Good Saturday Morning 4/24/04

  1. Good morning everyone!!! Want to gab? I woke in a foul mood this morning...I think it is lack of sleep But I am working on adjusting my attitude right now. I have already posted some things that will probably infuriate others :angryfire so I'll just apologize here for them.

    I have about ten tons of things to do today, so no rest for me. My office floor needs scrubbed, living room dusted, kids bathed, vacuuming, laundry (as usual) and just general picking up. Plus, I have paperwork to do for Trey's school and a few other paperwork related activities. Fun Saturday, HUH? :chuckle

    With that...I am off to check out some other threads so I can get off here sometime this morning and not the afternoon!

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  3. by   scrubs70
    Good Morning Kim, sounds like you have yourself a hectic day......thought you were supposed to be taking it easy.
    Hope you have a great day.
  4. by   Energizer Bunny
    I am supposed to be, but it's impossible around here! I'll be okay...been living with the pain this long....
  5. by   NursesRmofun
    Good morning, Kim. Very hectic for you! Take some time for you. I guess this is part of that time you share with us!

    I don't feel like scrubbing a darned thing! LOL

    Hubby and I are going for a ride after breakfast, and maybe I will organize some

    papers for work later. I am off of orientation and officially managing the unit. I

    better get organized! :uhoh21: LOL

    Have a good day all! I'll be in and out!

  6. by   Energizer Bunny
    Liza...yep, computer time is my time, so I share it all with you guys! Have a great day...sounds like fun (other than the paperwork!)
  7. by   phn92
    It's a beautiful morning here! My daughter just came home this morning from a school trip to Washington, DC! She just went to bed! I really need to mow the lawn, clean the house and a million other things, but not in the mood to do any of it! Got a wedding to go to this afternoon. Think I'll go to the wedding and reception and have a good time tonight!
  8. by   jkaee
    Good morning everyone!

    I survived work last night. The admission did come on day shift :hatparty: so work wasn't too bad, although I was charge and had an assignment. Funny story from work though. A CNA called me to a patients room, all worried because the patient told her that she lost her hearing. I go to the room and stand in the doorway. The patient sees me, and says "Oh,nurse please help me, I don't know what's wrong, I lost my hearing." The aide is all nervous and upset, telling me she was fine earlier, etc. So, I'm standing in the doorway, her TV's on loudly, and I ask the patient in a normal voice, "Ms. X, tell me what happened. " She goes off, "What happened?! My back hurts, I cant walk, I can't move, my hearings gone........." and keeps on going. The CNA just looks at me, and tells me she has sucker right on her forehead. I just had to laugh (not in front of the patient of course) because Mrs X is just a lady that needs a lot of attention, and will come up with crazy maladies when she needs some.

    Have to run some errands oldest had a sleepover last night so I'm sure she'll be grouchy at some point today. I also desperately need to go food shopping, we are out of everything!

    Kim, try to take it easy with your little ones, and make your husband clean the house for you!

  9. by   scrubs70
    Good Morning Jkaee, although it's 11.25 pm here. Hope you have a wonderful day
  10. by   suzanne4
    Actually got an offer to provide the English language services for the medical and nursing staff at a large and prominent hospital here yesterday.
    Had a new student start my regualr program today and several more expected later this week.

    So things are deifinitely looking good. My Saturday is already on the downward slump, bed hopefully in just another hour or two.

    Have a great weekend everyone!!!
  11. by   Energizer Bunny
    That's great Suzanne!

    Jennifer...Bry has to work all weekend, so it's all up to me!

    phn92...have a great time at the wedding!
  12. by   jnette
    Quote from scrubs70
    Good Morning Kim, sounds like you have yourself a hectic day......thought you were supposed to be taking it easy.
    Hope you have a great day.

    YEAH !!!!
    Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeesh. BAD !!! :uhoh21:

    Well, justy got in from work, need to call the hairdresser to get the ol' mop trimmed next week, then call my Mom... it's her Birthday !!!

    :hatparty: She's 83 today !

    Then jump into my jeans and off we go to find flowers for the yard... y'all behave while I'm gone !!! :chuckle
  13. by   scrubs70
    US!!!!!!!! Behave????????? I think you are on the wrong BB lol
  14. by   Energizer Bunny
    Hey Jnette...I noticed you were posting already at 11:14 and you just got off work at 11! LOL LOL! LOL! talk about addicted.

    Today is my Aunt's birthday also! have a good one!