Good Saturday Everyone

  1. Im a fill-in for Kim today. So, how are ya all? I'm planning on doing a bit of reading and relaxing today. I spoke with my twin sister this morning, and FINALLY convinced her to accept a gift certificate from me for a birthday gift. Man, that was hard!! I was all worn out.

    Then I told her I had an extreme makeover. She quizzed me about it, but I told her I had to keep the financial source of the makeover secret because my health insurance wouldn't cover it. So, when she asked me what I had done, I told her I had a nose job, and an eye enhancement. She said I didn't need anything done, that I already had a small nose and looked alright. I told her if she could change her name, then I could change how I look. Then she asked me when I had it done. I told her last Februay.

    We then went on to the blank birthday card I sent her. She said it had my return address on it, but she had no clue who it was from, so she sent it back to me. That's due to a rushed job. I was supplying the stamps, the cards, and the address labels, and I asked Bethanne to help me with the signatures. She said she has already caught my absent-mindedness, so wa la! A blank birthday card. I then told her when I receive the card, I'll insert a photo of me with my new makeover. She was absolutely overjoyed. So, she going to get this photo. What do ya think?
    Question for the day, " In regards to yesterday's unhappy incident, How do you think we can prevent that from happening again?" Any and all suggestion are appreciated.

    Now go put on your happy faces.

    See ya later,
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  3. by   NursesRmofun
    LOL! Funny story...but I think Kim is here today! There is another Sat. morning thread!
    *smiling* :spin: