Good morning Wednesday April 22 2009

  1. Wow, starting the GM thread yet again.

    I've got to do some laundry this morning, and get some shopping done, and then some writing for school.

    And I've got to look for work too. Still haven't heard anything from the hospital. Had a speaker in class last night talking about the tough job market, freaked me outStill a little freaked out this morning. Might have to start applying to LTCs, not something I want but I might have to do that to be safe. Also, I'm not sure I can continue my job after passing the NCLEX, which would put a bit of a kink in my plans. But I guess it's a little early to panic.

    Hope you all have a great day.
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  3. by   Grace Oz
    Hi Joe, I'm sorry you've still not heard anything. Try not to stress too much if you can, not easy I know, but worrying and stressing never really changes/helps things. I guess if you can obtain a position initially, even if it's not what you prefer, it's at least a starting point and a stepping stone to where you want to be. Hang in there and GOOD LUCK!

    My wednesday's at it's close, I'm soon off to bed.
    We've enjoyed another glorious day here today.
    Rain is predicted for the coming days ahead, but since we badly need it, no-one is complaining.
    Met an old nursing colleague for lunch today. Always good to catch up again and hear the news etc.
    Hoping all the "sickies" are on the mend and feeling much improved.
    Take care everyone and enjoy your wednesday!
    Cheers ..........
  4. by   GPatty
    Morning Grace~ Nite Grace!

    Joe~ Still nothing!?!? That's weird. Hopefully today...

    I need to finish up laundry today and get some housework done. School is calling me too... I need to study. Specially since I missed yesterday. Don't like that. But I had to. We had to go to court for another issue.
    The chilcdren are crazy now. 16 y/o failed Bible classes she had. The easiest one, and she failed it! *sigh*
    And the 11 y/o can't open his mouth without a lie coming out.

    I'm just in a mess with these children of mine. The 11 y/o has some mental disabilities, but still knows right from worng, and the 16 y/o is just simply bull headed and thinks she knows better than everyone else does.

    I know raising children ends someday, but then I'll have a 50 y/o to finish raising...... :icon_roll and I don't think he'll EVER grow up....

    Anyhoo~ just wanted to touch base and tell you all hi and I'm still alive! Althoughbeit..... barely...
  5. by   herring_RN

    We had a couple hot days.
    It is overcast and cool this morning.
  6. by   suzy253
    Morning all..hope everyone is doing well.

    Try not to freak Joe.

    Ended up working last night instead of tonight so now I'll have 3 days off. Go back on the weekend.

    My cousin sent some old...old, old piccys he had. The one on my avatar is me (OMG!!!). I wish I still had that blonde hair...and the curls....what happened? sniffle.
  7. by   Spidey's mom
    Morning! :hotchocolate:

    My computer mouse and keyboard were not communicating with the computer for the last few days. I have no idea why. :Crash: But today they do . . . .

    It is warm here in Northern California - high 80's in the mountains and high 90's down in the valley.

    I'm on a two week break from school and I'm going to try to get caught up with stuff around here. I've worked every day since last Friday - covering for two other nurses. But after today - I'm off!

    Joe - my son applied for a job about 2 months ago - a large organization - and when he checks online it says "pending" . . . . . I hope you find out soon.

    Grace, calliou, herring and joe and all who follow - Happy Wednesday! Happy Spring! nbch:

  8. by   zuzi
    Hey good morning, Caillou, they will grow up...always is on this way... each time when I was pain in the ass for my parents allways they blessed me like "one day God will give you a child just as you are right now... you will see then", as about bible class.. well.... I am not there, loool, and about lies, is a creative way somehow...try to see why he lies is about his imagination or is doing by purpose and with a clear finallity?

    Sleepy here and a lot to do and belive me I jsut want to sleep...
    I bought yesterday one of miss Melissa Cds with a DVD attached and I look at her concert, this woman is just amazing, is not a nice one to think that you could have a crush on her or somenthing, but from insiede out she radiates, love, soul purity, I don't know ...when she talks you fell like her soul goes out and hugs other souls just just amazing. I need to go to her concert to see her alive is amazing ..... so I heard the concert again and again and start to ask me again ....somenthing just skiped beetwen my fingers about God and love and people ... let's listen to her is so sweet...
    On the other concert she talks about how wrong is to chase a dream... is all...just to recognize it. Be good ones! Hugs
  9. by   compassion1
    Good morning everyone. We'er having a lovely day here. The sun is brighty shining. It's about 80-85 degrees or so. I just want to go out and soak up some of it. My biggest problem right now is that my cat is laying her head over my right hand, watching what I'm doing, which is also making it difficult to type. She loves me. OK. Now she got up so I can move again.

    We have a new kitty now. Someone abandoned him to fend for himself. Such a shame. He's a 13 pound long haired Maine coon. Loveable as all get out. He's a nuzzeler. The kids have named him Rei after a character in one of their video games. Personally I'd like "Mr. Whiskers" 'cause his whiskers are sooo long but the the kids rapidly nixed that idea. Ah well. He's beautiful.

    Netters, thank you for appreciating my Avi. As you said, we need some spring color. Yours is beautiful, too. How's Mutti doing? She's so cute and photogenic.

    Joe, Why don't you just call that hospital directly? I'd nag them for an answer. I've done that in the past and it worked out well. At the very least you'd know your answer.

    Grace, sleep well. See you on your tomorrow.

    Herring, come visit my sunshine.

    Calliou, wanna come do my laundry and housework? Huh? Huh? I'd be more than happy to see you here.

    Well, I've gotta get moving and stop being so lazy. You all have a wonderful God blessed day.

    Suzi, enjoy those days off. Show us some of those pictures OK?

    Steph, you enjoy your days off, too. Good thing your 'puter's running.

    Good morning Zuzi. Have a nice loving day today.
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  10. by   nursemary9
    good afternoon, friends,
    at work; today i'm playing clerk!! she had mouth or yesterday, came to work but had too much pain, so went home.

    so, can't "talk" now.
    lots of phones & call-lights.
    mom not doing well, now hearing voices & sounds that are not there.
    has md appt tonite

    hello to all & have a great day
  11. by   dianah
    awwww, mary ann, hope the busy-ness let up after awhile!
    also, sorry to hear about your mom, glad she has an md appt soon.
    (((((((((((( mary ann and mom))))))))))))))

    busybusybusy at work today, but i did get lunch, which is a plus!
    i was doing the job of two and whew! i'm tired!

    tomorrow i begin the day in bls class.

    yesterday, according to dh, it was 106 degrees!!! :redlight: :redlight:
    i could sure feel it when i got off!
    mercifully, today it was "only" in the 80's!!

    i hope to relax tonight and get some good rest.
    i got up a little early today as youngest had to be at school @ 6:30 to leave for choir tour.
    he called dh not long ago, and all is well.
    he'll return sunday sometime.

    gonna surf for a bit, see y'all later.