frying pan... then as they lie there, thay have smilie faces wishing all my Good Morning Kaffeeklatsch Buddies a GOOD MORNING !!!

    Making headway on the cleaning... gotta keep going. So much yet to do and so little time. Seems my list keeps getting LONGER as the days approach, instead of shorter.. keep remembering more things I need to do ! Yikes ! :uhoh21: